As Adam Wonders What Led Chelsea to Fixate on Johnny, Chelsea Stalks The Kid — & Abby & Chance Argue About His Priorities

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, a paranoid Chelsea stalks Johnny, who yells at her, while Abby rants to Chance about not being around, and Victoria tells her mom about her thoughts that Tucker wants Chancellor-Winters.

In the previous episode, Abby railed on Tucker and Nick and Sally discussed their romantic status as Lily guesses why Billy’s so supportive of Chelsea.  

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 6, 2022 episode airs in the USA on October 7. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Billy tries to ply Johnny with pastries. Johnny ate at home. He sees through his ploy. He must have read the same handbook on how to deal with your kid when he learns who his bio mom is.

Chelsea eavesdrops as father and son talk.

Billy’s trying to be protective. Johnny thinks it’s unnecessary but Billy worries that this will become a problem down the role.

johnny with dad YR

Johnny’s not freaked out about it. If his dad wants him to scream or cry, it’s not going to happen.

He doesn’t want to ruminate on it daily and talking about it won’t change it. Billy promises nothing will change. Nobody will force him into anything. Johnny hopes he means it.

Billy agrees that it’s his son’s call. They won’t talk about it. Johnny gets up and says he’s meeting his class at Chancellor Park for some nature class or something. He refuses to let Billy walk him there.

Billy thinks it’s because he’ll be embarrassed when Billy yells out, “Hey Johnny, I love you!” He teases his son before he goes.

Once Johnny’s outside, Chelsea rushes after him.

chelsea eavesdrops Y&R

Later, Adam gets coffee from Sharon, who asks how things are with him and Sally.

They’re over, he says. She’s sorry. She thought they had potential. She reveals that her conversation with Chelsea yesterday was disturbing. She hates to break Chelsea’s confidence but admits she told her she needed therapy.

It didn’t go over well. She might be more open to Adam. He tried and they both agree she’s been spiraling for a while. He was responsible for the first breakdown. He thinks he’s missing something.

He doesn’t get how this led her to have a new fixation on Johnny. Sharon says she’s adrift, looking for someone to make her feel whole. They agree it’s unfair to Johnny. Sharon doesn’t think she’s intentionally malicious.

sharon pretty white with adam Y&R

At the club, Noah does accounting when Allie turns up.

He’s not happy because he comped a lot of people and because of it, the club took a massive hit.

He thought that in the long run, he’d have loyal guests return.

noah club sucks Y&R

Allie thinks it’s a good idea and calls his place amazing.

Just like him. They smooch. He tells her that he didn’t invite Audra and hasn’t communicated with her since he left London.

Allie isn’t concerned a bit.

alllie noah smooch Y&R

At Society, Abby tries to get Chance’s attention but it’s on his phone. She talks to him about Tucker’s return. She doesn’t want him near their son. He heard about the helicopter and crashing the wedding.

Neighbors of Jack’s complained about the noise. He laughs. He doesn’t think Tucker could negatively influence a toddler. Abby snipes that he needs to back her up on this. Under no circumstance is Tucker allowed near their son.

He thinks she’s being melodramatic and she doesn’t like that he’s not supporting her. Chase thinks he could be a good grandparent. They should let go of the past. It’s all he can handle to focus on the present.

His priority has to be work and family. She snipes about being grateful that family made the top two which causes Chase to roll his eyes that she’s “on that” again. “Do not read into the order I say things.”

She should know family is most important. She doesn’t feel it lately. He asks her to consider her reason for not wanting Tucker around. He has to go to his meeting. She thought it wasn’t for a few hours.

He shrugs. “I must have misspoken.” He kisses her cheek. Devon turns up.

They talk about Tucker’s return and how he says he’s there to reconnect but it’s thrown both Devon and Abby. Devon wishes he had a closer relationship with his bio-dad, especially with Neil being gone, but it’s hard to trust him.

With Chancellor-Winters doing so well, his sudden return is suspect. He wonders what his real agenda is.

devon tucker return Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nikki talk about Johnny dealing with learning Chelsea is his bio mother.

