GH Recap: Sonny Kisses Ava After Calling Jason and Carly Traitors, Dante Clears Jason & Valentin is Messing with Sonny’s Meds

Fri Mar 29, 2024: Dante’s family crowd around him and he clears Jason, Carly moves Jason into Bobbie’s, and Ava finds a way to keep Sonny with her.

Thursday’s GH recap: Jason was granted bail as Dante started to wake up.

At the Quartermiane house, Olivia gasps when Sam calls to tell her Dante is awake.

Rocco and the other start gasping as Sam explains he will be okay.

olivia in shock

The kids want to go to the hospital with Olivia.

She tries to talk them out of it but they insist.

rocco and danny want to see jason

Lois is sure they can handle it. As the kids run off to get ready, Lois tells Liv to tell Dante she was praying for him in the language of the popes.

At Sonny’s penthouse, Carly lays into Sonny about who he is putting his trust in now and he reminds her she was paying Dex to spy on him.

sonny carly argue betrayal

Carly reminds him of all that Jason has done for him and for Michael. “Your son,” he says, adding he can’t be trusted either.

For all he knows, Jason and Carly could be working together.

She wishes she was secretly calling him and conspiring against Sonny rather than grieving.

ava stuck in the middle

Jason lumbers in. Carly doesn’t think she should have to say it but she gets Jason to explain he didn’t shoot Dante.

Carly doesn’t want Ava there but Sonny insists she stay.

Sonny asks why he should believe Jason’s foiled the attempt to shoot him.

sonny asks why he should trust jason

Jason explains that he was picked up by the FBI in Greece and became an informant.

They’re shocked. Jason explains he did it to protect himself.

jason shows up at penthouse

Carly says Jason had his reasons and Sonny says he’s working for the Feds.

Ava tries to calm things down and that only makes Carly and Sonny more livid.

Sonny refuses to trust Jason or Carly, declares they are both traitors and orders them out.

sonny accuses jason and carly of being traitors

Carly is shocked but Jason ushers her out.

Alone with Sonny, Ava thanks him for defending her to Carly. He knew it would annoy her.

He can’t believe he ever loved Carly.

e always thought she would be loyal but it was Jason who she was loyal to.

sonny furious

When he wanders off for a minute, she notices his phone going off.

It’s Olivia saying that Dante is awake. Ava hides the phone.

When Sonny comes back, Ava claims she called the hospital and learned Dante is awake.

ava tells sonny dante awake

He’s thrilled and wants to go over but she says he wouldn’t be allowed in to see him at this hour.

She encourages him to stay and celebrate.

ava convinces sonny to stay

He says that he finally sees the truth about Carly and Jason after it has been staring him in the face for years.

They sit on the couch and he tells her that life is amazing.

A few hours ago, he lost his best friend but gained his son back.

ava and sonny talk betrayal

She’s sorry and happy.

Ava knows she hasn’t been in his life as long as the others, but he can count on her.

He’s amazed that she’s the only one who has been there for him.

They kiss and he bids her goodnight.

sonny kisses ava

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At General Hospital, Dr Park tells Sam she can see Dante but he will have some trouble talking.

She jogs into his room and welcomes him back.

He groans for her to come closer and pretends he’s not in pain.

park tells sam she can see dante

He’s sorry.

She tells him he has nothing to be sorry for. He loves her.

She kisses him.

sam kisses dante

Olivia shows up in tears, glad Sam has read him the riot act for getting shot.

olivia visits dante at GH

They see the kids outside and Liz smuggles them in to say hi.

Rocco gives him a hug and tells him how much he’s missed him.

Danny is happy he’s okay.

rocco hugging dante at GH

“Me too,” says Dante.

The kids tells him about the arraignment and how people think Jason shot him.

Danny hopes he can clear his name.

Olivia and Sam usher the kids out.

Sam asks if she can get him anything. “Anna,” he says.

sam with dante waking up

Anna arrives in the corridor and Sam tells her that Dante has pulled through.

Anna is thrilled at the news and they go in to see him.

anna sam hugging about dante

He’s still having trouble speaking.

Once Olivia clears out, Anna tells Dante she’s his most valuable detective and she’s glad she didn’t lose him.

She asks who shot him.

He shakes his head but adds it wasn’t Jason. He’s the reason he’s alive.

anna and sam asks dante questions

Sam goes out and tells Liz that Dante confirmed Jason did shot him.

She sure Danny and Jake will be relieved.

sam tells liz dante cleared jason

Liz breaks the news to Danny.

He knew his dad was innocent.

liz tells danny jason cleared

Brennan is driven in the prison van out to a secluded spot.

It pulls over and Valentin shows up.

brennan driven out to secluded spot

“I was starting to think you abandoned me,” Brennan says.

The Cassadine explains he’s back to put out some fires.

Brennan suspected he was going to let Pikeman burn.

Valentin is annoyed that Jason was allowed into the organization and made it through the vetting.

He may have derailed their latest attempt to get rid of Sonny but Jason will be in jail soon.

valentin and brennan discuss jason

Jason can only get out of this if the cop IDs the shooter.

Brennan asks Valentin if Jason could know that he’s been running the company since he was sent away.

They discuss how Valentin has moved to running things as an intermediary.

Valentin tells him he got sloppy and distracted.

So far, Corinthos only knows to stay in private.

brennan taking a meeting

He’s dropped some misinformation to keep him distracted.

If Corinthos won’t do business with them, they need him gone.

Brennan hopes he has a plan.

They have lucrative contracts with the WSB and they need a reliable shipping terminal.

That’s Port Charles.

“Of course I have a plan,” Valentin says.

They won’t take Sonny down. He will do it for them.

valentin meeting with brennan

He’s contacted the source for Sonny’s bipolar meds and will be dropping his dose to placebos.

He’ll become erratic and paranoid, it will be easy to remove him.

Brennan urges him not to underestimate him.

Valentin doesn’t think they’ll need to go to the trouble of killing him. He’s already derailing.

Jack thinks that diabolical and they chat about his life in Pentonville.

brennan teases valentin about anna

Valentin assures him he can handle the company.

After Valentin hands him some cash, Brennan asks him about Anna.

He finally got his dream of getting her to love him only to watch it go up in smoke.

valentin and brennan warning each other

As Brennan is driven back to the prison, he tells the driver that he came up through the ranks with Valentin.

Neither of them really believed in anything.

They pull over and the guard tells him he can walk.

guard tells brennan to walk

Carly takes Jason to Bobbie’s.

He likes the new name and thinks it’s a nice tribute.

carly takes jason to bobbie's

They go inside and toast to Bobbie.

He would have been with her through that if he could have been.

She still can’t believe he’s really back.

He can’t answer many questions.

carly can't believe jason back

They sit and she suggests they concentrate on the here and now.

They talk about Diane thinking his case will be hard unless Dante exonerates him.

He admits he’s not sure how long he will be back.

She asks where he will stay.

jason and carly talk about now

When she asks him to stay with her, he thinks that’s too dangerous. She reminds him of her old room there and he can use that.

She just had it repainted and remembered their time together in it. Now she doesn’t have to miss him because he’s home.

They hug. She wonders if she’s psychic and knew he was coming back. “No,” he says.

She says their timing is always perfect or the worst.

Anna calls and asks Carly to let Jason know that Dante is awake and cleared him.

She adds an ask that she thank Jason for saving the cops life.

Jason and Carly are relieved.

jason carly learn dante awake

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