Sheila Reveals Bill Is Driving Her Crazy, Before She Cheats on Him With Deacon, as Bill Vows To Make Her Pay if She Messes Up

In the Friday, March 3, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila can’t stay away from Deacon, Hope’s put on the hot spot at work, and Steffy tries to convince her to let Thomas back at HFTF as head designer.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Taylor told Thomas how much she and his sister supported him, and Steffy offered him his job back, Deacon and Liam bonded over Hope, and Bill reminded Sheila of how much she means to him before she ran back to Deacon.

At Forrester Creations, Taylor thinks having Thomas back is good for the company and Thomas’ healing.

Thomas asks if Hope’s willing to take him back as lead designer.

Steffy doesn’t think their collaboration can be duplicated.

hope struggles B&B recaps soaps spoilers

She’s willing to forgive and give him his job but won’t do it without Hope’s call.

But at the same time, without him, there’s no Hope For The Future.

Hope would do anything to save her line.

taylor at forrester creations B&B recaps soaps spoilers

In fact, she was the one who was willing to work with Thomas before.

Steffy wasn’t ready then.

Steffy says he’s been making changes. Hope doesn’t want to be set up to be hurt. Thomas needs to work, needs an adrenaline rush.

Saving HFTF would do that for him.

steffy puts hope on hot spot with thomas B&B recaps soaps spoilers

He can’t take back what he did but he can ask for and earn her forgiveness. He begs.

Steffy and Taylor give them a moment. He thanks them for believing in him.

He will do what it takes to earn her respect and trust. She knows.

He reminds her they’re amazing together. He begs again but Hope needs time. Maybe there’s another designer.

Thomas says Steffy will end the line if it’s not him. He promises he’ll be a better person.

She wants that for him but she’s tired of believing what he’s capable of. He vows no more schemes.

thomas wants to earn respect B&B recaps

In the design room, Taylor is excited, thinking Hope will take Thomas back.

Steffy wants to believe this is a good thing.

Taylor believes her son is trying to get better and thinks he’s lucky to have Steffy as a sister.

taylor talks thomas return FC B&B recaps

At Bill’s house, Liam asks if this is Bill lashing out. He says no, but the rest of them sure are.

Liam thinks he needs saving. How is this happening?

Bill says he likes where he’s going.

liam freaks out on bill B&B recaps soaps spoilers

Liam asks, “Where? Psychoville? Self Destruction Junction?”

Bill says he has been rejected by others and Sheila feels the same way about him that he feels about her.

Liam can’t find that fiery person his dad used to be. Bill grumbles that he’s right there.

Liam asks if they’re going to settle down but Bill doesn’t know the future.

liam yells at dollar bill B&B recaps soaps spoilers

Liam asks if she’s not playing with him. How can be certain? Liam will find him “a nice dirty librarian.

Someone who is kinky but not a murderer.” Bill says when he gets home, Sheila has a whiskey for him and he opens up to her.

He’ll be good to her as long as she’s good to him.

She likes the freedom he’s provided, Bill says and Liam realizes that means if she’s messing up, then what? “She’ll pay and pay dearly.”

bill nostril shot as he thinks of sheila B&B recaps

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Sheila arrives at Deacon’s and he lets her in, surprised she’s there since she told him she wasn’t coming to see him anymore.

He closes the blinds as she tells him she needed to see him.

“I need you.” She misses him and misses being close to him.

He reminds her it’s risky but she thinks it’s worth the risk. They sit and Deacon touches her leg.

She still has feelings for him. She breathes out a laugh. He doesn’t think it could compare.

She tells him there is no comparison. “Living with Bill Spencer is driving me crazy.” Deacon busts out laughing.

sheila needs deacon B&B recaps soaps spoilers

Sheila explains that he wants her to open up to him and he opens up to her too much.

He wants to know everything about her, each thought she has.

She seems grossed out. Deacon can’t believe “that meathead has feelings.”

She tamed the beast. He bought that this was legit. She says they are hot and heavy.

deacon doens't think sheila wants bill B&B recaps

He’s never been with a woman like her. Deacon asks if she’s attracted to him.

She says each time they’re together, she closes her eyes and thinks of Deacon.

His lips and his touch. That turns Deacon on. She smiles. She can’t believe she finally said this aloud.

sheila only wants deacon B&B recaps

If she’s going to survive this relationship with Bill, there’s something she needs from him. “Anything,” he says.

She rips off his shirt and kisses him against the wall.

sheila kisses deacon cheats on bill B&B recaps

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