B&B Recap: Deacon Says Goodbye to Sheila at the Morgue, Li Encourages Finn To Be With Steffy and Liam Shows Up to Support Steffy

Tuesday, March 5, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn gets his back up as his mom rants about Sheila getting what she deserved, Ridge still doesn’t understand why Finn is so upset, and Liam tells Steffy she did the right thing.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: After Deacon Confronts Steffy for Killing Sheila, Finn Runs Out on His Wife Again, and She Begins Hyperventilating

At the cliff house, Steffy cringes as the blood is cleaned up by a crew.

They notice how nauseated she looks as she thinks of killing Sheila.

steffy in house while cleaned

They suggest she should not be alone.

Steffy says her husband is gone.

They’re sorry she went through something so traumatic before they exit after the cleaning is complete. 

steffy and cleaning crew

Once they leave, Liam shows up and hugs her.

liam hugging steffy

They sit and agree it would be best for their daughter to stay with him for now.

They worry about Kelly hearing about this on the news.

Steffy feels weird being there with all the blood. Thankfully the cleaners got rid of it.

He assures her that Sheila can never hurt her or anyone she cares about again.

Liam begs her never to doubt she did the right thing.

steffy and liam talk kelly

She knows all that but taking a life is not who she is.

Liam says that none of them have to worry about Sheila again because of her.

liam tells steffy she did right thing

When he asks when Finn is coming home, she says she doesn’t know. He’s struggling with this.

Liam gets sarcastic and doesn’t care about him struggling. He says this should be all about her.

Steffy says this is all disturbing and challenging but she had to do it.

liam complains about finn to steffy

He repeats that she did what she had to do and everyone gets that so why doesn’t Finn? Why isn’t he there?

“I’m here for whatever you want whenever you want it,” Liam says. She thanks him and leans on his shoulder.

liam comforts steffy

In his office, Finn flashes back to Steffy telling him she had to kill Sheila. His mom bursts in. She’s shocked that Sheila is dead.

finn thinking at work

She hates that things happened the way they did but is glad Sheila is dead. He tells her to let it go.

His mom won’t do that after all that woman did. She thanks god for Steffy giving Sheila what she deserved and taking her out.

li glad sheila dead

She declares that “karma is a bitch” and it’s fitting that Sheila died at Steffy’s hands after all she did.

As she goes on about how vile Sheila was, he stops her, reminding her that she was human and his birth mother.

finn and mom discuss sheila death Bold & Beautiful

Li wonders what’s going on with him. If he’s reacting this way with her, she can only wonder what Steffy is thinking. His wife needs him now more than ever.

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At Eric’s, he and Donna talk to Ridge about Steffy’s ordeal and how Sheila is finally dead.

It’s hard to believe.

eric donna hear about dead sheila

Ridge says the paramedics confirmed it.

They repeat that Steffy did what she had to do.

Eric and Donna are surprised to hear that Finn isn’t giving his wife the support she needs.

Ridge likes “the kid” but is confused about why he’s so distraught.

ridge repeats sheila dead

Donna points out she was his birth mother.

Ridge says she was also the woman who tried to kill his wife twice.

They are concerned when he explains that Finn isn’t with Steffy right now.

Deacon is at the morgue. When the morgue assistant (played by Kyra Selman) comes in, he explains he’s there to pay his final respects to Sheila.

deacon at morgue B&B

She tells him the body has to stay there as the investigation continues.

He explains Finn set this up for him to get closure.

kyra selman morgue assistant B&B recaps comings and goings

After he signs some paperwork, he asks if anyone else has been there.

He’s probably the only person who has come to see her.

Sheila’s body is pulled out and he’s left alone with it.

deacon with sheila in morgue

“What the hell happened?” he asks.

As the fluorescent lights buzz and the tap drips, he repeats her name and backs away.

He doesn’t know how this happened after he saw her change.

deacon wonders what happened

He sits with the body and almost laughs at how peaceful she is.

That’s the last way he would describe her.

He always thought of her as a beautiful rainstorm: chaotic, relentless, exhilarating and intoxicating.

deacon with sheila on slap

He always felt alone and got used to needing no one. And then he met her and needed her.

Deacon was determined to stand by her no matter what but doesn’t know what to do next.

She will always be part of him and he will never forget her.

deacon feels lost

When the morgue assistant returns, he asks to see Sheila’s face.

When it’s uncovered, he chokes back the tears and says, “Rest in peace beautiful girl.”

dead sheila in morgue

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