Phyllis Double-Crosses Tucker, Jack’s Tipped off, Nikki Tries to Control Audra and Leanna Love Calls Tucker for a Scoop

Weds Sept 27, Y&R day ahead recap: Leanna Love wants a scoop from Tucker, Audra doesn’t like being controlled by Nikki and Phyllis dupes Tucker and in turn, tips Jack off.

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Adam is Shocked When Victor Makes Him Nate’s Gopher, and Mamie is the Secret Investor in Chancellor-Winters

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 27, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 28. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra saunters into GCAC and finds Tucker.

Has he planned his attack yet on Jabot and the Abbots? He looks around.

“Why don’t you say that a little louder?” There’s nobody around.

She thinks there’s a snag but he can handle it.

audra in green

In the office at Jabot, Jack tells Diane about Mamie’s visit and how cryptic her business is in Genoa City.

Emily appears with a flagged transaction from the financial team. Jack looks confused. There was a large money transfer from their research and development account into one that’s tied to an old lab subdivision.

He’s more puzzled than ever since it was shut down years ago, before Ash came back to Jabot.

His brother okayed the payment. Jack shakes his head and purses his lips.

jack and diane in red

Phyllis runs into Billy at Crimson Lights and she tells him she lost a job but that she’ll land on her feet.

He thinks the timing is rough since she has her legal fees and insurance payout. 

phyllis talks to billy at crimson lights

How will she pay it back? She doesn’t think he cares about any of that. Everyone in GC looks at her like she’s the walking dead and tells him to dispense his faux sympathy.

phyllis knows billy doesn't care about her

Billy knows that when her back is up against the wall she makes bad choices.

Like Tucker. She says maybe they’re having an affair and she says, “Do I, Billy? Do I,” reminding him of their tryst.

billy gets jack's text

Chance sees Summer at Society. He’s in a great mood and shares that he’s the new chief of police.

They embrace as she congratulates him.

He wanted to celebrate with Sharon but she’s away so Summer offers to buy him lunch.

They sit and he admits he’s nervous. She gives him a pep talk.

summer congratulates chance

At Newman, Nick fills his mother in on what Victoria’s up to, that she thinks their father is incompetent.

Nikki’s frustrated and Nick asks if they need to be worried.

Nikki calls Victor sharp but thinks Victoria will stir up more conflict and that he’ll take on more responsibility to protect his life’s work.

nikki frustrated with everything

His legacy. Victoria loses sight of that. Nikki wants Nick back but he refuses, especially with Nate and Adam. Nick thought it was kinda funny that Adam’s Nate’s gopher.

Nikki urges him to talk to his dad to see how he’s doing.

nikki talks to nick about victor's sharpness

Victor walks in and Nikki goes so Nick can talk to his dad about Nate and Adam.

He says Adam’s conning him. Victor notes his opinion but wonders why he cares. Nick cares about the family and him.

What if they team up against him and come after him? Victor says he should come back.

When Nick refuses, Victor barks out, “This meeting is over!”

victor tells nick to do what he has to do

Nikki arrives at CGAC and narrows her eyes at Audra and Tucker.

She gets Audra alone and tells her it’s not in  her best interest to hang out with “that man.”

Audra says they’re just acquaintances. She has nothing to worry about.

nikki tells audra who she can hang out with

They gossip a little about Ashley and Tucker’s split and Nikki admits she’s starting to question Audra’s judgment.

Audra reminds the blonde she ended things with Kyle and asks if she’s ordering her to stop being friends with Tucker.

audra tells nikki off

“Maybe you should present me with a list of all the people I know, so they can be properly vetted.”

Nikki’s mouth forms an O. It’s a bit extreme. Audra’s feeling controlled and wonders why Nikki wants to control her.

Nikki calls Audra’s private life her own. “Thank you,” Audra says, downing a drink.

nikki tries to control audra

Nikki says as long as it doesn’t affect Newman Media. Audra insists she can hold her own with the guy.

He’s been a mentor to her, she admits. This surprises Nikki who asks if he’s still teaching.

She recalls a conversation she overheard of theirs.

audra lies to nikki

Audra covers and says he’s thinking of getting into the music business.

Nikki says she likes Audra and thinks she could have quite the career.

Audra’s thankful and likes working with her but doesn’t like feeling controlled. Nikki wants to be her new mentor.

nikki wants to mentor audra

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Billy arrives at Jabot and Jack confronts him about the transfer.

Billy didn’t do it. They haven’t used that account for years.

Jack knows he didn’t do it but someone’s setting him up for embezzling and they need to stop them before they get hit again.

jack tells billy they're being used

In his room, Tucker flashes back to Phyllis trying to get out of hacking.

When she appears, he tells her that she transferred the money into an old account, and was supposed to transfer it into Billy’s personal account.

She claims she misunderstood him. He says things are now more complicated.

phyllis dupes tucker

She says she can trigger it to go anywhere with one touch. “Do it,” he says. She wants more money.

He’s hurt she doesn’t trust him. She says nobody does. She set up secondary triggers in case he decided to stiff her.

They transfer money into his account from her computer that she put in his name. “You’re bluffing.” She says, Try me.

She holds all the cards. She wants 1.1 million in her account and an extra 20% for aggravating her.

His smile is more like a grimace as he shakes his head. She’s a work of art.

phyllis double crosses tucker

Clever, persistent. They make a good team. She denies they’ll ever be a team.

He says he’s on to something that makes this look like child’s play. She isn’t interested. She wants to change her life.

She promised her kids. He finds that hilarious.

She calls him a “psychopath who thinks anyone who wants to do good things is a sucker.”

phyllis transfers the money to billy's account

She’s disgusted at being a part of this.

He thinks they’re more alike than she’d like to admit and calls her a fool to think she can change her true nature.

He transfers the rest of the money to her account.

tucker says he'll take over Jabot

She takes out her laptop and transfers the money and he tells her when he takes over Jabot, he’ll streamline and get back to cosmetics and scents “and all that crap,” but doesn’t see a place for fashion.

phyllis afraid of tucker

She vows to warn Jack but Tucker knows she won’t. “If I go down, you go down.” She’s good at the game but he thinks he’s better.

He refuses to give her the 20% aggravation fee. Once she’s gone, he gets a call from Leanna Love who wants a scoop about his marriage.

He says they’re trying to work it out but gives her a rumor about Billy Abbott.

leanna love returns to Y&R

Nick interrupts Chance and Summer at Society and when Chance leaves, Nick mentions how close they are.summer nick and chance at society

She calls them friends and says she and Mom are reuniting, trying to work things out. What about him?

Nick’s working on it and is shocked that she wants him to give Phyllis a job. He’s not sure.

Summer tries to convince her dad who says he’ll talk to Sharon. 

nick not sure wants to hire phyllis

Back at Jabot, Jack says the money just moved into another account. There’s no name attached.

Billy says it was Phyllis. She was hanging out with Tucker and is a genius at hacking.

She needs the cash flow. Jack agrees. They’re after them and it’s the first shot. Diane looks concerned.

Phyllis sits at Neil’s lounge and makes a call to ensure she owes the insurance company nothing now.

phyllis is clear from debt

Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) turns up. “You look like you just lost your best friend,” he says, surprising her.

michael damian shows up

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