Taylor Refuses to be a Consolation Prize for Ridge and Yells to Get Out of Her Life as Brooke Realizes Where Ridge Is

In the Thursday, October 6, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas and Steffy are optimistic their parents are finally reuniting, Donna and Eric learn Ridge jetted off to Aspen alone, and Donna tips off her sister.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where tearful Taylor convinced Steffy she needs to move on a Ridge arrived in Aspen leaving Brooke home alone.

In Aspen, Taylor and Ridge meet under the pine tree.

He came to see her.

taylor and a pinecone bold beautiful

In Bill’s Aspen house, Steffy talks to her brother on the phone.

She thinks their mom is finally giving up on a reunion with Ridge and she’s starting to give up too.

steffy talks about mom B&B

She says that their mom is more stressed than she’s ever seen her.

When she looks out the window, she gasps and tells him Taylor is with Ridge.

“No way,” he says. He thinks this is huge and their parents must finally be getting back together.

thomas thinks aspen amazing B&B

She has doubts. Their mom mentioned she wants her self-respect back.

He hopes Ridge will finally talk her around.

Out on the lawn, Ridge tells Taylor he just jumped out of the jet to see her.

She looks good in the mountains.

She came to get away from everything. “Get away from me you mean,” he adds.

taylor talks stupid ridge B&B

They go in the house. She tells him to go. He came to see her because he misses her and their life together.

Taylor thinks the kids have guilt-tripped him into this, but he insists that it’s about the woman that he is to her.

“I should write that down. That’s deep,” she says, sarcastically, adding it’s “sad.”

ridge wants tay back B&B

He insists he’s serious. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

She thinks he must have had a “doozy” of a fight with Brooke and refuses to be a consolation prize. He claims this has nothing to do with his wife.

He’s just seeing things clearly.

Taylor tells him his romantic gestures give her anxiety and asks him to get out of her life. She’s heard all these promises before.

He begs her to stop talking and explains he’s there because he loves her and wants to be with her for always.

She runs out, telling him not to follow her.

He follows her.

Ridge chases her into the woods.

She tells him not to do this to her. He repeats that he loves he and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

ridge chases taylor bold beautiful

Back at Forrester Creations, Thomas flashes back over the conversation he just had with Steffy and Ridge hearing the recording of Brooke calling CPS.

Mulling it over, he recalls how angry his father got.

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Alley Mills heads to General Hospital

Brooke is startled when she excitedly opens her door expecting Ridge and finds Bill standing there. “I’m Bill,” he confirms.

bill visits brooke B&B

She lets him in and tells him he can’t keep stopping by. His instincts told him the dressmaker was away.

She repeats he can’t keep stopping by like this. It will never make sense to him that she’s married to Ridge.

Lots of things don’t make sense to him so he’s letting go of them… like the Aspen house.

dollar bill instincts B&B

Those mountains will always have a special place in his heart and she knows why. Her jaw drops when he explains Steffy and Taylor are there.

He decided to give her the first chance at buying it. Brooke hopes Taylor likes it there enough to leave town for good.

brooke likes bill B&B

When she tries to usher him out, he tells her Ridge is a lucky man. He reminds her of the hot air balloon ride and the camel ride in Dubai.

Laughing, she agrees he can be romantic and sends him out.

At Eric’s, he and Donna make out in the foyer.

She likes having a painting of him to look at while she’s with him and assures him nothing is more handsome than he is.

donna eric make out B&B

He tells her this is her home now too. They kiss some more.

Eric wants to thank him properly for the painting and suggests they jet off to the tropics.

When he calls for the plane, he learns Ridge took it to Aspen. Donna assumes it’s not a business trip. Brooke wasn’t on the plane either.

Eric assumes this was unplanned. It’s strange. She wishes her sister went along.

Aspen is a wonderful place for people to reconnect.

donna calls eric handsome bold beautiful

Donna says things haven’t been smooth for her sister since Ridge moved back in.

She calls Brooke and tells him Ridge took the jet to Aspen. She’s confused.

Brooke groans and tells her Steffy and Taylor are in Aspen.