Thomas Apologizes to RJ, Wyatt Harangues Liam For Missing Work, and Ridge Declares He Has Not Two Families but One Blended Family

In the Wednesday, April 26, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt’s not happy that Liam took time off work for personal reasons, Thomas is sorry for causing drama in the family, and Ridge is happy his two families are now truly blended. 

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Ridge wanted RJ to work at Forrester, Liam continued to worry about Thomas to Steffy, and Thomas prodded his mom on how she thinks RJ’s return could shake things up.

At the CEO office at Forrester, Ridge is excited that the Forrester men are back together.

Taylor can tell he’s overjoyed. Brooke says he’s beaming.

thomas, rj , ridge forresters.

Hope thinks Thomas is there in time to rescue his brother.

Brooke explains Ridge is pressuring him to work for the company.

Ridge is just being a proud dad who sees potential. Thomas and Taylor share a grin that looks more like a grimace.

Thomas isn’t sure RJ needs to come on board.

RJ doesn't wanna work with ridge.

He’s seen what his brother can do and thinks he’s doing a great job as an influencer.

Ridge says that’s not helping so Thomas tells RJ that he’s welcomed.

Brooke agrees she’d love to have him there but they won’t push. Ridge hopes his path leads him there.

brooke and hope in forrester talk to RJ about a job.

RJ and Brooke laugh while Hope shakes her head, grinning.

The women talk about how if Brooke knew RJ was returning she’d have told everyone.

brooke and taylor talk to hope and ridge about rj returning.

Elsewhere, Thomas tells RJ he’s done some terrible things and hurt both of their families.

He won’t do it again. RJ heard. He’s been in the loop the whole time but hopes his brother changed.

He doesn’t want to get involved in any of that and he can’t let Thomas mess around with his mom, dad, or his sister. Thomas respects that. They shake on it.

They’re good. RJ says if their moms can get along, they can.

They watch the women chatting happily. Thomas wants to get close with his brother.

thomas apologizes to RJ

At the cliff house, Steffy asks what Liam’s so concerned about with Hope and Thomas spending time together. “Not…not work,” he stammers.

Steffy tells him that work and co-parenting always connect work with Hope and Thomas.

If it’s not work and co-parenting, she asks why else would they be spending time together.

liam worries about hope to steffy

He knows Douglas will tie them together.

He’s trying to make peace with this and doesn’t want to come off as a controlling husband. Steffy says nobody thinks that.

She doesn’t think he needs to be concerned with Thomas having feelings for Hope.

Liam looks away and Steffy’s shocked. Is he worried Hope has feelings for Thomas?

Liam initially says no but then isn’t sure.

steffy reassures Liam again about thomas.

He thinks of the horrible things he’s done to her yet he’s still in her life.

Steffy reminds Liam that they share work and a child. Liam knows. “Do you need me to tell you that you’re crazy,” Steffy asks.

“Probably,” Liam says. He doesn’t want Steffy to spy on them.

She agrees it’d be weird and crazy. But Liam wants to know what he’s dealing with.

Liam says Hope puts up with him, Steffy, and maybe she’s just that generous.

Maybe he’s not so doesn’t get it. Steffy needs to get to work but again comforts her ex.

steffy asks if liams crazy

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Liam rushes into Il Giardino to a bitchy Wyatt who berates his brother for being late and missing their meeting.

Liam apologizes. He had a thing.

Wyatt complains liam is late for meeting.

Wyatt says he’s not even getting a free lunch. Liam wants a free appetizer and says Wyatat can fill him in on what he missed.

Wyatt says no. Instead, Liam can tell him why he bailed on him.

“I was with Steffy,” he says. Wyatt’s annoyed. It better have been an emergency.

Liam says Kelly left her homework but he was really there to discuss Thomas.

liam was with steffy he tells wyatt.

Wyatt’s more annoyed. Liam’s hungry but Wyatt says, “No foodzie until you tell me the rest.”

Liam wants to believe what Steffy says that he has nothing to worry about.

Wyatt says to find a way because they’ve quarterlies coming up. Liam is done.

He’s so hungry and wants bruschetta. 

liam wants bruschetta.

Steffy arrives at Forrester to see RJ in the flesh.

They smile as she runs into his arms.

“RJ!” They embrace.

rj hugs steffy.

RJ calls Steffy a rockstar. She grins and agrees. They talk about how tough he is and she mentions how adventurous he is, scaling mountains and jumping off them.

ridge has an idea.

Why is she back? He wants to spend time with family.

Ridge says he wants to have a big Logan/Forrester family photo with all of them. Everyone’s in.

ridge selfie moment.

Ridge takes a family selfie and says he has one beautiful blended family.

B&B family photo.

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