As Esme Walks Out on Spencer After Telling Him She Might Be Pregnant, Jordan Questions Trina About the Sex Tape

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 25, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Nikolas is surprised by Victor’s plan, Spencer confronts Esme about the pregnancy test, and Sonny turns down Curtis’ appeal for help.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Spencer and Esme had another fight about the sex tape until he noticed her pregnancy test.

curtis hot with sonny general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Curtis drops by Charlie’s to see Sonny. He asks him to get access to a sealed police file. Sonny starts apologizing for what happened between them at The Savoy. That’s not necessary. Curtis explains he needs his father’s sealed arrest record.

Curtis spent most of his life thinking his dad was dead but now he’s back. Drew dug into his background and Marshall admitted he had a criminal record. He’s concerned about why his father has been lying to him.

He’s all for privacy but he needs to know why his father is lying to him. Sonny flashes back to seeing Marshall’s medication label and tells Curtis that he can’t help him.

sonny curtis business GH

Sonny could help but he won’t, claiming he doesn’t want to get involved in a family matter. Marshall is not a friend of his and if he gets involved, this will get worse. Only he and his father can sort this out.

Marshall walks in and squints at them. Sonny immediately exits and Marshall asks his son why he was speaking to the Corinthos.

ava with victor and nik general hospital soapsspoilers abc

At the Metro Court, Nikolas asks Victor to tell him what the big plan for the family. His uncle says this is a family only discussion. That means Ava needs to go. Once she steps away, Victor says the Cassadines were one of the most powerful families in the world and it’s time they reclaim that influence.

victor nikolas support GH

Victor tells him about a business merger. Nikolas thought there was more to it than this. His uncle isn’t looking for world domination. The prince at least expected something criminal, but that’s not what’s going on.

Portia and Taggert discuss the sex tape and Trina being accused of posting it. She hopes this finally makes her daughter realize Spencer and Esme are bad news.

trina hugs mom dad general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Trina shows up and tells them she only has a few minutes. Her father admires how full her schedule is. He asks how she’s handling the Joss and Cam thing. It’s made her realize she needs to be more careful about who she spends her time with.

trina first airdate general hospital soapsspoilers abc

She told Spencer she couldn’t be friends with him as long as he’s with Esme. He sided with his girlfriend so that means they’re done. She still thinks he’s good deep down. Taggert recalls when Nikolas was dating his sister and doesn’t think the Cassadines are very deep.

ava portia not celebrating GH

When Portia gets a table, Ava stops by and they chat about Spencer being released. Neither of them are happy about it. Ava says it will be difficult having him work at the gallery under Trina. “That’s not going to happen,” Portia says.

She asks Ava to get someone else to work with Spencer and urges her to ask Trina how she feels about Spencer now.

They talk about how Joss has been handling the sex tape. She’s been trying to give her space. Portia is sure Joss wants her friend. Trina says Joss will let her know if she wants to talk.

When Taggert returns, Ava leaves and the exes discuss her buying a house with Curtis. It means a lot to her that he’s supportive. They continue talking about Trina and Joss and the problems in their relationship. She’s sure they will always love each other.

jordan dante sex tape GH

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Dante that an investigation into the video has been launched. He can’t be the lead detective since he’s related to Joss. She can understand that frustrates him but they have to play by the rules.

The commissioner has learned about the slippery slope of bending the rules to help family. She says the investigation is going well and it won’t slip through the cracks. Information comes in for the investigation. It comes from the anonymous tip line. Dante offers to check it out but she insists on handling it personally.

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joss angry slut shamed general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Joss and Cam arrive at their sociology class at PCU. No one is there yet. They chat about giving their statements to the cops. He suggests they keep a low profile while everyone talks about them. “About us? Or mostly about me?” she asks.

She vents about being slut shamed and how unfair this is. He saw how she reacted when people were whispering and can see she was only pretending to be confident. She hates how this bothers her because she didn’t do anything wrong.

Cam can’t stand to see her get hurt. She says it’s not his job to protect her. He doesn’t think putting them in the spotlight with The Invader article was a good idea. They refuse to argue about this.

joss cam bicker GH

As they are about to walk out, Trina arrives. They haven’t seen each other for a few days. It’s awkward. Before she can leave for her next class, they tell her how much they miss her and hug.

Cam leaves them alone. They talk about why they haven’t responded to each other’s texts. Joss says she never would ask for space from her. Trina didn’t think she’d want to hear from her. Her brain was making up crazy scenarios, like maybe she believed Esme’s accusations.

trina runs into cam joss general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Joss says they all know that Esme is the culprit. Trina apologizes and admits that she doesn’t know how she feels about Spencer. But Esme is definitely a “wack job.” She’s horrible and she should have never tried to compromise with her.

Joss says compromise is never good with Esme. They never should have gone on the ski trip in the first place. She should have realized there was an agenda.

Trina loves the way she hates Esme but wishes she’d reached out earlier. Joss has been distracted by all the stuff on social media.

“What happened to common decency?” she asks. She was worried Trina was embarrassed to be her friend. Throwing her arms around her, Trina says she never would be. Jordan arrives and tells Trina she needs to come down to the station to answer some questions.

esme heart broken GH

At Laura’s penthouse, Esme is about to walk out on Spencer when he finds her pregnancy test. He wants to talk but she doesn’t see the point since he’s already broken her heart. She reminds him they had sex before he went to prison.

esme grabs pregnancy test general hospital soapsspoilers abc

She’s late but hasn’t taken the test yet. He orders her to take it right now. Esme can’t stand to look at him at the moment. When he points out they used protection, she says that’s not always effective.

Crying, she wonders how she will look after a baby when she’s never even had a dog.

esme leaves spence general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Cam interrupts. Esme heads for the door. Spencer wants her to stay. “My body, my choice,” she says, walking out. In the hall, she laughs to herself.

esme grins to self pregnancy general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Spencer explains the situation to Cam. He has no idea what to do if Esme is pregnant. They tease each other and then he tells her how harsh everyone has been on Joss.

Spencer is sorry she’s going through it. He doesn’t want to believe Esme is behind this.

cam learns esme may be pregnant general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Cam tells him whoever is behind the tape could spend a year in prison.

Spencer realizes his baby could be born in jail. If she decides to keep the baby, he’ll be tied to her for life.

esme fakes tears nikolas general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Back at the Metro Court, Ava tells Nikolas and Victor she has to go and see her daughter. Victor decides to leave with her. Nikolas stays to wait for his mother. Esme arrives, spots him alone, and heads over. “Will you help me?” she whimpers.

She tells him she wanted to stay in the hotel but her credit card has been declined. He remembers being her age and says that every argument then felt like the end of the world.

He’s sure things will look better in the morning. Esme asks if she can stay with him.

Taggert and Portia watch them from across the room and wonder what has Esme so upset. She’s glad their daughter is out of her orbit now.