Selina Orders Gladys to Amend Her Statement to Clear Cody, Then Threatens Him, and Drew’s Sentencing Shocks Him

General Hospital recap for Thursday, June 22, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Kristina worries about Molly to Sam, Sasha insists she’s not ready to date, and Finn tells his father there’s more to Tracy.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Molly had no viable eggs, Portia confronted Jordan about Curtis, and Spinelli and Cody told Gladys they could prove she faked the crime.

On the terrace, Sasha tells Maxie and Lucy are wrong if they think Cody has feelings for her.

sasha stops lucy and maxie

Sasha insists they are only friends. Lucy doubts things are totally platonic for Mr. Bell.

Sasha makes it clear she is not ready to date. Her friends tell her what a sweet and thoughtful friend Cody has been to her.
Sasha repeats he’s just a friend.

sasha tells someone they couldn't be more wrong

“For now,” Lucy says. Maxie talks about how hard it was to move on after Nathan died. Everyone grieves at different paces and she thinks Sasha is doing great. She’s stronger and wiser and more resilient.

maxie and sash talk grief

Lucy goes to the powder room and Maxie leaves to take a call from Georgie. Sasha looks at a picture of Brando on her phone and wonders if she will ever be over him.

sasha doesn't think she'll be over brando ever

Dr. Montague shows up. She assures him she’s not losing it. Sitting, he says she’s expressing her emotions in a healthy way.

dr montague finds sasha talking to dead husband

She thanks him for that and he leaves her smiling. Maxie and Lucy return and their friend tells them she has enough to handle with her guardianship. Cody makes her life more complicated.

By the pool, Cody and Spinelli encourage Gladys to recant or she’ll be heading upriver. She’s not impressed. If they had real evidence, they would be at the PCPD.

gladys listens to spinelli and cody

Gladys guesses that if they have any evidence, they obtained it illegally. She didn’t even bring her phone to the ball so there would be no evidence on it.

cody warns gladys of consequences

A waiter clears Sam’s table, knocking the recorder she left in a magazine to the floor just as Selina arrives. She glares over at Gladys.

Wu picks up the microphone and asks if one of them planted it.

selina interrupts gladys cody and spinelli

She orders them to sit down so she can iron this out, tells Spinelli to get lost and drops the microphone in the pool. She gets her goon to clear people out of the pool area and lectures Cody and Gladys, ordering them to make peace.

She tells Gladys to amend her statement to clear Cody and will have a witness cover for her. Sounds good to Cody.

selina orders gladys change statement

Gladys gives in and then Selina has her goon take her to the bar. Selina tells Cody that no one can know he works for her. If he doesn’t keep his mouth shut, she will shut it permanently.

She walks over to Gladys, who gives her part of the payment for her debt. Selina isn’t happy it’s so low. She walks off as Montague approaches.

He notes that Gladys is in trouble with Miss Wu. She admits she owes her money so he offers to help her pay off her debt, but it will cost her.

Sam tries chasing Kristina away but she won’t budge even after she learns she’s working. Sam leads her sister away.

sam tries getting rid of kisitina

Kristina nags her for information about her surveillance. Her sister reminds her the P in PI stands for private.

Kirstine starts worrying about Molly. They get a table and complain about how their sister only responds to texts with lame emojis.

Krissy marvels about how she’s the only sister with “functional plumbing.” They hate what their sister is going through.

kristina tells sam what she did

Sam is sure that things will be okay once the dust settles. Kristine hopes Molly and TJ try to have kids another way.

Spinelli walks over after fishing the microphone out of the pool. Sam sends her sister away and Spinelli explains that Selina ruined everything.

He tells her how weird it was to see Gladys and Cody being deferential to Selina. They wonder what their relationship with her is.


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Gregory drops by Finn’s office at General Hospital. The doctor is relieved that he’ll be getting out of town. He reminds his father they are going on vacation with Violet.

gregory gets advice from finn

Gregory thinks that sounds wonderful but things have changed on his end. He explains that he took a job at The Invader.

When Finn says they can take the trip next year, his father says it can’t wait that long.

They talk about Tracy and how difficult she is. Finn insists there’s more to her than the prickly exterior.

finn tells gregory it will get him nowhere

His father is surprised he thinks so highly of her but won’t put up with her demeaning his son. He wonders if he should clear the air with her. His son advises that will backfire.

gregory talks to son about health

That sounds like a challenge to Gregory. His son shakes his head.

Alexis bumps into Tracy and asks her how Ned is. “Don’t you mean Eddie Maine?” Tracy asks. She reminds her of when she was “Eddie’s angel.”

alexis asks tracy why she thinks ned fell on purpose

Alexis knows how difficult this must be for her family. Tracy says this is more than a mid-life crisis. This may be more than she can handle.

It’s also traumatizing for Leo. She thought Ned was made of sterner stuff and suggests he’s trying to escape his problems.

This seems like a stretch to Alexis. Tracy complains the doctors are useless and wonders if there is someone who will take extreme measures to turn him back to Ned.

tracy suggests ned fell on purpose

Alexis worries about what “extreme measures” means. She urges her to be gentler and go along with Ned thinking he’s Eddie.

Gregory approaches as Tracy calls Alexis an idiot.

Carly joins Drew at the court house, asking him if he’s ready. He’s not sure anyone is ever ready to sign away their freedom. This is the only thing to do.

drew thinks about turning himself in

Michael arrives. They chat about Willow and Michael tells Drew again how grateful they are for what he did for them.

The topic turns to Ned thinking he’s Eddie. Michael feels bad for his family but can’t get past this situation being Ned’s fault.

michael complains about ned

Zeke joins them. After introductions, he explains that the Feds have accepted the deal they proposed. Drew will do six months in minimum security and there will be a financial penalty but Carly is left alone.

zeke joins drew at curt house

The lawyer walks off to take a call and Michael thanks Drew for agreeing to this. Drew repeats that this was the best alternative and Michael promises everything will be waiting for him.

The hearing starts. Judge Kim asks for the plea. After glancing at Carly, Drew stands up and enters a guilty plea.

drew faces maximum penalty for his crimes

The judge has reviewed the case and thinks it’s a miscarriage of justice. It’s clear to him that he is guilty and should face the maximum penalty for his crimes.

Standing, Zeke says that’s twenty years and too harsh. He defends his client and plays up him being a family man and receiving no benefits from this deal. He simply made an error in judgement trying to help people he loves.

The judge agrees that he was being too harsh earlier and settles on giving Drew three years. Carly and Drew’s jaws drop.

judge sentences drew

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