Elena Confronts Victoria and Nate, Tucker Has a Warning For Jack and Nate and Devon Hurl Insults at Each Other

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick and Sharon discuss her mysterious gift and the cryptic card that came with it, Devon and Nate hurl insults at each other after Devon learns Nate cheated on Elena, and Audra taunts Tucker.

In the previous episode, Chance felt his investigation was sabotaged, and Adam and Victor argued over his plans for Victoria and Newman.  

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 22, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 23. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At their place, Abby and Devon talk about how cute Dominic is.

She’s glad he didn’t buy Tucker’s company. Devon’s glad it’s someone else’s problem. He has no regrets. They kiss.

abby and devon at home getting coffee

He only regrets he doesn’t have time for her this morning. They kiss again and she has a date with Dominic she says.

He looks at her longingly and she tells him he needs to go before they start up.

abby and devon candoodle at home

They smile and she says they’ve time to make “lots and lots and lots of love,” as she punctuates each word with a kiss.

He heads outside and notices boxes in the hall. Nate and Elena must be moving.

abby and devon see elena's belongings

In Victoria’s office, Nate thinks there’s something they can take advantage of within McCall. Nick interrupts and he’s not happy as he demands to speak with his sister alone.

Nate leaves and Nick wants to talk about budget issues.

Vicky thinks he just wants to lecture her. He snaps that he walked in on her and Nate again. “On what? Some chemistry? How dare we?” She says with a laugh.

She tells him Dad interrogated her after he riled him all up. Nick shrugs.

Their relationship is no secret. She says she wanted to share the news herself.

He admits he spoke out of turn but his concern is for the company.

victoria in meeting with nick

Victoria compares what she did to what he did with Sally and he points out that Sally was never gunning for his job.

nick shocked by sister

Vicky says she has no proof but Nick says he has a track record.

He suggests they bring Elena, Devon, and Lily in on it.

Vicky says the situation is different.

victoria tells nick off and to mind his bees wax

They argue and she thinks he should be commended for his work.

Nick says he’s raising a giant red flag and Vicky assures him she’s in control and asks him to move on.

victoria disgusted with nick talking about nate

“Audra Freaking Charles,” Tucker says as she greets him in Chancellor Park.

She’s surprised he’s still there and assumes it’s because he’s still pining for Ashley.

“Where is she?” He laughs and thinks either she’s jealous or wants him to think she’s covering intense jealousy.

audra freaking charles with tucker at the park

She chuckles at that and he fills her in on making progress with Ashley.

He puts his hands beside his mouth. “I live in the Abbott house,” he whispers.

tucker whispers to audra

Ashley asked. Audra thinks it’s unrequited and asks after Nate.

She thinks are going well and says she’s being entertained.

He knows she likes being entertained. She says it’s strictly business.

Nate’s hungry, smart, and decisive. The kind of partner she needs at this stage in her career.

She calls him the opposite of Tucker. They got what they wanted in and out of the bedroom.

audra learns tucker moved in with ashley

Tucker thinks it’s a parting of the ways for them. He wishes her well.

“I wish you well with Ashley…I guess,” she says.

He warns her not to get too cocky. Nate has proven he is not above turning on those he’s close to. He kisses her cheek and goes.

audra laughs at tucker for being infatuated with ashley

At Society, Billy and Jack talk about Jabot and sales that are promising. Jack’s distant and missed what his brother said. He admits he’s hopeful they can clear Diane’s name. Billy’s glad.

Jack thinks he can focus now and asks what he can take off his brother’s plate.

What’s happening? Billy says Ashey may be planning a coup.

Jack’s immediately on edge and Billy explains that she says Diane seems to have undue influence over him. Jack thought she was using an intimidating tactic.

Billy’s only heard rumblings so far and Ashley. Jack asks if he feels the same.

jack shocked about ashley coup

Billy says his brother has always done the right thing and he’s not planning a coup but Ashley is genuinely worried that Diane is going to force Jack to give her a leadership position in their company.

Jack finds that absurd. Billy worried this would be a shoot-the-messenger thing.

