Liz Tells Ava She Miscarried as Spencer Tears Into Nikolas, and Drew Remains Determined to Find Willow’s Biological Mother

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, December 20, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Carly pays Denise to cover with Drew, Joss tries telling Dex that her problems with Cam have nothing to do with him, and Cody and Sam worry about Dante.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Drew confronted Denise after learning her story about Harmony was full of holes, and Ava told Nina that Nikolas got Liz pregnant.

Ava corners Liz in the chapel and confronts her for sneaking around with Nikolas.

The nurse apologizes but Ava doesn’t think she’s sorry enough yet.

ava lays into liz GH recaps soapsspoilers

She lays into her for screwing Finn over too and wonders how much he knows. Liz told him everything already.

The Jerome makes it clear she won’t let her hold onto Nikolas.

“Neither one of you knows what real pain is… by the time I am done, you will have lost so much more,” she threatens.

After reminding Liz about sleeping with Nikolas while she was with his brother, the nurse snaps.

She claims she didn’t “do this” to hurt her.

Ava rants about her jumping into bed with the prince after learning he slept with Esme and her plans to move ahead with their new baby.

“There’s not going to be a baby!” Liz blurts.

Ava tells her to forget about Nikolas comforting her for that and walks out.

Sitting down, Liz tells God that her life is a mess and everything she’s done has backfired.

“This isn’t me. I’m a good person, aren’t I?” she asks.

Spencer heads into Wyndemere after taking a ride on Spoon Island.

He checks his texts from Trina.

Nikolas comes in looking pensive.

Spotting his son, he announces they need to talk.

nikolas GH recaps soapsspoilers

Spencer assumes this is about Esme and that she killed Rory.

He explains how devastated Trina is and how useless he feels.

His father assures him that he’s not responsible for Esme’s actions.

The prince tells him he served Ava with divorce papers and there will be no reunion.

He was unfaithful, and not just with Esme.

“Whose girlfriend did you bang this time?” his son asks.

spencer upset with father for cheating GH

Nikolas says it was Liz.

His son is appalled. “She’s practically family!” he complains.

As Nikolas shrugs, his son reminds him of what a mess she was in and lectures him for taking advantage of her.

Spencer doesn’t know how he and Cam can even look at each other after this. Since he slept with Esme, he didn’t know he could think less of him, but it turns out he can.

All of this proves to him that the family is unsalvageable.

The sad part is that he bought into the fairytale that Laura saved him from being a Cassadine.

The second his sentence is over and he is free to live where he pleases, he’s out of there.

His father is sorry he’s disappointed him again.

Spencer doesn’t think he can sink any lower and is determined to be a better man than him.

spencer disgusted with dad GH recaps soapsspoilers

Nikolas tells him he loves him and believes in him.

After his son walks out, the prince answers his phone. Liz fills him in on her confrontation with Ava.

She convinced his wife that she had a miscarriage.

He says they’ve made their choices and there is no turning back.

At the penthouse, Joss and Dex hug. She apologizes and he tells her to stop denying herself what she really needs.

joss dex needs GH recaps soapsspoilers

They playfully talk about what happened with Spencer at Kelly’s. She’s happy he didn’t give him a beatdown.

When he apologizes for causing problems between her and Cam, she tosses her hair around.

She assures him he hasn’t caused problems.

She’s been putting off a conversation she needs to have. That makes her a coward but it’s not his fault.

When she gets a text that her guard is there, she tells Dex to go.

joss feels bad GH

Before exiting, he asks if she’s sorry they kissed.

cute dex GH recaps soapsspoilers

She doesn’t answer. “Me neither,” he says, leaving.

After staring out the window and thinking about kissing Dex, she covers her face with a pillow and screams.

joss screams into pillow GH

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Cody spots Sam at the gym and asks to talk.

She thought he was leaving town.

He admits Dante convinced him to stay.

cody concerned GH recaps soapsspoilers

Cody tells her that he’s been worried about his friend since Rory died.

She knows he’s upset about losing one of his own.

Cody says his friend is always the last one to ask for help when he needs it.

When she says he’s always open, Cody says that must be new.

She admits she’s worried because he’s being himself right now.

cody sam gym GH recaps soapsspoilers

Dante drops by General Hospital to get some medical reports on Rory’s death from TJ.

After the doctor walks off to get them, Mac shows up.

dante mac evidence GH recaps soapsspoilers

He fills Dante in on Rory having the same venom in his blood as the rest of the hook’s victims.

They ponder their limited evidence.

Cody calls Mac to ask where Dante is. When Mac says he’s right beside him, Cody says that Sam is worried about him.

After he gets off the line, TJ walks over with some paperwork.

Dante is eager to dig in, but his boss thinks he needs to get some rest.

mac dante hospital GH recaps soapsspoilers

Mac takes Dante over to the gym to see Sam.

As Sam comforts Dante, Cody asks Mac how he is doing after losing someone on the force.

Mac says it’s never easy and he keeps thinking of what kind of future Rory might have had.

Cody offers to delete his number from his phone but Mac tells him to keep it in case he ever needs it.

At Charlie’s, Drew confronts Denise about lying to him about Harmony.

Carly arrives as he’s demanding to know who Denise is trying to protect.

drew confronts denise GH recaps soapsspoilers

Nina and Carly lock eyes.

Nina turns back to Phyllis at the bar and tells her she’s finally accepted her past is her past and she’s only looking to the future.

She tells Phyllis that she got into another fight with Willow and she collapsed.

They chat about how hard her pregnancy is and Nina recalls how she felt when she learned that she was pregnant by Silas.

She thought her baby would save her marriage but thanks to her mother she never got to experience motherhood. She will never forgive Madeline for that.

Back at Drew’s table, Denise gets up to storm off as he demands the truth.

drew denise GH recaps soapsspoilers

Carly leaps between them, flashing back to bribing Denise to lie to Drew.

Once she sits down, she closes her eyes and sighs as Drew tears Denise’s story apart.

Carly tries making excuses for her and prompts her to tell the truth, promising to make her worth her while.

Denise says that Lorraine had a baby with her before she joined the commune.

She claims she never met Willow’s biological model and just wanted to protect Lorraine and whoever the baby grew up to be.

She always got the sense Lorraine was running from someone.

Denise encourages him not to dig into this and he should let Willow look forward instead of back.

She exits, leaving her purse behind. Carly takes it out to her and hands her some cash for not ratting her out.

carly pays denise off GH recaps soapsspoilers

She asks if Lorraine was really running from someone. Denise says she was jumpy.

When Carly goes back in, she’s worried to see Drew asking Phyllis about Lorraine.

Drew presses phyllis GH

Once she sits down, he tells Carly that what he learned today changes everything.

He’s starting to wonder if Harmony kidnapped Willow. If the story about the birth mother was a lie, she could still be out there.

When Nina exits, she bumps into Ava, who tells her she just confronted Liz and learned she lost her child.

As much as she wants to go after her, how can she under these conditions?

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