General Hospital Spoilers March 21 – 25: Spencer Learns Esme May be Pregnant, and Trina’s in Trouble

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, March 21 to Friday, March 25, 2022.

This week, emotions run wild for some more than others as Willow collapses, Alexis urges Carly to back down, and Sonny loses it with Michael. Check out the video to see what else is in store for Port Charles this week.

Monday, March 21

Carly tries to shut down the Joss story.
Nina uncovers a connection.
Sonny gets an unexpected call.
Michael and Sonny fight.
Shawn says goodbye to his family.
TJ and Epiphany treat one of their own.
Michael finds himself in some trouble.
Alexis hears a pitch, and is torn about whether to run the story.

alexis caught general hospital

Tuesday, March 22

Selina and Sonny cut a deal.
Portia agrees to mentor Epiphany.
Finn and Liz are officially a couple.
Curtis and Portia celebrate a milestone.
Selina seeks out Sonny at home.
Dante tries to understand a sensitive situation.
Chase inspires Finn not to give up.
The Deception women plan for their IPO launch.

portia curtis new place gh

Wednesday, March 23

Curtis discovers Marshall has been lying to him.
Ryan threatens Harmony.
Esme threatens to move out.
Carly and Liz have a heart to heart.
Cam and Joss decide what to do about their story.
Drew brings information to Curtis and asks what’s next.
Laura and Nikolas prepare for Spencer’s homecoming.
Ava and Sonny navigate a tricky parenting moment.
Spencer is approached for an unexpected meeting at Spring Ridge.
TJ is unnerved by what he sees.

tj with marshall general hospital

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Thursday, March 24

After a fight, Spencer finds Esme’s pregnancy test.
Jordan turns down Curtis.
Alexis asks Jordan to move in.
Nikolas tries to orchestrate a family dinner.
Anna, Sam and Dante update each other on their investigations.
Nina seeks out Phyllis at Charlie’s but finds Sonny instead.
Ava observes Victor as he regroups.
Harmony picks Alexis’ brain about something unexpected.

jordan beauty general hospital

Friday, March 25

GH recap Friday, March 25: Esme laughs to herself after telling Spencer she may be pregnant

Spencer’s shocked by what he finds.
Spencer questions Esme about the pregnancy test.
Esme claims she’s pretty sure she’s pregnant.
Spencer reels over the news.
Esme refuses to take a pregnancy test right now.
Esme goes to Nik for comfort.
Dante goes to Jordan about a case.
Ava and Nikolas approach Victor about what he’s planning.
Curtis seeks out Sonny.
Sonny refuses to help Curtis with his father.
Taggert and Portia check in with Trina.
Jordan takes Trina to GCPD to talk about the tape.

esme grins to self pregnancy general hospital soapsspoilers abc