B&B Recap: Poppy Goes to Finn to Talk About Luna’s Father as Thomas Gifts Hope a New Gown and Proposes Again

Friday, March 15, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke admits Thomas is good for Hope, Luna asks Bill if her mom has mentioned her father, and Thomas has a surprise for Hope.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: After a fight with Poppy, Luna inspired Bill to tears, and Hope appealed to Brooke for support.

At Poppy’s place, Luna tears up as she tells Bill her mom doesn’t know how hard it has been for her not to know who her father is.

luna vents to bill

He assures her that her mom loves her and they can work this out.

She just wishes she could talk to her father. She’s always been able to turn to her mom but this time it’s different.

Bill knows he’s not her dad, but he thinks he can be a good listener.

bill listens to luna

She thanks him for his offer but shouldn’t get into it.

Changing the topic, she offers him a drink. He’d love a scotch. Her mom doesn’t keep alcohol in the house.

Bill knows. She just takes her “happy mints.” That sets something off in Luna.

luna asks bill about her father

She asks if her mom has ever talked to him about her father. Bill stares for awhile.

He admits they talked about it and he hoped it could be him. She admits that she and RJ speculated on that too.

bill mentions the mints

Bill says Poppy claims it’s not him and she says her mom always shuts down and claims she’s not sure who it is.

She doesn’t think it’s fair for this to be kept from her.

He tells her she has every right to that information and any man would be proud to call her his daughter.

bill tells luna she deserves to know

Finn towels off as he enters the cliff house and stops to stare at the spot on the floor where Sheila passed on to the great beyond.

finn comes in from surf B&B

Poppy shows up, needing someone who will listen and be understanding. That’s definitely not her sister.

She explains that Luna is hurt and disappointed.

poppy tells finn she hurt her daughter

Tearing up, she admits she’s let her daughter down and for the first time in her life, it’s her father she wants to talk to.

The doctor asks if she knows who the father is and if she would open up about it.

She does and doesn’t think she can avoid this much longer.

finn asks poppy what this has to do with him

Finn wonders what this has to do with him.

finn asks what this has to do with him

At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells his father how smitten he is with Hope. He’s never had a woman care about him like she does.

ridge and thomas talk hope love

Ridge is pulling for both of them.

Thomas knows his dad has been one of their first supporters and appreciates it. His dad tells him to grab hold of the future because life is short.

His son intends to.

ridge says thomas is his boy

In the design office, Hope points out to her mom that she hasn’t been this happy for a long time. That’s because of Thomas. He’s good for her.

hope tells her mom how happy she is

She begs her mom to stop fighting it and support her relationship with Thomas.

Brooke says she’s trying. As surprised as she is, she can’t deny the positive impact he’s had on her life.

brooke willing to admit thomas good for hope

Her daughter thanks her for the effort. She wants to be able to share her happiness with her. She’s so happy.

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Brooke goes to see Ridge. They smooch and he says she gets better looking every time he sees her.

brooke and ridge cuddle office

She explains she just had an interesting conversation with her daughter about Thomas.

He just had the same conversation with his son. They agree that he seems completely devoted to Hope.

brooke admits thomas devoted

He’s startled when she admits she might be changing her mind about his son.

She’s seen how light and joyful her daughter has become and she thinks Thomas is part of that.

He thanks her for seeing his son differently. He thinks the kids could move the family and company forward.

Brooke is taking it slow but is giving Thomas the benefit of the doubt.

ridge happy brooke on board

Chipper Thomas goes to see Hope and gives her a big kiss. She hopes he’s always so happy to see her.

thomas pops in on hope

He whips out a dress he wants her to try on, sure it will look beautiful on her.

She feels lucky to be dating such an artiste. Thomas says she’s his muse and this can’t wait. Their future kind of depends on it.

When she says he’ll have to help her take her clothes off, he eagerly agrees.

hope and thomas talk dress b&b

Once she has changed, she comes out in the dress, telling him it is stunning.

“It’s not the dress. It’s you. You are on my mind every moment I put pen to paper,” he says.

hope tries on new dress

She says it hits all the right places. She assumes it’s already spoken for but he says she can have anything she wants.

He would give her the world. “You already have,” she says.

Thomas has something planned and thinks she should wear it. He leads her away.

thomas tells hope they need to go

They go down to the ballroom. It is all set out with the HFTF logo.

thomas brings hope to room

She can see this event is just for the two of them.

He has a little speech. He talks about how the future takes trial and error, failure and success.

hope listens to thomas' speech

They have had success in their relationship, professionally and personally. They have built a wonderful family.

She’s given him more second chances than he deserves and he’s so grateful for that.

He knows she said she needed more time, but he thinks they are very ready.

thomas proposes to hope again

Taking the ring from around her neck and holding it up, he asks her to make him the happiest man in the world by saying she will marry him.

Hope smiles.

thomas offers hope ring again

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