Esme Tells Ryan Her New Plan and Kills Oz While Chase Performs and Brook Lynn Worries About His Future

General Hospital recap for Thursday, October 6, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Finn tells Liz about losing his wife, Trina and Curtis clear the air, Dante finds a way to get Chase back on the force, and Oz makes a deal.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Esme spied on Trina, Ava, and Joss while Sonny reamed out Caver and Dex fought Michael for firing him.

Portia joins Trina at Charlie’s. She complains that she doesn’t see her as an adult when she offers to buy her a milkshake. Trina is expecting to get a lecture about forgiving Curtis.

trina portia not happen GH

Once their milkshakes arrive, Trina says that Taggert is her father, not Curtis. Her mother reminds her that Curtis has saved her life and saved her from prison.

Trina is grateful for that but that doesn’t give him license to interfere in her life. Portia tells her she couldn’t have made it through the past few months without him.

Curtis even offered to mortgage The Savoy to help her. He may not have raised her, but he loves her.

At The Savoy, Finn, Liz, Yuri and Terry sit at a table. Yuri tells them he and Terry got together because they are both good at kissing.

They discuss infectious diseases and hematology.

When Finn admits he lost someone close to him from an infectious disease, he explains he became obsessed with the obscure and unknowable. Liz points out his whole life could have been different if he hadn’t been prompted to make that choice.

Terry takes her friend to the bar and asks why she was interrogating Finn. The nurse tells her she thinks her family is responsible for the death of Finn’s wife.

She explains the image on his phone, the sketch she drew, and her memories. She’s not sure if Reiko died from a fall she or her father caused.

Liz worries that Finn doesn’t really want her; he just wants to save her. Terry points out doctors have a savior complex.

Liz thinks that Finn deserves the truth so Terry offers to help.

Back at the table, Finn and Yuri discuss their pets.

When Selina bumps into Cody, she warns that if he is bumping out of their agreement, he’s in trouble.

selina cody problem GH

He’d like to play honest this time. She tells him to do as she says, or she will have him seriously beaten.

As brow-beaten Cody mopes across the room, Maxie corners him. He escapes.

Brook Lynn (temporarily played by Briana Lane) and Chase chat with Dante. Curtis pulls the singer away to go over details about the performance.


Dante tells Brook Lynn that they now think they can get Chase reinstated. She’s relieved and is sure he can do both in a couple of months once his singing career has taken off.

new brook lynn

He tells her that if it happens, he could be back on the job in a few weeks. It’s not a done deal so he asks her not to breathe a word.

Curtis and Chase talk about being cops. Curtis tells him he’s happy with where his life has gone since he left the force.

chase drop it GH

Chase admits that he doesn’t think singing is for him. He would drop it in a second to be a cop again. He hasn’t told Brook Lynn that.

Curtis advises him not to hold back in a relationship. It’s the beginning of the end. He looks over and spots Trina and Portia.

He heads over to them. Portia steps aside and Curtis offers to explain what happened with Ava. She tells him she appreciates his instincts… but she asks him not to go behind her back again.

curtis explains GH

She wants them to be friends. She doesn’t need another father. They hug.

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Chase drops by his brother’s table and asks him not to record his performance for Violet. The doctor is surprised he’s so worried about performing for some hipsters.

When Maxie joins Brook Lynn, the Quartermaine complains that Dante may have found a way to get Chase back on the force. She worries that could ruin all the plans they made.

Maxie walks off and finds Cody doing shots at the bar. She tells him if the way he’s going about his life require liquid courage, he’s doing things wrong.

Liz returns to Finn and apologizes for interrogating him. He says it was okay. She would like him to elaborate on the loss he experienced.

liz finn loss GH

Finn explains that a colleague was bit by a snake and died. She thought he was talking about Reiko. He knows she was asking about his late wife and thinks he knows why.

The doctor admits he closed down after his wife died. Liz unlocked parts of him he thought were shut down forever and there is no part of him he wouldn’t open for her.

Curtis calls Chase up to perform. Once he gets a kiss for Brook Lynn, he gets on stage. Everyone gathers around to listen as he sings. After he’s done, Dante tells Brook Lynn how much he looks forward to getting his old partner back on the job.

chase performs GH

In Jordan’s office, she and Robert talk about the hook.

Oz comes in and asks if they have found Esme yet.

jordan robert disappointment GH

They won’t say much until his lawyer arrives. Oz informs them they will be dealing with him alone and they owe him.

They threaten to charge him with extortion. He reminds them he exonerated Trina and points out the suspicious nature of his being woken up from his coma.

They dismiss him and tell him that he’s a lowlife who deserves nothing. He reminds them he went to law school and they offered him full immunity. He also threatens to sue them.

Once he signs their legal agreement, they lecture him for wasting his intelligence. He tells them they should be looking for Esme, not harassing him.

After Oz exits, Jordan complains that guys like him are always getting away with their crimes. He tells her to get used to it.

robert tells jordan good GH

They talk about how hard it is not to cross the line. Robert admits he straddles it and tells her they are only human. The real criminals are out there and they bring them in whatever it takes.

At Shady Brooke, Ryan is surprised to Esme.

She says she’s impossible to get rid of.

She explains a Canadian fisherman put her up in a hostel after he pulled her out of the water. Ava left her for dead.

ryan new strategy GH

He grabs her arm and accuses her of trying to kill Ava. Ryan says she can target anyone other than Ava. She’s his and he will determine her fate.

Esme insists she had nothing to do with the attack. She says they are finished discussing the hook.

He asks if she is still willing to complete their plan. His daughter explains she has a new and powerful weapon to destroy the Cassadines and drive Ava back to him.

esme ryan plot GH

Once she fills him in, he says it’s brilliant and they laugh. She has to take care of some of the essentials and needs money. After assuring him that Ava is safe from her, he wonders if she’s safe from Ava.

Ryan tells her that she’s his legacy and the best of him and her mother. They are closer than ever to getting what they want. He welcomes her back.

As Oz walks down by the docks, Esme attacks him.

oz attacked GH