Drew and Carly Target Tracy to Manipulate Ned, Joss Confronts Michael About Dex, and Sonny Proposes to Nina

General Hospital recap for Monday, May 22, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sasha thanks Cody, Gladys gives Selina information, and Tracy tears into Chase.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Curtis asked Jordan for time to sort out his feelings, Joss asked Sonny to fire Dex, and Gladys called Selina with information.

Finn joins his father at a table at the Metro Court. He spots Tracy and crosses over to her. She gives him a hug and she’s sorry she hasn’t been in touch.

Gregory joins them and Finn makes introductions. They ask her to join them but she’s meeting Chase, who walks in.

Tracy leads Chase to a table. “She seems nice,” says Gregory, “Does she?” asks Finn.

They sit down and Gregory explains he’s booked a trip to Disneyworld for them with Violet. Next week.

gregory talks about bringing the kids on a trip

His son points out that’s too soon. Why does it have to be now?

Gregory wants to make memories with Violet before it’s too late. Finn steps away to take a call.

Drew takes Carly to the bar. She assures him it’s okay to be there as long as they are together.

carly and drew having drinks

Tracy pokes her head in to tell them she’s sure “justice will prevail” over them.

After she walks off, Carly tells Drew they can’t ignore the trouble they are in.

drew and carly at metro court

He suggests she should consider testifying against him. She won’t save herself at his expense.

Taking her hand, he says he will always protect her. She points out there may not be a way out of this.

Carly can’t stand the thought of being separated from her daughters. He tells her the only way out of this is to go after the person who ratted them out.

drew and carly talk case

They need to get leverage on Ned to force him to pull some strings with the Feds. They want to avoid hurting Olivia so they decide to target someone Ned would protect. That means Tracy.

Tracy and Chase get a table. She says he’s not much a detective and accuses him of judging BLQ when she shouldn’t be giving him the time of day.

tracy thinks chase is a bad detective

Tracy thinks he should cut her loose so she can find someone worthy of the air she breathes.

tracy tells chase to either forgive BLQ or not

She lectures the cop until he begs for a chance to explain himself. After watching this from across the room, Gregory comes over and asks if there is a problem.

Tracy says his son has been treating her granddaughter like dirt. He tells her that she doesn’t know anything about his son. He’s kind, generous and dedicated to public service.

She thinks he lacks the capacity for forgiveness. Gregory says she’s a snob.

gregory talks to tracy about chase being unable to forgive

Tracy laughs at that. Finn rushes over and ushers Tracy away. They talk about BLQ and Chase and he suggests they let them sort it out.

Tracy won’t sit on the sidelines and will open BLQ’s eyes about Chase if no one else will.

Meanwhile, Chase thanks his father. He’s not used to seeing smoke coming out of his ears. Hugging him, Gregory tells his son he will protect him as long as he’s able.


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Sasha corners Cody at Kelly’s and asks why he’s been keeping things from her. He expects she’s going to accuse him of something.

sasha corners cody at kelly's

She knows he was going to take off all his clothes for her at the TV studio. They sit and he heard she was being trolled on social media so he rushed down and threatened to strip when he saw they were playing baby sounds into her headset.

When he saw she could handle herself, he backed off.

cody explains things to sasha

She’s surprised he bothered given how she told him she couldn’t trust him. He’s used to that.

She thanks him for what he did. He wasn’t going to tell her about it.

sasha asks cody about stripping

She’s sorry that she judged him too quickly. He can understand her defending her mother-in-law, even if it’s Gladys.

Sasha would like them to be friends and is sorry things got so complicated. He doesn’t see how it’s possible.

She’ll concede he’s not a thief but doubts Gladys set him up, He hopes some day she’ll realize he’s telling her the truth.

Selina and her goon corner Gladys at The Savoy to discuss her IOU. Gladys tells her there was some special pay off between Sonny and Dex.

gladys begs selina to cover her latest debt

Selina knocks a few grand off for that but Gladys still owes her 80K. “I have to pay you in installments,” Gladys begs.

Miss Wu tells her she has until she gets back from Singapore, but she will charge her 20 percent a week in interest. She doesn’t care how she gets the money but wants to be paid in full when she returns.

selina gets info from gladys

Gladys makes a money transfer. Sasha calls to tell her she’s meeting with her doctor to end her guardianship.

Selina tells her goon that Gladys likely won’t be able to pay her back. That means she might have to “run away” and Sonny will have to pay her to get her back.

Joss confronts Michael about Dex having to leave town because of him. She’s furious that he’s changed his mind after Dex risked his life for him to take Sonny down.

joss complains about dex situation

There’s no way out of this for Dex. He’s agreed to stay because of her.

Michael asks how she could do that to him. They rehash the situation and he says Dex has enough money to leave and get a new identity.

Her keeping Dex around is risking his life. Joss accuses him of not seeing Dex as a real person.

He tells her that Dex is a hired gun and she’s the only one who can send him away.

michael tells joss dex had a choice

She refuses to tell him she wants him to go. The only way to save this is for Michael to turn Sonny in. He explains that Willow is stopping him from doing that. It would tear the family apart.

His sister knows it’s a mess but there must be a better solution than hanging Dex out to dry.

joss upset with michael for not seeing dex as a person

He’s sorry for this. She says that doesn’t change anything and complains he’s upended her life.

He points out she’s young and studying to be a doctor. What kind of life could she have with a mob enforcer anyway?

She’s determined to find a way out for both of them and storms out.

In the Crimson office, Nina tells Sonny that she’s been trying to make peace with Carly for Willow’s sake, but that’s one thing she’ll never be able to give her.

nina tells sonny how hard she's trying

He knows all she can do is try. She has. Numerous times.

She may not have said she will work against her, but she might as well have. As long as Carly supports Willow’s decision to keep her out of her life, she will never change her mind.

nina and sonny

It means the world to Nina that Sonny is on her side when no one else is.

He tells her that Michael came to him looking for peace but it came on the condition that Willow gets to decide whether or not she has a relationship with Nina.

She thinks Michael is doing the same thing Carly is. She realizes this means Sonny has to stay neutral.

“What makes you think you can trust Michael?” she asks. She doubts Michael will hold up his end of the deal.

sonny tells nina about michael's condition

Nina understands why he needs to do everything for his family, but that excludes her. She’s happy that he has the chance to heal things with his family and just wants him to be happy.

However, Nina feels like her chance at having a family is slipping away.

She points out that she will always be excluded from all family events. He won’t let that get between them. Nina thinks she will have to get used to living on the outside.

He’s determined to prove that won’t be the case and asks her to marry him.

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