He thinks that the rest of the world could be looking at him a little differently since he quickly got engaged to Diane who was arrested and thrown in prison.

Jack agrees it does look bad but he’ll handle it. He goes and Abby appears and greets Billy who is sorry he hasn’t been by to see cute Dom.

They talk about how worried they are for Summer and that Abby worries Tucker is winning her mom back.

bily tells jack about ashley's coup

Devon comes into Crimson Lights and Sharon gets him coffee.

He goes to sit with Elena and asks if she and Nate are moving. She fills him in on her move.

sharon with devon at coffee shop

“What did he do?” He asks before Elena reveals Nate’s been sleeping with Victoria.

Devon didn’t see it coming but Elena says she did. Devon says she doesn’t deserve it.

Elena believed he’d change but he threw her trust in her face. Elena thinks Victoria will eat him alive. He goes.

Elena tells devon nate cheated

Nick appears and Sharon can tell he’s upset.

He doesn’t want to talk about it so she shares her babysitting Aria with him. Faith can’t wait to come home and visit.

sharon and nick talk about their granddaughter

Nick’s excited for her to return. He sees the champagne and jokes about her turning the place into a bar. Sharon forgot about it. A mystery person sent it.

She doesn’t think it was Chance since it had a cryptic card with it.

Nick notices paint on the label that kind of looks like blood.

nick shows sharon blood on bottle

Sharon wonders who the heck sent it and why there was no signature.

She says she has no postage or shipping information.

No mailing label. Just the delivery guy and she never thought to question him.

Nick hopes she won’t drink it. She agrees and starts to find it weird and tosses it in the bin.

sharon tosses the champagne out

Audra arrives at Crimson Lights on the patio and they discuss what Nate’s done and how they haven’t gone public.

She goes on about Nate and Elena doesn’t want to get into it so Audra asks if she’s considering payback.

audra asks if elena going to get revenge

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Elena has thought of it but doesn’t want to waste her energy on them.

They’ll probably blow each other up. Audra tells her to sit back and have the last laugh.

Audra likes that she threw a drink in Nate’s face but Elena says that’s not really her style.

She’d like to say some things to Victoria. Audra suggests she go to her office and tell her off.

elena loves revenge

Nate finds Devon at Chancellor Park. He thanks his cousin for the invitation to Neil’s tribute. Talk quickly turns to Elena and Devon judges him for cheating.

“Did someone force you to have sex with your boss?” Nate hopes he’s not going to lecture him since Amanda caught him cheating.

Devon in turn reminds him how he got Elena.

They have a pissing contest. One thinks they’re better than the other and Devon thinks the real Nate has been unleashed.

Nate tells Devon everything is always about him and he’s never respected him.

Devon reminds him of his corporate misdeeds and hopes they keep him warm at night.

Nate has an epiphany. He never knew him at all. He walks off.

Nate returns to work and asks what’s up with Nick.

Vicky tells him her brother thinks Nate’s gunning for her job.

Nate seems surprised but then says he’s not completely wrong.

elena surprised vate dressed

He likes the idea of moving to the top there someday.

Elena arrives and pretends she’s surprised they’re together and clothed. She wants to talk so Victoria asks her to go ahead.

Elena says everyone is catching on to them sleeping together.

nate a lost cause

It’s an image they’re sharing with the world which is ruining their reputation “for a tawdry little affair.”

Nate tells her it’s enough but she’s not done.

She’s quitting the podcast and ignoring the non-compete but she’s focusing on medicine.

She thinks it’s better than him just looking for money. She calls them pathetic and goes.

elena calls vate pathetic

Jack arrives at home to Tucker sitting on the sofa, shoeless and reading.

He bellows up the stairs for his sister and when there’s no response, he demands to know where she is.

Tucker says he thought it’d be more genteel living here.

But sometimes it’s like a truck stop on a Friday night. Jack asks where Ashley is.

tucker reading a book at home

Tucker doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell Jack if he was, not in the state the man is in now.   

Tucker warns Jack not to cross him, not to forget who he is. He’s protecting Ashley.

tucker warns jack

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