After Hearing Ashland Out and Kissing Him, Victoria Stuns Her Family with Her Decision

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ashland tells Victoria he’s being set-up, Billy and Nick are baffled by Victoria, Chance tells Abby it’s time for him to go back to work. In the previous episode, Billy consoled Victoria after she confessed Ashland is a fraud and Nick looks for a way to get Locke out of the company.

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nick worries YR

In the Newman-Locke office, Nick is eager for news. Victor urges him to be patient he’s sure Victoria is utterly devastated and it will take her a long time to get over it. Nikki says they need to give her time to get a hold on her feelings.

She’s sure Victoria will come to the office to deal with her trauma by working, just like her father would. Nick isn’t sure that the office will be a way out given Ashland’s role in it. Victor is determined to get him out as soon as possible.

His security team sends him a text saying that Victoria is with Ashland. The men want to run over immediately but Nikki points out she is not in danger.

Nick is worried Locke will take advantage of his sister. Nikki is sure Victoria will resent him making a scene. Nick promises not to hit Locke as much as he wants to and heads out.

ashland pleads victoria YR

At Crimson Lights, Ashland corners Victoria and tells her how relieved he is he’s found her. He was hoping she would come home last night so they could talk. She didn’t see the point given that he seemed to have given up on their marriage.

He points out he’s been sending her texts and hoping she doesn’t believe the accusations against him. Although he chose not to dignify the accusations, he hoped that he’d convinced her of how much he loves and needs her.

She’s heard his words but what she’s seen in his eyes has told her a different story. He’d like to discuss that in private.

She accuses Ashland of running scared from her family. He claims he didn’t run; he just couldn’t answer their questions because he doesn’t know who is setting him up. This is hard for her to believe.

“I have made so many enemies,” he says. He doesn’t know how to stand up to people and doesn’t want to isolate her from the people who care about her.

No doubt she sees the desperation in his eyes, but that’s because he fears he will lose the woman he loves.

victoria listens ashland YR

He can’t ask her to go to war with her family and doesn’t blame her for being influenced by their doubts. She snaps that no one is influencing her.

Apologizing, he knows what a strong-willed woman she is, but the so-called evidence against him would be too much for anyone to ignore.

He remains determined to prove he’s the man who loves her. “If you lied to me about being sick, then you don’t really love me,” she says. Ashland asks if some part of her knows him enough to know he would never betray her.

nick billy eavesdrop YR

On the patio, Billy eavesdrops and hopes she’s not buying this. Nick joins him and Billy tells him Victoria has filled him in about everything. Nick nods.

They both had Locke’s number from the beginning. Victoria is mad at herself for falling for his garbage. From what he’s seeing now, Billy is scared that Locke’s victim routine might work again.

nikki waits YR

At Newman-Locke, Nikki and Victor wait for news. She has to go to a meeting. He advises her to keep what’s happening quiet. She’ll be as vague as possible.

She admits she’s worried about her daughter. Victor is confident she will want to be rid of the “loser” once the shock wears off.

victor gets text YR

Nikki points out that this relationship has been a dream for Victoria. Now that has been shattered. This is even worse than what happened with Billy.

He gets a text from Nick that Victoria is back in Ashland’s arms. “This is outrageous,” he grumbles, grabbing his coat and heading out.

ashland insists set up YR

Back at Crimson Lights, Locke gets Victoria coffee and they get a table. If she can’t get past her doubts about him, he will understand and respect her wishes.

ut if there is the slightest chance she will wait while he clears his name, that will be a miracle. “I think everything is going to work out,” she says.

victoria ashland discuss innocence YR

Victoria says she needs to deal with her family. She will do that alone and meet him at Society later. They hug and he tells her this means the world to him.

He offers to help deal with her family but she thinks he should trust her. Having him there would only make things tenser.

He repeats that he will find the proof. Imagining that they will be okay is all he needs now. After he kisses her and wishes her luck, he walks away.

ash vick kiss young restless

Billy and Nick come out and ask what that was. She accuses them of spying. They thought she was going to kick Ashland’s ass to the curb. “You cannot be serious!” Nick complains.

