B&B Recap: Hope Tries to Slap Steffy During a Fight, Steffy Calls Her Trash and Hope Gives Her a Warning

Friday, March 29, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Hope’s feud escalates as the two sling accusations at each other while Zende asks Luna if there is a future for them.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: After Hope Says a Tearful Goodbye to Douglas, Steffy Gloats That he & Thomas are Officially Out of Her Life

At Forrester, Hope tells Steffy that Thomas left her and took Doulgas to Paris.

She got her own way and is still rubbing her face in it.

Steffy thinks it’s the best thing that could have happened.

Steffy stands by her gloating B&B

She couldn’t commit and it’s time she learned a lesson not to mess with her and her family.

Brooke stole her father but Hope won’t steal her brother.

She reiterates that she thinks Hope was using him as a toy and she was tired of it.

She thinks Hope was pretending to love Thomas, wearing his ring “as a stupid necklace.”

steffy on her high horse B&B recaps

Hope says Steffy wasn’t there and doesn’t know how she feels.

She was open to the possibility of marrying him. Steffy denies it. She was using him as a casual hookup.

“You really trying to shame me right now? Steffy Forrester, the morality police? Wow.”

Steffy thinks she wanted to control Thomas with sex the way her mother did with her father and grandfather.

steffy almost gets a smack

Hope yells, “How dare you!” She moves to smack Steffy across the face and Steffy grabs her hand.

This isn’t her fault. Hope calls her selfish for destroying the healthiest relationship Thomas has ever had.

She couldn’t help herself. Hope’s not out to get revenge. Steffy wouldn’t put it past her.

Hope says she gave Thomas a chance because she loves him. Steffy scoffs at being blamed for this.

“You are just a sad wrecking ball,” Hope says, telling the brunette that she doesn’t know what’s in her heart.

hope isn't out to destroy steffy's family

Even Ridge was rooting for them. Steffy thinks she “fell for the whole Logan propaganda and calls her disgusting and trash.

“It’s all me, me me and I just wanna sleep with whomever I want.” She calls her a pathetic little slut and Hope claps.

“You trying to be Stephanie now?” Steffy shrugs. Maybe she is.

Hope won’t take the bait. Is her life that sad and pathetic? Hope says it’s enough.

She’s reveling in destroying her brother’s family. Steffy smiles and Hope gets in her face and calls it sick.

She’ll regret this. 

hope claps at steffy

In the CEO room, Brooke can’t believe Thomas didn’t think over his decision but Ridge says he hit his breaking point.

Brooke says he barely discussed it with Douglas’ mother.

brooke still in shock

He doesn’t understand the enormity of the situation and doesn’t get that Hope’s world turned upside down.

Ridge agrees it happened so fast. He’s sorry. Hope must be in shock but he says she wasn’t going to marry Thomas so he moved on.

Brooke thinks she’s being punished for being truthful. Ridge asks if Thomas should have put his life on hold for her.

“You’re starting to sound like your daughter,” Brooke claims.

idge thinks Hope didn’t think he was worth marrying.brooke concerned about douglas

Brooke wonders if she hasn’t forgiven him for “the Beth debacle.”

Ridge talks about their own relationship. He loves her so much.

If it’s not there for Hope now, it never will be, no matter if Steffy interfered.

Brooke thinks Steffy was “really mean” to Hope. 

brooke disagrees with ridge about hope B&B recaps soapsspoilers

Ridge doesn’t want to blame Steffy who was only protecting Thomas.

Brooke laughs at the thought of that and Ridge reminds her that Hope is the one who broke his son’s heart.

Either way, Brooke thinks running away won’t solve anything. Ridge was all for their relationship.

Brooke goes off on how Steffy’s after her daughter. 

ridge and brooke arguing

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Daily B&B spoilers into April

Ashleigh Brewer returns as Ivy

At RJ’s beach house, Luna tries to work but thinks about Zende and her perceived betrayal.

Zende walks in.

They’ve things to discuss about Hope for the Future. luna tries to thinkLuna’s surprised. RJ went for a run.

He asks how she is. She went for a “nice” swim.

“Cool,” he says and asks if she is still stressed over their night together.

She is. She likes him but… He knows.

She and RJ are a couple.

She hasn’t told him and is trying to protect him and RJ’s relationship.

zende wants to be with luna

Zende appreciates it. He doesn’t want to hurt RJ but thinks a lot about that night.

He’s mortified and also he’s crazy about her. He thought she was into him. They rehash it. “Those damn mints!”

Zende never would have taken her if he knew. She doesn’t blame him. He asks if she ever thinks about her then backtracks.

He’s not trying to put her on the spot. 

luna thinks of zende

Next week spoilers for B&B!

Lauren and Eric drink martinis together. “Sheila Carter,” Lauren says.

Eric says, “No longer a threat.”

eric and lauren drink to sheila demise

Deacon touches the casket and says he’ll be having a memorial service for Sheila.

deacon casket sheila dead

Finn listens on the phone as Deacon asks him to please try to stop by.

finn on call deacon

Liam tells Hope, “You don’t have to do it. Nobody else is going to go to this thing.”

liam cautions hope not to go to the memorial

Steffy tells Finn Sheila shot them and asks how he can even consider going to the memorial.

steffy incensed with finn


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