GH Recap: Heather Learns Her Hip Replacement is Poisoning Her, Nina Snitches on Dex to Joss & Diane Offers to Make Alexis Her Partner

Fri March 15, 2024: Gregory decides to resign from The Invader, Dex tells Joss again that he is leaving, and Marshall gets some answers.

Thursday’s GH recap: Jason explained to Michael he was forced to work as a mercenary, then flashed to working with Cates.

At General Hospital, Stella, Curtis and Marshall wait as Portia tries to get in touch with Dr. Braddock.

Portia has to run off and Stella takes over.

The people on the other line offer to call back when they find him.

portia nd family making call

Stella says they will track him down eventually and find out why he misdiagnosed Marshall.

She chases them off to physio.

In Finn’s office, Gregory thanks his son for proofing his copy. His keyboard skills aren’t what they were.

finn and gregory proofing

Portia pops in with the radiology report from Heather’s MRI.

Gregory takes off.

Portia says there is something interesting in the report.

portia finn talk paperwork

Nina storms into The Invader office and rants that the piece publishes today was unbelievable.

It was a smear job on Sonny.

nian outraged by article

She doesn’t want to antagonize him. Alexis tells her she can quit or write it herself.

When Gregory walks in with his latest copy, Nina grabs it. He explains it’s about community outreach.

She complains about the typos and asks why it wasn’t submitted electronically. Alexis orders her out.

She apologizes for Nina being rude. Gregory says she can set the standards and it’s clear he can no longer meet them.

alexis apologizes to gregory

This will be his last article. He’ll make the corrections and submit it electronically like everyone else.

She thanks him. “Pleasure has been mine,” he says as he shuffles out.

gregory says it's no favor

As Robert and Diane walk the corridors of GH, she reads the article in The Invader and blurts she wants to break someone’s kneecaps.

diane and robert reading in hall

Portia and Finn stumble into them.

In Heather’s room, Kevin gives her some basic tests.

She’s vague and can’t look at Kevin because all she can see is his brother.

kevin gives heather tests

Kevin joins the others and explains that Heather is not in her right mind.

Portia would like to see the last of her too but she’s not going anywhere.

kevin says heather not in right mind

Diane takes off as Dr. Enoch arrives. Laura is shocked to learn she has Heather’s health care proxy.

Enoch shows them that Heather likely has cobalt poisoning from her decaying hip replacement. That causes neurological symptoms.

They get confirmation of the tests and realize her hip replacement needs replacement.

doctors confirm heather condition

Laura knows that Heather has always been off but being a serial killer is known. This seems medical.

Portia says they could be sued for liability if they don’t deal with this.

Robert mopes off to cancel her transfer to San Quinton.

robert hears heather could sue

Portia, Enoch, and Laura go in to see Heather and explain she has metalosis.

They think this is causing her physical and mental symptoms.

She’s amazed. No doctor has ever told her anything but that she’s crazy.

laura at heather's side

They offer to replace her old hip. Enoch warns there could be complications, like death.

Heather asks for a minute with Laura.

She doesn’t understand all this and asks the mayor to figure this out.

Heather says she can’t make these decisions and asks Laura what she should do.

heather says no doctor told her anything

Laura tells her to do the surgery.

When they are left alone, Laura shows Heather pictures of Ace. Heather wonders how everything went so wrong with her.

Laura doesn’t know but says she’s lived a few different lives and they aren’t that connected.

Heather feels like she’s in free-fall.

The mayor tells her there is still time to get it right.

laura heather talk life

They call the doctors back and Heather agrees to the surgery.

heather signs papers

Laura abruptly asks what Kevin is like in bed.

Is he anything like his brother?

Shocked Laura walks out.

After being called back by the psychiatric hospital, Stella goes into Kevin’s office and asks if he ever encountered Dr. Braddock.

kevin tells stelal bout braddock

He says that he was well-known for something.

Meeting with his therapist, Curtis learns some exercises and is then left with his father.

curtis at physio

Marshall loves watching him work so hard. They are proud of each other.

Curtis wonders what he will say to Dr. Braddock.

“It won’t be anything nice,” says Marshall.

marshall curtis go to see doctor

He explains that he was compassionate and understanding at first.

He suggested part of his brain was fighting itself.

Marshall was prescribed pills he couldn’t afford and he did whatever he could to pay for them.

The pills made him rigid.

marshall talks about braddock

When he told the doctor, he offered him shock treatment.

That made Marshall blow up and the doctor didn’t take that well.

Stella shows up. She announces that Dr. Braddock is dead.

But the answers they are looking for are right upstairs.

They go to see Kevin. He explains that Dr. Braddock made a name for himself as infamous.

kevin talks to marshall family

Marshall tells him about how he was misdiagnosed.

Why would he do that?

Kevin can’t say for certain, but he thinks it was because he was young, male, poor, and black.

kevin explains what he thinks happened

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Gregory returns to Finn’s office and asks him to re-type his work for him.

gregory asks finn retype

As he does, he explains it will be his last article.

A newspaper gig isn’t for him.

Finn suggests he has time for more things on his list.

His father’s hands shake.

gregory says done writing

They upload the article and Gregory thanks him.

As he exits, Finn looks sad.

He calls a neurologist he knows to ask if there’s anything he can do for his father. There isn’t.

finn calls colleague

Diane strides into The Invader office and starts reading off the article on the “red-headed mob lawyer shacking up with the DA” that Alexis published.

diane reads to alexis

Alexis claims she knew nothing about that and her friend hopes she will publish a retraction.

She informs Diane that Nina has ordered that they don’t publish anything about Sonny. Not that Alexis will obey her orders.

Alexis vents about the paper and how no one actually reads it.

She’d be a lawyer for free if she could get out of this.

alexis complains to diane about job

Diane has a proposal for her.

Her reputation matters and she doesn’t want anyone thinking she’s just a mob lawyer.

She asks her friend to come work with her as her partner.

Alexis reminds her she was disbarred.

Diane thinks she can have that overturned.

diane offers alexis job

At Dex’s place, Joss refuses to help him pack.

It makes no sense for him to leave when he loves her and loves it there.

joss tells dex not to move

She needs him. They kiss.

He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

joss dex make out

After they have finished mattress dancing, she says it’s nice to know they are still good at that.

He wishes they could stay in bed all day but he has to pack.

joss tells dex not to go

She doesn’t like that he keeps saying he has to leave, especially now that he realizes he doesn’t know Sonny as he thought he did.

They argue about whether Jason plugged Dante and she says that Dex is so much like Jason.

Dex admits he was loyal to Sonny too but admits he’s afraid of who that is making him into.

She should be afraid too.

He loves her and that’s not something he’s ever said to anyone.

He wants what’s best for her and that’s not him.

dex says loves joss

She offers to get her mom to talk to Sonny but he thinks it could be too late.

Nina shows up. “Looking for more backs to stab?” Joss asks.

joss not happy to see nina

She asks to speak to Dex and asks him to tell Sonny she had nothing to do with what was published in the paper.

Joss tells her that Dex is through with Sonny just like Sonny is through with her.

Nina observes that Dex broke up with Sonny so that must mean Joss is next.

joss dex bicker with nina

Dex tries to end the bickering but Nina announces to Joss that she caught Dex dressed as an orderly coming out of Cyrus’ room.

laura explains caught dex

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