Sonny Orders Dex To Dump Joss, While Felicia Gives Valentin Intel and Laura’s Shocked When Robert Shows Her The Necklace

General Hospital recap for Monday, December 5, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Britt invites Austin to her birthday party, Drew finds someone who might know about how Harmony came to have Willow, and Sonny’s pissed to learn how Dex survived the shooting. 

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Drew and Michael talked about what’s important, Sasha and Sam decorated the plaza, and Joss refused to turn her back on Dex.

In his office, Robert talks with Olivia about how much Holly means to him. She got a raw deal, he says. She calls him generous.

Maybe they’re not destined to work out, he says. She realizes the necklace must be part of the Ice Princess.

He assumes so which is why he wants his people to look at it. Olivia suggests that there was a bugger reason why Holly would betray him.

She offers to talk anytime he wants before she goes. Once she’s gone, Robert opens a drawer and pulls out the necklace.

robert has the necklace general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Dex makes out with Joss as Sonny arrives at his apartment. Joss hides and Sonny says he wants to talk business. How did he get back home in one piece after being shot?

Who stitched him up? Dex refuses to answer until finally, Joss comes out. “It was me.”

Sonny wants to discuss this with Dex alone and huffs out a sigh when she refuses to let his goon drive her home.

Sonny asks why he let Joss care for him. He was weak and barely able to think.

She found him and took him back to his dorm room. Sonny smashes his fist against the wall. “Big mistake, Dex,” he says.

He tells Dex that this thing with Joss can’t become a habit. He’s tried to tell her.

“Try harder!” He yells. He has a new offer for him that’ll give him more responsibility. Is he up for it. Dex is.

“You’d better be. There’s no more room for mistakes,” he warns. 

sonny angry dex general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

At Metro Court, Valentin talks with Mac, Laura and Felicia about Victor framing Anna. Valentin asks if they’ve evidence. If so, he wants to see it. Mac says they don’t.

Valentin asks him not to assume he’s being loyal to his dad. Mac tells him not to get close to his father because he’ll be taken down soon and anyone around him will be too.

He leaves the table and Valentin apologizes. Felicia says not to worry. He’s been having a rough time.

They tell him that they think Holly was passing information to Victor because he’s holding Ethan.

Valentin will call the bureau about it but Felicia refuses to let him.

She tells them to talk to Robert but says not everything with Holly is as it seems.

Laura has to run but invites Valentin to dinner this week. Once she’s gone, Valentin assumes that Victor really is holding Ethan, that they don’t just suspect it.

Felicia confirms it and he asks who else his father is holding. He assumes it’s Lucy but she doesn’t confirm it.

She does say they found a rubber bullet at the scene. He realizes it’s true and demands to know where Anna is.

Reluctantly, she gives him the name of someone in Europe who can get word to Anna about Lucy. Valentin reads it and rips it up, shoving it into his drink.

He grins but Felicia knows it won’t be easy. 

valentin with felicia mac and laura general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Britt tells Austin about her birthday party New Year’s Eve.

Cody gets a text from Mac to meet nearby and approaches Britt.

cody reads text general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Is he invited to her party? She tells him there’s no future and says to cut his losses.

She takes off with Austin to her office. She thinks the Haunted Star might be nice.

She’s never had a birthday party.

He presses her for information.

She’s not sure how many birthdays she has ahead of her. “Might as well go out with a bang.”

Austin assures her it won’t be her last birthday.

Britt knows how this will end which is why she’s choosing to “party like it’s 1999.”

He’s in. She reveals she’s leaving Port Charles after the party.

To protect her privacy. He asks if she’s pushing everyone away because of her illness. He calls it selfish. “Ouch,” she says. He thinks he was harsh.

They talk about the party and she tells him to get Maxie to dress him. 

austin invited to britt party general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

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From her kitchen, Carly talks with Drew about a firefighter named Denise Mackenzie he knows who may know the story of how Lorraine/Harmony’s story about how she came to have Willow.

He wants to call Willow to see if she’ll join them but Carly says not to.

She fills him in on what happened with Willow earlier about her run-in with Nina.

They discuss whether they need Sonny’s help and Carly assures that Drew on the case is all they need. They kiss. Joss walks in on them.

They break apart and he goes.

They talk about not being able to hide things forever.

Once she’s alone, Carly calls Olivia to ask her to tell her when Denise Mackenzie shows up as a guest. 

drew carly make out her kitchen general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

At the house, Willow and Michael talk about how she wants far away from Nina as possible.

She wants him to stop feeding into his anger for his father, which only makes him win.

“You’re smarter than that.” He smirks. 

She’s appealing to his vanity. He has to step out for an hour.

Once he’s gone, Drew shows up to tell her about the firefighter and how they may be closer to finding out more about her birth mom.

willow doesn't want michael to tell GH recaps soapsspoilers

Mac and Cody meet at Metro Court. He tells Cody that the necklace was destroyed in a fire.

Cody smirks. He lost another inheritance. He tells him about an untrainable wild mustang that he tried to gain the trust of.

He got a saddle and harness on him finally, and after two minutes, the horse tosses him off.

He broke his wrist and pride. The horse didn’t care. It wasn’t in his nature to be ridden.

Cody’s glad he didn’t know Leopold and is upset that he thought he’d have something of worth that would make him worthwhile.

“Money isn’t everything,” Mac says. It’s a shame he grew up without a dad. Cody’s about to tell him he’s his bio dad when Felicia walks up.

mac with cody general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Laura visits Robert at his office.

She tells him about her chat with Felicia and wants answers.

He takes out the necklace and her mouth drops open. She’s not happy that he didn’t let her in on the plan but he says Holly worried it’d endanger her son.

She’s free to rescue him. Neither knows why Victor wants the necklace. They need to uncover the secrets and cover Victor once and for all.

laura shocked to see ice princess general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Michael arrives at Dex’s place with the last payment.

He doesn’t need him anymore and says Dex can leave now.

Dex can’t because he knows there are some things coming up.

He can’t leave when Michael’s so close to taking Sonny out. 

michael pays dex off general hospital recaps soapsspoilers