Y&R Recap: Jordan Sets Victoria’s House on Fire, Nikki Blames Herself for Seth’s Death — & Danny Invites Christine On Tour

Weds March 6, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Jordan’s call with Claire doesn’t go in her favor, so she sets Victoria’s house on fire in retaliation, while Nikki learns what happened to Seth, and Danny turns Phyllis down flat. 

Tuesday’s recap: Victor and Nikki receive disturbing news, Danny sets the record straight with Phyllis, sparks fly between Summer and Chance.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 6. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis sashays her way into Society to see Abby.

Abby asks what this is all about and Phyllis tells her that she’s having dinner with Danny Romalotti “who is making his special sauce.”

Abby assumes he’s doing it in public because he doesn’t want to be alone with her.

phyllis wants dinner

Phyllis watches a couple at a table dallying and wants to kick them out.

Abby stops her. Outside, Danny asks Christine if she wants to be there with him while he tells Phyllis he chose Christine.

She wants this to end already. So does he.

abby tells phyllis to behave

They head inside and Phyllis greets Danny happily but asks Christine to leave.

Christine refuses and Abby’s uncomfortable. She tells them to try not to destroy anything before she goes.

Phyllis tells Danany this was a private dinner to say goodbye before he goes off on tour.

danny discomfort

“You promised me.” Christine clutches at Danny’s arm and tells Phyllis he’s breaking that promise.

Phyllis is confused. Danny knows she went through a lot of trouble for this. Phyllis asks if Christine pitched a fit and thinks Christine’s trying to control his life.

Danny’s sorry and is afraid that though he didn’t mean to, he led her on.

Christine reminds Phyllis he’s not having dinner with her and Phyllis asks if Danny’s going to let “this jealous witch” stop them from having dinner.

Danny asks Christine to let him talk to her alone. Before she goes, she tells Phyllis that Danny’s sauce is spectacular. She’ll be back in 15.

abby uncomfortable

The other couple leaves and Phyllis says they’ve the place to themselves.

She shows him the bottle of wine she bought.

They can find nuts and crackers in the kitchen and have a nice evening.

Danny tells her there won’t be a dinner tonight.

danny says phyllis can't have any nuts

No nuts or a bottle of wine.

There’s going to be nothing. Nothing between them tonight or ever.

Phyllis thinks a part of him wants dinner and can’t say no to her. He says he knows what he wants.

Phyllis says, “Christine.” He nods.

He wants to be Phyllis’ friend though.

phyllis hurt

He thinks that she doesn’t really want him, she just doesn’t have many friends right now.

She tells him he should go.

Christine’s waiting.

danny doesn't want phyllis

Danny worries about her but she insists she’s fine.

Abby walks up and sees the exchange before Danny goes.

She approaches Phyllis to see if she’s okay.

Phyllis drinks her wine and thinks it’s a good year.

abby feels bad

Unlike the one she’s having. Abby comments on how things were intense with Christine.

Phyllis calls the blonde boring and says she has no sense of humour. She doesn’t get why he loves her.

Abby realizes that’s what tonight was about. She wanted to convince him that he loves her.

Abby considers it’s time to move on.

Phyllis will after she finishes the bottle of wine. She asks why Abby even cares.

abby and phyllis drink wine

They agree she doesn’t like Phyllis but she saw how much effort she put into tonight before it fell apart.

Phyllis blames Christine but Abby thinks it’s about beating Christine.

Phyllis swears it’s not but now, Christine thinks she’s won but Phyllis will make her wish she never won.

phyllis drinks her sorrows away

Summer meets Chance at the Athletic Club bar.

He was just thinking of her.

They make out and agree they’ve missed one another.

summer sees chance bar

They get a room and she calls room service for french fries and mayo, a hot fudge sundae as well as some wine.

They’ve 30 minutes until the food is brought.

They’re backed up so decide to make out.

summer makes out with chance in room

Once the clothing is off, they have nookie. 

summer and chance hotel

Afterward, Summer admits she was going to invite him for a drink earlier.

Later, Chance gets a text from Devon asking for a detailed presentation of his music festival idea.