His sister tells them to trust that she knows what she’s doing for once.

billy nick talk ashland YR

After thanking Billy for listening earlier, she walks out. Nick doesn’t like this at all. The men don’t understand what is happening.

Billy says she knows how dangerous her husband is. Nick points out that going off on him might not be her best move right now given how much power Locke has.

Victor joins them. He wants Billy-boy gone but the Abbott says he knows everything. “You should have teamed up with me from the beginning! We could have stopped Ashland in his tracks,” Billy tells him.

When Victoria gets to her office, she sits morosely for a minute before making a call, telling someone she needs to see them right away.

nikki reassure victoria YR

Nikki soon arrives and notes how tired she looks. Victoria is surprised she didn’t bring her father along and notes that his security guards have been following her around.

They discuss Ashland. He insists he’s being set up and will prove it. Nikki assumes she doesn’t believe that. Her daughter asks her to call Nick and Victor over because she will only explain this once.

Back at Crimson Lights, the three men continue speaking about how baffled they are. Nikki calls and asks them to the office.

Victor tells Billy to stay out of this. “I’m warning you,” he threatens.

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victoria nikki talk business YR

Back in Victoria’s office, she drinks water and talks to her mom about the business calendar. Nikki tells her they can’t pretend a major upheaval hasn’t happened. Her daughter is just compartmentalizing.

Nikki goes on about how strong she is and how the family will support her. Nick and Victor join them. They have been worried. Victoria is sorry she ran out and reassures them that she is not falling apart.

nikki victor stunned YR

Nick mentions he saw his sister kissing Ashland. Nikki is appalled. Victor is worried. His daughter is sick of being patronized.

Victoria tells them she will handle this in the way she sees fit. She will meet Locke when she leaves the room and tells him she still loves him. They are stunned.

ashland chuckles billy YR

Ashland sits at the bar in Society. Billy pops up and starts gloating about his new career. The Abbott notes how Locke has lied and stolen his way into his accomplishments.

Nothing may have stuck to him yet, but he advises him not to bank on that. Ashland chuckles and takes a drink.

billy smug ashland YR

Billy tells him he can only roll the dice so many times before he comes up with snake eyes. He’s sure Victoria will see through him eventually. When she does, he wouldn’t want to be standing in his ten thousand dollar Italian suit.

At the Chancellor estate, Chance entertains Dominic with toys. Abby watches them playing and giggling and decides to make them a snack.

After she putters off to the kitchen, he knocks over some building blocks with a toy plane, which triggers a flashback to his war trauma.

As he starts hyperventilating, Abby walks in and catches him breathless. She interrupts with cheese and crackers.

chance plays young restless

She gets him to sit down. He admits he is still having panic attacks but he’s getting better. They are less often than before.

Breathing exercises are helping, but his therapist has suggested something else. He’s going to need her support but he’s not sure she’ll like it.

chance traumatizes YR

After she puts Dominic to bed, her husband tells him his doctor recommended her return to the police force to work through his trauma.

She reminds him of what happened when he went on stakeout. He knows but can handle things differently now.

abby chance panic attacks YR

His doctor thinks he’s ready for it. Abby doesn’t think he’s healed enough yet. Chance explains the healing process means getting back to normal. He doesn’t have to do it if she’s uncomfortable with it.

Abby needs help understanding why the doctor thinks this is a good idea. Chance says he’s in a better place than he was when he went on the stakeout.

Things were also a lot more uncertain then. That’s not the case now. He feels like he’s back on the right track and trusts his doctor.

chance abby discuss therapy YR

Getting better means doing a little bit at a time. He will pace himself and see how things go. There will be setbacks, but he’s more equipped to handle it all now. Making mistakes doesn’t have to define him.

Abby would never want to be the one to stand in his way. He’s confident this is the step to take. She will support that.

He thanks her and they kiss. As they start to make out, she says she has to shut it down and go to Society.

As she leaves, he calls Rey and tells him he wants to meet up and talk.

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