Chelsea Loses it with Adam when He Refuses to Let Her Take Connor, and Then Gets Drunk, While Jack Senses Billy is Lost

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack and Billy discuss career direction and restlessness, Chelsea vents to Abby and gets drunk, Sally tells Adam she understands how Chelsea feels. In the previous episode, Victor and Adam argued about working at Jabot, and Chelsea wanted to take Connor to see Anita.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 6, 2022 episode airs in the USA September 7. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Billy bumps into Jack at Crimson Lights and wonders if Adam has burned Jabot down yet. His brother won’t discuss that and starts quizzing him about the purchase of the Phoenix.

jack says go blue YOUNG RESTLESS

Jack is interested in opening a boutique in the hotel.

Billy accuses him of changing the topic from Adam. His brother understands how much seeing the Newman hurts him but he’s hired him and has to support him.

If Billy is too busy with podcasting to talk business, he can talk to Lily.

He suggests he’s more interested in his podcast than his job.

Billy informs him he has walked away from the podcast game. That surprises his brother. His corporate career has never been a top priority.

Billy claims that devoting himself to Lily and her family and his mother’s legacy means a lot.

billy accuses jack of projecting Y&R

“I think you’re working very hard to convince yourself,” Jack suggests so Billy accuses him of projecting.

When Jack offers to help him if he ever needs help, his brother snaps at him.

He tells Billy that he’s given corporate life his best shot but he always gets bored and walks or self-sabotages.

He urges him not to repeat the cycle. Billy repeats he’s doing this because it’s what Lily needs.

“What about what you need?” Jack asks. Is being Lily’s COO what he really needs and wants?

jack will be by billy's side Y&R

After getting more coffee, Billy admits his dream job is being a professional gambler. But he knows he can’t do that because of his history.

Billy thinks it’s rich that he wouldn’t hire him because of his history but he hired Adam knowing his.

Jack is sure this isn’t about Adam, it’s about Billy thinking he has more faith in Adam than he does in him. “I will always be on your side,” Jack tells him.

Billy resents Adam. Jack reminds his brother of the things he said on his podcast about being restless. Does he have unresolved issues?

His brother accuses him of reaching and suggests Jack has unresolved issues. Jack repeats that he gets the feeling that Chancellor-Winter is not the place for him.

Billy doesn’t want any armchair analysis and resents him treating him like his life has no purpose.

Jack asks if he would be this upset if nothing he suggested were true.

Billy snorts and walks out.

Chloe pops into Society and Abby tells her that her order is a little backed up. She waits at the bar and they chat about her new job.

abby greets chloe Y&R

Abby is sure that Kevin has been working long hours too.

She’s just glad the Locke case is finally closed so they can go back to spending time with their husbands.

Chloe hopes that their husbands’ can get past their tension. The blonde is confused.

Chance calls and tells her he’ll stop by later. Abby gets back to Chloe and wishes she’d kept her mouth shut about the tension.


They get back to talking about how busy they are. Chloe admits she hates that Adam is always hanging around and has some kind of hold on Sally.

Abby doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for her. She knew what she was doing by sliding into bed with him.


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Zuleyka Silver joins Y&R

Sally corners Chance on the Crimson Lights patio and asks him if he wants to thank her for not publishing an incendiary article about the Locke case.

sally talks chance adam Y&R

She explains the story that Adam pitched to her and why she turned it down.

Sally thought maybe they could commiserate about how hard it was to toe the Newman family line.

The cop claims he was not toeing any line and is an expert on what makes a good case.

Sally backs off and he assures her the investigation was taken very seriously. He hopes everyone involved can just put it behind them.

chance not toeing line Y&R

In the park, Adam is surprised when Chelsea informs him she wants to take Connor to visit her mom.

She feels like the walls are closing in on her.

adam questions chelsea seeing connor Y&R

He thinks taking a trip would be good but Connor doesn’t need to go with her.

There’s so much he needs to do before school starts.

Or is she thinking of a lengthy move? If so, the answer is no.

Chelsea insists it is only a visit… maybe not a quick one. Connor really likes visiting his grandma and he could re-enroll at boarding school.

Adam doesn’t think they should disrupt his school year and tells her she hasn’t thought this through.

Leaping up, she starts flouncing and claims she feels like she’s in a fast-running river and needs a change.

He reminds her that Connor is not a life-preserver and fixing his mother isn’t his job.

Adam suggests she might need to go back to therapy.

He knows how hard she’s taken things like Rey’s death and the changes in her career.

She accuses him of talking down to her and claims that most people would say she’s this way because of him.

chelsea drinks Y&R

Chelsea just wants to go away with her son. Adam says she can’t take him away in such a fragile mental state.

She accuses him of being petty and judgmental. If it weren’t for Connor, she’d wish to god she’d never met him.

As she storms off, Sally watches them from a few feet away and then approaches, asking what that was all about.

Adam admits he’s concerned about Chelsea.

He thought she was making progress but she’s erratic. He’s concerned about his son being around someone like her.

sally sticks nose in Y&R

Sally can get where Chelsea is coming from. She knows what it’s like to be isolated. It can mess with your head.

He’s sorry if he’s made her feel that way. She’s not finishing for apologies and this doesn’t change anything.

Abby notices Chelsea moping at the Society bar. She starts complaining about how she’s not fine and is sick of apologizing.

She hasn’t been okay since Rey died. Nothing has been okay since.

chelsea needed drink Y&R

She was enjoying the podcast with Billy and then it was yanked away from her.

“I think I feel lonely,” she says, and she needs all the amateur therapists to shut up and leave her alone.

chelsea losing it Y&R

Abby is dumbfounded and tries not to look at her. As Chelsea drinks, Abby says that Chloe was just in there complaining about the havoc Adam causes.

Chelsea complains about how hard co-parenting is.

Abby isn’t going to offer an opinion. Chelsea orders another drink.

Chance arrives. Abby greets him and explains Chelsea is having a bad day and drinking.

She doesn’t think she should be driving and they can’t ask her about her mental state because it will cause trouble. If a cop offers her a ride home, she might be more receptive.

When he approaches, Chelsea squeals and calls him her guru. After some chat, he offers to give her a ride. She claims she’s okay and then falls out of her seat.

She assures the cop she’s just lightheaded but he insists on driving her.

abby asks chance drive chelsea home young restless

Chance drops Chelsea off at her suite. He assures her that she can trust him and gives her a little pep talk. She goes on about feeling lost.

The cop says that having your kids around can make anywhere feel like home. She laughs.

chelsea gets walk home chance young restless

Chloe arrives in Sally’s office with lunch. They talk about Chelsea and Sally admits she’s worried about her.

That’s a surprise to Chloe. Sally explains she walked in on her having a fight with Adam. Chloe vents about Adam, but admits that Sharon is the only person who can stand him.

When he ends things it gets ugly and he keeps ruining your life. Sally thinks this is applicable to any relationship.

She thinks Chloe is obsessed with him. Chloe claims she’s just trying to protect her friends.

sally bashes adam with chloe Y&R

“We have too much to do to have this conversation five times a day,” Sally complains. Chloe agrees and wants to go home and be with her… She realizes Sally has no family or friends.

Sally knows. She just doesn’t want to end up yelling at people in the park like Chelsea. Adam eavesdrops on this.

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