Phyllis Confesses Her Scheme With Stark and How She Killed Him to Summer, and Jack Asks Diane to Marry Him Now

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate tells Elena he’s travelling alone, Victoria refuses to listen to Nick’s concerns about Nate, and Michael tells Jack that it looks like Stark was killed. In the previous episode, Summer reacted to Phyllis revealing she’s alive and Diane was shaken by Michael’s damning evidence against her.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 26, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 27. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer is shocked in the park when she finds her mother there.

She tears up and asks what’s happening.

phyllis tells Summer about a plan to take diane down.

Phyllis stops her from calling Daniel and tells her she’s the only one who can know she’s alive.

They can’t let him know because he might want to do the right thing.

She tells her daughter she’s the only one who can know what happened and what she is going to do.

Summer tells her she’s hurt so many people but that won’t matter to anyone that loves her. The only thing that matters is that she’s alive.

Phyllis wishes she could come home but it can’t happen. She did some stupid things and trusted the wrong man. Stark played on her deepest fears.

phyllis reveals jeremy was going to kill her.

They planned to put Diane is prison. When she came to her senses and tried to back out, he threatened her and was going to kill her.

Phyllis admits she’s been watching her and saw how much pain she was in. That’s why she wanted to meet with her.

Summer is adamant that she and Daniel don’t hate her and are on her side.

Her doubts she will feel that way when she finds out what she did. “How guilty are you?” Summer asks.

summer shocked and happy to see phyllis.

Phyllis claims what she did isn’t important. Summer guesses the poison and crash were fake. Diane is innocent.

Her mother doesn’t like that. She claims everything Diane touches dies and she puts wedges between people.

Summer points out she just faked her own death like Diane. Phyllis couldn’t go through with it and wouldn’t have done it to a child.

Her daughter thinks she has her priorities out of whack and thinks she needs to come home. She tells her Stark is dead and they can straighten everything out.

“They found him? I thought I’d have more time,” Phyllis says. “I’m the reason he’s dead.”

Slumping on a bench, Summer asks if she killed him. Her mother confirms it.

Stark threatened her and was going to kill her with scissors, but she clawed him and then grabbed the scissors. Then he was dead.

She cleaned the room, and wrapped him in a shower curtain. Now she can’t go home.

phyllis explains how she killed stark.

Summer thinks they can still go to the police but her mother says that won’t happen.

If it comes out that she’s alive, Diane will win and she will pay. She’s sorry she put her in this position.

Sobbing Summer is scared she will never see her again. Her mom promises that will never happen. She can either save he mother-in-law, or her.

Phyllis asks for time to come up with a plan. She’ll love “supergirl” no matter what she decides to do.

After hugging her, she runs off.

At Society, Nate and Audra go over his schedule and his plans for a business trip.

She’s pleased he trusts her enough to leave her in charge but would like to go with him.

audra asks nate if she can go with him to LA.

He wants her there to hold down the fort. Besides, Victoria will be with him.

She suggests he bring Elena. He hadn’t thought of that.

Nate stops by Crimson Lights. Elena is staring into a mug.

He tells her he needs to head to LA on work.


When he gets back, he’d like them to go on vacation for a week.

She asks who he is going to LA with. He claims he’s going alone.

She thinks it’s really sweet of him to want to go away with her. After he leaves to pack, she stares with a smile.

Audra calls her. Elena tells her how sweet Nate has been lately. Audra can’t wait to hear about that.

elena asks if nates' going to LA alone.

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Nick stops by Victoria’s office at Newman.

She’s already heard about their father acquiring Tucker’s company.

nick reveals victor tried to steal him from newman.

He tells her that their father wants him to work with Adam.

She assumes their father wants to steal her entire team right out from under her.

victoria upset victor interfering.

He assures her he won’t bail on her to babysit Adam.

Nick assumes this was a play to get them both to back away from Sally.

Their father doesn’t seem to know when he needs to let people manage their own lives.

She’s going to LA and needs him to take the reigns for a few days.

When he asks who she is going with, she avoids answering and drinks water.

nick reveals victor tried to steal him from newman.

He gets more concerned. She explains why she is bringing Nate. He’s sure she knows this is a terrible idea. She’s not interested in his opinion.

Nick thinks she’s making a mistake. She’s obviously involved with this guy.

She tells him this is none of his business and he should stop being a hypocrite.

Her bother worries that she’s playing with fire. She thinks he’s being ridiculous and tells him to respect her privacy and stop being a knucklehead.

Nick thinks she could be blowing her life. He hopes she doesn’t end up regretting this trip.

Michael meets with Jack on the patio of Crimson Lights.

He explains his contact in the coroner’s office will share what they learn. At the moment it appears to be a homicide.

michael listens to jack at crimson lights who suggests why stark might have been killed.

In terms of Diane’s defense, this is a double-edged sword.

Jack is sure it clears her but Michael is far from clear about what any of this means.

While Stark can’t testify against her, he also can’t exonerate her.

Jack thinks one person could have killed both of them.

It would make sense. Maybe this was about one of his old partners looking for revenge. Maybe Phyllis was just collateral damage.

jack learns stark was murdered.

This isn’t convincing the lawyer. Jack wants justice for Phyllis and he’s sure Diane didn’t kill her.

Jack goes to the prison with news for Diane.

She reminds him that she doesn’t want him there.

diane thinks her life is over.

He doesn’t want to spend another day without her and thinks his news might get her out.

Sitting down, she tells him she doesn’t want him there. Her life is over and there is no more to be done.

Jack begs her not to give up. She doesn’t want to subject her family to her pain.

He offers her a way out of isolation. His purpose in life is to be a man she can depend on. He needs her and asks her to marry him.

He wants to be her husband through every moment of this ordeal.

jack wants to marry diane asap.

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