He and Nate are interested. Chance gets to work as Summer sleeps. 

chance shirtless

At the ranch, Claire gets up out of bed and looks at a photo of her family and says she’d have been in them if Jordan hadn’t ruined her life.

Victoria comforts her but she doesn’t think she fits in, like Adam.

He’s not in everyone’s hearts. Victoria says his story is different from hers.claire looks at photos Y&R recaps Claire wonders if she should talk to him.

Victoria asks her to just be herself.

Claire doesn’t think Nikki will forgive her.

Victoria says they’ll work on it and informs her kid she’s where she belongs.

They embrace. Jordan calls, not realizing the number she’s calling is Claire.

claire worries she's not wanted

Claire says she knows she’s Isabell.

Jordan knows she called because she’s released from the psych ward.

She assumes Claire wants to rub it in her face but Claire denies that’s true.

Jordan doesn’t blame her and thinks being in the Viper’s Nest is harmful for her.

The Newmans won’t love her. Claire says she’s wrong.

victoria reassures her kid she loves her

They’ve been wonderful to her and they love her.

Jordan tries brainwashing tactics to get Jordan to turn on them but it doesn’t work.

Jordan calls her gullible and thinks they think of her as a guttersnipe who tried to kill them.

She gives her aunt Victor’s message to try to make amends.

claire and victoria with call to jordan Y&R recaps

She wants to speak to him but Claire says he’s not there.

She’s with her mother. Jordan asks if she’s settled into her mother’s home, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, the picture-perfect family.

Claire says yes. Jordan says to tell Victor she’ll be in touch.

“Give Nikki my best,” she says, snidely.

jordan new disguise

Nikki and Victor head to the Empty Glass Lounge and the cop details that a woman claims that Seth jumped into oncoming traffic and said, “Tell Nikki Newman I’m sorry.”

Nikki breaks down shaking and in tears.

She blames herself but Victor denies it’s her fault.

nikki horrified seth dead

He talks to some guy, asking what Isabell looked like. He describes her in the red-haired wig.

Victor asks the officer to lift prints off the glass Isabell was using.

She goes to do that and Victor thinks Seth was pushed into traffic.

Nikki cries that she should have been a better friend.

Victor repeats that Jordan killed Seth and those in the prison fire. She’ll come after her again.

Nikki just wants to drink until this whole thing is over.

She stares at bottles on a table and begs Victor to take her home.

nikki sobs over seth

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Back at the ranch, Victor asks Claire to get Nikki some camomile tea and then tells Victoria why they went out.

He tells her Seth died and fills her in on what they believe happened, that Jordan killed him.

Victoria’s shocked and then angry.

What if she comes after Claire?

Victor promises they’re safe but she says Jordan called tonight and is intrigued about the proposition.

Claire says she sounded more unhinged. Victor wants her to think she has the upper hand and this will be over soon.

victor and nikki tell victoria seth is dead

Outside in the alley of the bar, Jordan’s furious that Claire was being a “spiteful little brat.”

She wonders how dare her niece speak to her that way and thinks they all need a lesson.

She spots a jerry can full of gasoline by the trash bin and says the fun doesn’t have to end yet.

jordan wants to set fire to victoria's

Danny meets Christine at Crimson Lights and tells her that it’s over. Phyllis took it graciously.

That worries Cricket more than if Phyllis “tried to shove her tongue down your throat.”

She’s assuming that Phyllis isn’t finished with him. Danny swears Phyllis accepted it.

cricket crimson lights

Christine admits she said and did things to Phyllis she regrets.

She apologizes.

He says she brought him lovely masala chai tea.

Christine asks how he can forgive her and he says he is inspired.

christine in love

They kiss. She tells him he’s not a door prize.

He’s the man she’s falling back in love with.

He doesn’t want to bring Phyllis into the conversation and wants her to come with him on his tour for the next six weeks.

Just like old times. Christine smiles happily. 

danny invites Christine on tour

Back at the ranch, Claire returns with tea and Victoria takes a call that shocks her.

She disconnects and Victor asks what’s wrong.

“My house is on fire!” She declares.

victoria's house fire

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