Y&R Recap: Nikki Bold Move Against Jordan, Chelsea Breaks Down to Dr. Alcott, and Ashley Raises Billy’s Suspicions

Mon March 18, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Connor rejects the suggestion that he get treatment, Victor thinks Nikki’s plan is lousy, and Billy notices Ashley is acting strangely.

Friday’s recap: Frustrated Audra’s Done with Tucker, Ashley and Her Alters Battle for Control and Sally and Adam Share a Kiss

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 18. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In the waiting room of Dr. Alcott’s office, Adam and Chelsea tells Connor they are ready to listen.

chelsea adam try to convince connor to stay

Connor hates all of this and himself. It hurts his mom’s heart to hear him talk that way.

They say he’s the most lovable boy in the world.

Adam knows how he feels. He’s often angry and frustrated but things got better for him and will for him too.

adam tells connor he knows how he feels

He’s sure this feels weird, but it will help him and they will all work to give him the best life.

Chelsea and Adam step aside and she worries about their son being so withdrawn. He can hear them.

chelsea and adam debate how to deal

Connor wants to go but they won’t let him. The kid hates this and doesn’t want to talk.

Adam thinks they should listen to their son but Chelsea rejects this and insists they go ahead.

Connor begs but his mom won’t budge. The doctor opens her door.

connor hates this

Adam supports Chelsea and tells his son they can see a movie later.

They go into the office. Connor doesn’t want to be there.

His parents prompt him to talk about his feelings because the doctor knows about dealing with emotions.

Connor keeps playing with his hoodie and says none of them understand.

connor playing with hoodie

Alcott suggests they don’t pay attention to Connor playing with his hoodie. She explains there is no miracle cure. This isn’t something you “beat.”

All they can do is manage the symptoms. Residential therapy is one of the most successful treatments.

He can get Exposure and Response Prevention treatment to train himself out of compulsive behavior.

dr alcott talks ocd

A therapist can coach him through it and it’s done in the same kind of school he’s already in.

Connor assumes it’s not a school but a hospital. The doctor says it’s a place of healing and like a vacation.

This isn’t winning him over but Chelsea thinks it sounds great.

Connor isn’t happy it has no soccer. He keeps refusing and Adam says they have time to think about it and decide as a family.

adam says they can talk it over

The family files out and Connor says he doesn’t want to go because it would be admitting he’s crazy.

connor keeps refusing

She insists that’s not it and they tell him he’s done nothing wrong and he’s just sick.

Chelsea reminds him she went away for extra help too. He just wants to go back to his room.

chelsea went away too

Adam takes him away as she stays behind. She returns to Alcott’s office with questions.

Alcott can see Connor is having a hard time accepting and understanding.

alcott says it's great

Chelsea wants to talk about herself and start breaking up, saying she’s not sure she can deal with this.

chelsea not sure she can handle this

At Society, Billy notices Ashley drifting in with a strange look on her face.

billy notices his sister Y&R

As she sits at the bar, he walks over. “Hey bro! Whassup?” she asks.

ashley says whassup

He wonders if everything is okay. She says it’s all good and under control.

When Billy asks if Tucker is out of her system, she grunts and says it’s all good. “He’s out and so is…” she trails off.

Her brother asks what that means and she says Tucker is just “gross” and they are all past that.

Billy wonders if she’s really moved on. “I did it. I did it,” she says.

billy keeps worrying about sis

He says she’s not sounding like herself. He gets that break-ups are hard and she insists she’s okay.

He’s more concerned by all this “bro” talk. “I was trying to be cool. Epic fail,” she says.

Devon texts him about a board meeting so he has to go. She wishes him good luck with that.

Ashley suggests he stay out of the boxing ring. He keeps asking if she’s okay.

billy checks on his sister

She asks him to stop asking and he takes off.

Once he leaves, she orders a ginger ale with a cherry.

Taking her drink, she sits at a table and tells the voice in her head that their plan is too dangerous and she will protect her.

ashley ginger ale

The voices argue about what Ashley needs and she tells them she’s got this.

She sends Tucker a text saying she never wants to see him again.

ashley sends tucker text

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Nikki and Victor sit at the chess table in the ranch. He tells her that he couldn’t have overcome Jordan’s help without Nick’s help.

nikki and victor at chess table

After he goes on about how great it was to see the shocked look on that woman’s face, Nikki says she’s just relieved it’s all over.

But she’s worried about the risks he took. He shrugs that off.

Nikki thinks Jordan is the devil and her suffering couldn’t be more deserved.

nikki and victor discuss jordan locked up

She laughs thinking about how awful her enemy must be feelings.

Victor says it’s amazing how sick she is. She feels nothing about imprisoning and torturing people.

His wife asks if she’s going to be given to the authorities. She wants the chance to confront her face to face.

He thinks that’s a horrible idea but she wants to confront her where she is at her mercy.

Victor thinks she should just let her suffer the fate that has befallen her.

victor says jordan will suffer

Nikki assures him she won’t knock her off. He’s more concerned this could push her to drink again.

She claims this will help her move on.

nikki needs to do this

At Crimson Lights, Victor and Claire hang out with Summer, Kyle, and Harrison.

summer kyle claire victoria at CL

Summer has been looking forward to meeting Claire but feels out of the loop about all that’s happened.

Victoria explains how she and Cole thought they lost her but she was actually stolen. If they’d known that, they never would have stopped looking.

victoria tells claire story

Luckily, Claire looked for them and now they can move forward as a family.

She’s not giving any more details.

Kyle asks about her being released from the hospital and Claire is vague.

summer kyle ask about claire

Summer senses there is more to all this. Victoria says that can be saved for another time.

Claire and Harrison talk about marshmallows and then they all talk about how loving her new family is.

Kyle asks what her plans are Summer jokes that all Newmans end up back at Newman a few times.

Claire is still figuring everything out and would love to work with children.

claire talks about kids

Victoria gets a text from her dad and ushers her daughter out.

When Victoria and Claire get to the ranch, Victor explains that Nikki is planning to confront Jordan.

victor asks victoria say bad idea

He wants them to tell her it’s a bad idea. Nikki is adamant about her need to do this.

It’s the only way for her to regain her power.

nikki insists she needs to do this

Victoria agrees with her mom, to Victor’s chagrin. So does Claire. But she doesn’t think it should be one on one.

Victoria and Claire want to go with her.

victoria claire support nikki plan

Victor still thinks this is a lousy idea and points out they don’t even know where the woman is.

victor says it's lousy

The trio insist that they deserve to be heard by Jordan. She needs to know she lost.

Victoria says they can keep each other safe and need to make sure Jordan knows she will never have control.

Eventually he agrees and they insist that he can’t come but he can send one of his guards. He shrugs.

nikki says they can take a guard

Summer, Harrison, and Claire go to the Abbott house. The kid is eager to see Claire again.

summer hears harrison talk claire

His parents think she might be busy. Kyle sends him upstairs to pick up a game.

The parents are happy that Claire put such a smile on his face. It’s great that she has jokes and wants to work with kids.

Kyle points out she needs a job and suggests they consider her as a babysitter.

Summer has some doubts. He thinks it could just be temporary.

His ex doubts she has much experience and they don’t know anything about her.

Summer will talk to Nikki about her, but trusting someone in an office is not the same as trusting someone with your kid.

Kyle gets the feeling there is more to Claire’s story than they were sharing.

kyle suggests claire be babysitter

She wonders if it could be so bad they won’t talk about it at all.

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