Anna and Felicia Blackmail Ashby, Molly May be Pregnant, Diane Says the Baby Can’t Be Released

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 3, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Victor meets the newest Cassadine, Sam asks Dante how he would feel if she was pregnant, and Brook Lynn and Sasha clear the air about Chase.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Laura and Robert haunted Ashby with Anna’s fake corpse, Sam might be pregnant, and Alexis wouldn’t drop giving Gregory a job.

Dante arrives at the penthouse as Kristina asks Sam about the pregnancy test she found. Dante is startled.

sam dante kiss GH soaps spoilers

Sam tells him it’s not what he thinks. Molly comes down the stairs and explains the test belongs to her.

Kristina is shocked. Dante decides to leave the ladies to sort this out.

Molly admits she was hiding it from TJ because she’s not sure how he will react.

The sisters sit around and discuss this. Molly admits they’ve never really talked about kids. Kristina is sure that TJ would be fine with it.

Molly says they may be too busy to have a child now. Sam says they need to take it one step at a time.

They swear Kristina to silence.

When Dante comes down the stairs, Sam swears him to silence too. She asks how he felt in that moment he thought they might be pregnant.

They both would have been thrilled but are okay with no more kids. Things are perfect the way they are.

Over on the couch, Kristina asks Molly what her heart says. She really wants a baby with TJ.

She calls TJ and tells him there is something she needs to tell him.

molly calls tj ready to talk pregnancy GH recaps

At the Metro Court, Diane suggests Alexis may be overstepping, but she goes ahead and calls the Dean of the journalism department at PCU.

diane and alexis General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Diane steps away and Alexis is startled by what the Dean tells her. When Diane returns, her friend explains that Gregory doesn’t even work at PCU anymore.

He hasn’t worked there all semester. It doesn’t make any sense.

Diane suggests she doesn’t know him as well as she thought. Alexis is sure there is something at play. Her friend advises her to tread carefully.

At Kelly’s, Sasha questions Brook Lynn about the tension between them. The Quatermaine admits she may be concerned she’s grown closer to Chase.

sasha assumes GH soaps spoilers

Maxie leaves them alone. Sasha tells BLQ their friendship is important so they need to figure this out.

BLQ explains that she’s leaving Deception to devote her time to her music career. She hasn’t told Maxie yet.

Sasha asks if this really has nothing to do with her and Chase. BLQ says she wouldn’t let it intrude on the professional. If she and Chase want to move on together, that’s fine.

brook lynn and sasha General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Sasha says she’s still grieving Brando. Chase is just being a good friend. BLQ holds her hand and says she has her too.

Sasha tells her friend how much she means to Chase. She doubts anyone will replace her any time soon.

BLQ insists that she is completely over him.


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Chase is surprised when he bumps into his father at General Hospital. When Gregory is evasive, Chase asks why.

chase questions gregory GH soaps spoilers

Gregory claims he just needs some refill for a migraine med. He asks his son why he’s there and assumes he still hasn’t made peace with Brook Lynn.

Chase hasn’t forgiven her but needs to finish what he started. His father suggests he not waste time holding onto his anger.

He’s sure he’s still in pain because he hasn’t resolved his feelings for her. They are different but complement each other. Whether the relationship is worth it, is up to him.

chase and gregory at GH General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Gregory urges him to work out his feelings before he hurts himself again.

Maxie bumps into Chase and asks him about the new lady in his life.

maxie talks to chase about love General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

He’s startled when she assumes he’s dating Sasha. BLQ gave her that impression.

They talk about Austin. She hasn’t talked to him since he was attacked. They both wish that all the feelings went up in smoke after a relationship ended.

Laura bumps into Spencer as he struggles with a baby carry. She says he looks like someone who is too young to be a parent.

He thinks he’s as ready as he can be. Diane has already filed the paperwork.

She reminds him she’s not the baby’s parent, but his brother. He’s determined to change the kid’s name. He’s not a playing card.

Spencer is still determined to keep Esme away from the child. She makes excuses and says the Esme she’s seen in the past few days seems to care for the baby.

He reminds her of what kind of person Esme was. The mayor tells him she’s on his side, but it would be better not to completely alienate the mother.

Victor arrives, eager to meet the new Cassadine heir. He announces he has already found a place for them to live.

victor wants to see his grandkid General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Laura insists that the grandchildren will live with her. Victor says her place is rather crowded.

Spencer appreciates his offer but things are set up at Laura’s. He leaves to check on the child’s discharge.

Laura tells Victor he has no one to blame but himself for this situation. She laughs in his face when he claims all he has done has been for his family.

He’d do anything he can to get Valentin back and claims he had nothing to do with Nikolas disappearing. She smugly tells him his day is coming and fallout will be glorious.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he asks.

Spencer returns with the baby and Victor fawns over him, telling him how much hope he gives him. He promises his daddy will come back and they will be strong again.

“You are our future,” he says. He will move heaven and earth to make sure it’s a prosperous one for all of them.
Diane arrives and announces the baby isn’t going anywhere.

diane has news GH recaps

In the morgue, Anna’s “ghost” tells Ashby that she’s next. She screams for help. The “ghost” orders her to confess or join her.

anna hologram General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Ashby begs the “ghost” to leave her alone. Quivering Ashby agrees to tell her everything.

ashby haunted GH soaps spoilers

She confesses to everything and begs the “ghost” not to hurt her. Anna walks in and Felicia takes off her Anna corpse disguise.

deputy mayor ashby freaks out General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

Ashby is appalled. They recorded the whole thing and play it back for her. They threaten to leak the recording and destroy her career.

She promises to see to it that their names are cleared. Anna wants more than that.

They demand that she help them bring Victor down. Ashby says he will kill her.

They double down on their threats and she caves.

“Let’s nail Victor to the wall,” Anna announces.

Gregory arrives at Alexis’ office after she calls him. She gives him something to read.

He reads it over and gives her some notes.

When he tells her he’s happy to help a friend, she asks why he’s lying to her.



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