GH Recap: As Dante is Rushed to the Hospital in Critical Condition, Heather Attacks Cyrus Before Getting Clobbered by Laura

Tues March 5, 2024: John and Sonny lash out about Karen, Joss and Dex find bloody Dante, and Olivia tells Sam how much she’s meant to her son.

Monday’s GH recap: Jason returned and saved Sonny before Dante was shot

At home, Curtis is on the phone to Portia, telling her he can’t wait to show her his new moves.

Marshall joins him and they worry about Trina.

curtis on phone to portia about moves

Marshall says time heals all wounds. Stella walks in and asks if he told his son what he learned.

They inform Curtis that Portia’s hunch was right and he was likely misdiagnosed. Curtis wonders why he didn’t tell him earlier.

His father admits that he felt like a fool because he ran out on his life for no reason.

“The past is the past,” Curtis philosophizes. At least he’s not schizophrenic.

Marshall still doesn’t know what was wrong with him.

Stella has been digging into medical records and found the signature of the specialist who signed off on his diagnosis.

curtis listens to stella marshall

Curtis thinks they should track him down but his dad say, “No thanks.”

He doesn’t think it will change anything or give him back what he lost.

His focus in on the life he has now.

Stella tells him that’s just his pain talking. She wants him to set himself free.

stella tells marshall to set himself free

Curtis agrees with her and tells his dad he’s not alone. He wants to use his skills to dig for some answers so they can put the past in the past.

His father caves and says that he can’t lose with his son by his side.

In her hospital room, Heather struggles to pick the lock on her cuffs.

She fakes being in pain as the guard comes in to get her.

She begs for water. As soon as his back is turned, she starts strangling him.

heather attacking guard

Once she knocks him out, she wishes she was in better shape.

In the corridor, nurse Amy is blathering about Cyrus to another nurse. Heather sneaks out.

amy blathering

Laura interrupts Cyrus in the hospital chapel.

She’s waiting for the test results for Ace.

laura finds cyrus in the chapel

She tells her brother that she’s surprised by how sweet he’s been. He tells her there is nothing he wouldn’t do for the people he loves.

Renault hopes she can see his attempts to change are genuine.

Being part of her family has filled a void in his life he didn’t know existed.

Spending time with her has made him a better man.

She knows there is goodness in him but words are not enough. He offers to prove himself.

cyrus tells laura how devoted he is

The mayor tells him he needs to figure that out himself but she’s grateful for his help tonight.

He just hopes she can keep Ace away from Heather.

Liz sends her a text to say that Ace just has an ear infection and can be discharged. Cyrus hopes he gets a lollipop.

Laura really likes how he is when he’s caring about Ace. That means a lot to him.

laura and cyrus talk in chapel

Once she leaves, he thanks God.

Heather shows up. She asks why an old weasel like him gets to go on living while her sweet Esme is dead.

heather corners cyrus in chapel

She whips out the surgeon’s saw she swiped and tells him she wants him to suffer.

heather and her hacksaw

He suggests she put the saw down but she continues to rail at him for betraying Esme.

Heather thinks about the terror she must have felt as she died alone.

“I’ll avenge her and become the mother to the son she couldn’t be!” Heather declares.

heather threatening cyrus general hospital

As she lunges at him, Laura returns and smashes something over her head.

A guard comes and cuffs Heather.

Laura is glad she’s not badly hurt.

heather cuffed again

Heather starts hyperventilating and collapses.

laura cyrus see heather collapse

Dex and Joss are speeding down the road as she tells him that Michael thinks all hell is going to break loose.

dex and joss driving gh

She tries calling Brick for information. He tells her to check the news. They see the waterfront has been shut down.

Dex wants to pull over and leave her outside of town but she insists they go together.

joss dex driving back to town

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On the pier, Jason helps Dante after he’s been shot.

He calls for paramedics.

jason calls paramedic

He stays with him until he hears them coming and then runs.

jason promises dante help

Joss and Dex suddenly show up and find Dante. Joss calls the paramedics and Dex holds down on the wound.

dex and joss find dante on pier

Chase arrives and he can’t find a pulse on his partner.

As he chants, Joss starts doing rescue breathing.

reviving dante on pier

They get his pulse back just as the paramedics arrive. Joss and Dex tell the cop how they found him.

chases asks dex and joss what happened

At the Quartermaine estate, Olivia and Sam talk about how much Scout loved her birthday party.

Olivia is sure Drew enjoyed it even more.

sam olivia talk dante

They talk about Dante. Sam finds it hard to imagine him as a little boy but that’s what he will always be to Liv.

She just likes to see him happy and is glad he found Sam.

olivia remembers lil dante

Sam is going to go and doesn’t want to impose on Drew’s time with his daughter.

She admits to Liv that co-parenting hasn’t been easy lately.

Olivia tells her that’s normal and you make it work.

Sam explains that he changed in Pentonville.

Olivia knows what that’s like from when her son came back with PTSD.

olivia and sam talk about change

Her boy went through hell and she didn’t think he would come back…but then Sam came along.

She put the spark back in his eye and that was when she began to hope things might be okay.

Sniffling, Liv tells her how grateful she is for her.

Sam feels like the lucky one.

sam tells olivia that's when things changed

“Thank you for giving me my son back,” Olivia says. She asks if they are planning to make it “official.”

Sam says they like things as they are.

Joss and Dex arrive and announce Dante has been shot.

In the warehouse, Jagger threatens to take Ava and Sonny into federal custody if they don’t co-operate. Anna backs him up.

jagger threatens put sonny in custody

Sonny says this has nothing to do with the case. It’s about Karen.

As he goads him, John loses his cool and tells the mobster to tell the others what he did.

John explains how great his high school girlfriend Karen was.

She was a victim of sexual abuse and Sonny exploited that to make her a stripper while underage. He also fed her drugs and had sex with her.

anna ava in middle

He tells the ladies that that’s the man they have been defending.

Sonny admits he encouraged her and if he could do it all over again, he would do it differently.

He gave her somewhere to go and he was there to help her.

Sonny claims he was only trying to help her because he knew what it was like to be powerless.

He accuses Jagger of hating him because he knew Karen in ways he didn’t.

sonny goading jagger

“You are like the pied piper from hell,” John tells him, accusing him of exploiting damaged children like Karen and Stone.

He accuses him of exploiting his brother to gain respectability as a philanthropist.

Sonny says he loved him.

John says that may be true, but he was still an investment.

Robin practically canonized him to the people of Port Charles.

jagger and sonny argue about stone

This is too much for Anna.

John repeats that it’s not his job to take Sonny down, it’s Anna’s.

He gets a text from CSI and asks them to stick around while he deals with that.

Sonny asks Anna how long she will let this go on.

anna gets text in warehouse

After she leaves to answer a message, Ava tells Sonny that she believes him about Karen…but John never will.

He tells her that Spinelli planted cameras all over the warehouse and they can’t let the feds get them.

He asks her to get to Spinelli and get the footage.

sonny asks ava to get spinelli to find cameras

Anna returns and announces that Dante has been shot and is in critical condition.

Agents soon find the cameras and John orders them all found.

Jason stumbles into an alley and notices that he’s bleeding.

jason bleeding in alley

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