GH Recap: Jason Returns and Saves Sonny Before Dante is Shot

Monday March 4, 2024: Tracy has an offer for BLQ, Cyrus is frustrated by Laura’s lack of trust, and Heather lashes out at Laura.

Friday’s GH recap: Felicia talked Maxie into taking a chance on Spinelli, Danny was caught vaping, and Ava insisted on helping Sonny catch his enemy.

Laura invites Cyrus to her penthouse. When he asks what precipitated this, she asks him to tell her about what happened at Pentonville.

laura invites cyrus in GH

He helped for her sake but explains that O’Neil is terrified of some figure he knows as Stone who has convinced the world he’s dead.

He tells her about being attacked by Heather. That’s how his mic got damaged.

The mayor is frustrated they didn’t get the conversation on record and asks if he’s left anything out.

laura questions cyrus about recording General Hospital

Cyrus accuses her of being suspicious and snaps he didn’t plan for Heather to attack him.

It meant everything to him that his sister was willing to believe him.

Why won’t she let herself?

cyrus wants to be believed

She goes off to check on the baby.

At General Hospital, Liz and Portia go in to see Heather, who is very happy to see her former daughter-in-law.

liz and protia go to see heather

She insists that Liz stay as Portia examines her.

Heather is there for an MRI and has been having hip pain.

When she vents about being attacked by guards, a guard says they were only restraining her. They send him out.

Heather talks about her pain but Portia can see nothing in her tests.

Heather claims the cuffs are chafing her delicate skin and asks them to be removed.

heather claims cuffs chafe

They aren’t going to do that. Heather keeps claiming she’s in pain and Portia offers to push up her appointment.

When the doctor and nurse exit, the guard tells them that Heather was not mistreated.

They believe him.

Portia calls to arrange the MRI, eager to get Heather out of there as soon as possible.

portia calls for mri

Laura and Cyrus arrive with Ace, who is running a fever.

The mayor wants him checked out.

laura cyrus bring ace to gh

Heather is wheeled in, spots them and yells at Laura to get away from her grandson.

heather yelling at cyrus

Portia threatens to sedate her but Heather rails at the mayor, blaming her for Esme’s death.

When Laura points out she lost her grandson, Heather shrugs that at least there’s some justice.

Laura and Liz leave to check on Ace and Cyrus asks Portia how Curtis is doing.

She snaps at him and refuses to forget that he terrorized her and her daughter.

Portia lectures him for trying to talk to her daughter and threatens to call the cops if he ever does again.

He apologizes and hopes she can let go of the anger. She tells him to drop the charade.

cyrus apologizes to portia again

Cyrus hopes that one day she can see that he’s sincere and God has changed him.

She tells him if he wants to help he will stay away from her family.

portia and cyrus argue in hall

He waits in the hall until Laura returns. The doctor are still testing Ace and Liz urged her to step away because she was upsetting the baby.

cyrus laura talk heather

They talk about Heather lashing out and sympathize with her loss. He gets a sudden twinge.

She wonders if that’s because of what Sonny did to him. He tells her he hasn’t been easy on his body.

Laura tears up as she thinks of Esme taking her Spencer away. Her brother holds her hand.

cyrus laura talk spencer

In her room, Heather pulls out a paperclip and picks the lock on her cuffs.

heather picks handcuff

At the Quartermaine estate, BLQ brings some cake to Tracy. She tells her that Lucy asked her to work against her to regain control of Deception.

tracy and blq talk lucy cake

BLQ admits that she was plotting to give Deception back to Maxie. Her grandmother admires her scheming abilities.

They rehash what happened with The Deceptor and how BLQ was forced to betray her friends.

blq tracy talk deceptor

She tells Tracy that she’s been a great mentor and admits that Lucy’s choices harm the company.

When she brings up how much she wants to go back to music, Tracy gets frustrated.

tracy and blq talk work

She asks her to take the chance to see how rewarding the art of business is. If she doesn’t like it, she can leave and go back to music.

This is important to her because this is something they can do together. She reminds her of herself and she has fun with her.

She reminds her that she’s the future of the family.

blq says tracy taught her lots

BLQ is thrilled that she likes her and agrees to stay ay Deception for now and insists they get to know each other better.

After they hug, BLQ asks about her and Gregory.

tracy blq hug

Tracy tries to change the subject but BLQ won’t drop it.

Her grandmother explains he’s taking Alexis and she refuses to throw herself at him.

She doesn’t think she’d have to. Chase thinks that his father is far more relaxed with her than anyone else.

BLQ urges her to be direct with him. Tracy mulls that over.

tracy blq talk grgeory

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In a warehouse, Selina and Sonny negotiate their deal until the Feds and PCPD burst in to arrest them.

sonny selina raided by feds

Jagger says they are conducting a racketeering investigation.

He questions them and Selina claims they were just planning a poker game.

jagger gun on sonny

Anna argues with Sonny and Selina.

On the roof, Jason and his shooter watch the raid from the skylight.

The shooter says he can still get the shot.

jason on roof

He takes aim at Sonny. When he’s about to fire, Jason grabs his arm and the gun goes off. He orders him to drop the gun and they run.

In the warehouse, they all cower and look up at where the shot came from.

ava sonny cowering in warehouse

Chase and Dante sneak off to the roof. Chase returns and says it’s clear.

Dante spotted the suspects and went in pursuit, calling for backup.

Ava notices that the shot grazed his coat. John says it looks like his trap worked, just not the way he was planning.

ava notices bullet hole

The cops take Selina away and Sonny stonewalls Anna and Jagger. The commissioner tells him this is not helping.

They bicker and Jagger wonders why Ava is there. Sonny tells them to back off.

jagger anna question ava

Ava points out that Sonny is the victim in all this and they are acting like he’s done something wrong.

After the mobster bickers with Agent Cates, Anna tells Sonny she doesn’t want him to die and she has no idea how the sniper could have missed him at this range.

anna questions sonny

Chase returns and says that Dante hasn’t called.

Dante tracks Jason and the shooter to the water. When he yells, the shooter runs and he orders Jason to turn around.

dante catches up with jason

Baffled and taken aback, he lets his guard down. The shooter returns and fires into the cop.

dante shot

After the cop hits the ground, Jason checks his pulse. The shooter tells “Jacobs” to leave him.

Jason tells him to go to the pick-up spot on his own. The shooter pulls his gun to shoot him, but Jason shoots him first.

jason shoots shooter

After he makes sure the shooter is dead, Jason checks on Dante to make sure he’s still alive.

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