Nikki thinks her daughter is handling herself with poise. She’s compartmentalizing and overwhelmed.

They discuss Tucker going after all companies last time he was in town. Vicky thinks he’s back because Chancellor-Winters is going public.

Later, Billy pokes his head in to let his ex know about his morning with Johnny.

Vicky wonders how Chelsea will react when she realizes her “little scenario isn’t going her way.” Billy calls her fragile. Vicky thinks they need to keep Johnny from her. It’s the safest. Billy agrees but he’s still worried about Chelsea. Vicky says Chelsea needs to pull herself together and stop using their own as her crutch.

nikki red outfit Y&R

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She tells her mom about working to become the majority stockholder thanks to Nate. Nikki is surprised he’d go behind Devon’s back.

Vicky tells her mom that he’ll be CEO when they get the company. Dad’s on board but Nick finds it risky.

Victoria calls it an ethical grey area. “It’s an ethical grey area, too,” Nikki sniffs.

Victoria wonders if that’s why Tucker’s really in town. Maybe Devon made an offhand comment about the IPO.

She then second-guesses that. He wouldn’t do that. Nikki thinks he’s a dedicated corporate raider. “Like you.”

vicky talks ipo devon Y&R

Johnny gets to the park to meet the others from school and nobody’s there yet.

Chelsea shows up. “Hi Johnny!” She claims she didn’t expect to run into him there.

She sits beside him and he jumps up and moves. He gets on his phone and she thanks him for spending time with Connor.

He tells her to stop. He knows what she’s doing and it’s not going to change anything.

stalker chelsea Y&R

“Because you’re not my mom.” Chelsea says she’d never try to force anything on him. Victoria’s his mom. “Good,” he says. She didn’t want him to wonder about her.

He realizes it was her idea to tell him about her. It’s her fault that his world is turned upside down.

It wasn’t her intention to harm him. She wanted him and Connor to be close.

johnny ignores chelsea Y&R

Johnny yells at her and asks if Connor knows the truth now.

She says she told him and as she talks, Johnny realizes that it didn’t go over well with him, either. He gets a notification on his phone and has to go. He is in the wrong place.

johnny yells chelsea Y&R

Chance shows up and sees Chelsea watching the kids play. He thinks things are so simple for kids.

So carefree. As adults, she says they yank their free spirit away. He asks what’s wrong.

She calls the world a cruel and unforgiving place. Why bother trying to make things better? He invites her for coffee at Crimson Lights.

morose chelsea Y&R

Nikki arrives at Noah’s club and catches him kissing Allie.

She hugs him and he tells her she pays for nothing. He tells her he comped too many last night. She is sure things will get better. The first night is always the worst.

She’d like to talk to him about his time in London so suddenly, Allie has to go. She asks if he knows anything about Wild Beauty Incorporated, and when he questions her, she admits it has to do with Diane’s time away from Genoa City.

He tells her Audra Charles worked there. His ex. He admits he hasn’t seen her since London and she showed up to the club last night.

Nikki’s surprised. They think something is suspect about it and interesting. 

nikki interrupts Y&R


Chelsea and Chance stroll into Crimson Lights and run into Adam on his way out.

Chelsea looks around and asks where Sharon is.

chelsea needs therapy Y&R

Adam says she stepped into the back room for a minute.

Chelsea doesn’t seem to believe it and asks if this is an ambush.

chance stumped Y&R

Adam’s confused. She thinks that he set her up — that this is some sort of intervention.

She looks at Chance and asks if he’s in on it. Chance doesn’t know what she’s on about.

Adam says nobody’s ambushing her. She starts to unravel and cry.

chelsea crazy again Y&R

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Nate tells Devon and Lily he hasn’t been operating in good faith. 

Devon and Lily wonder how Nate could have done this.

Billy finds Chelsea in the park and yells at her about amusing his son. 

billy catches chelsea Y&R

Tucker tells Ashley he’s waited for this moment for a long time. 
Ashley tells him to save her the pretty speeches. “Why are you really here, Tucker?”

tucker with ashley Y&R

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