Day of Days Spoiler Promo Includes Car Crash, Coma, Kidnapping, Romance, Sex and Scandal (Gallery)

Day of Days 2023

Days of our Lives just finished their 2023 Day of Days free fan event on Saturday, October 21. 

The event took place at the Peacock Place at L.A. Live, (the old Xbox Plaza) and was filled with fans from all over the country, who were not only able to meet their favorite actors, but there were autograph signings, a cast Q&A period, and giveaways.

Readers can find photos of the event in the gallery at the end of this article.

For those who missed out, there was a special extra-long spoiler promo which can be viewed below and is filled with sex, romance, drama, horror, a new face, some old storylines being revamped, one kid going to prison while another fights for their life.

It’s a lot to take in and it’s rather mixed up and out of context, so we’ve recapped it below to help make sense of it.

Steve and Kayla walk in on Roman and Kate having a good old-fashioned Brady Christmas or New Year’s Eve at the pub — first time for everything!

They’re grateful to survive another year in Salem. Marlena and John join the foursome.

jarlena drinks pub

The scenes following, Rafe clutching at Jada who appears to be falling, Jada and Stephanie enjoying a drink together and some laughs, Ben Weston Alex and Justin drinking beer and embracing, a very pregnant Nicole with EJ who smashes a glass on the floor of the DiMera house in anger, Alex and Gwen in a blond wig Theresa (Emily O’Brien) getting naked.

Wendy gasping in shock, which should probably be near the end of the promo since later on we’ll see Gabi finding someone dead in the same apartment.

Who is it Li or Tripp? My guess is on Li because the shoes were shiny, black dress shoes.

wendy screams

Theresa’s connection to Konstantin is out.

She’s not happy when he surprises her at the door of her suite at Salem Inn.

theresa and konsantin

Next is Abe and Paulina sharing a kiss after eating some pie at home.

Hopefully, he’s gotten his memory back and his amnesia storyline will be a thing of the past.

abe and paulina kissing at home


Newcomers didn’t waste any time. We have Holly and Tate kissing, and things heating up between Harris and Ava, who go on a first date.

We seem to be having two weddings, one with Nicole in white kissing EJ and another between Eric and Sloan, with the bride in pink and Roman and Brady witnessing the er happy day?

nicole marries ej in white

Things take a turn as they usually do in soaps and Nicole’s seen in a car accident and then ready to give birth on the side of the road with a man (Leo Stark) being forced to help deliver, much to his chagrin.

The scene is filled with soap tropes.

nicole has the baby

Dimitri is seen giving Sloan a baby with Melinda Trask looking on and then later, EJ has another temper tantrum and demands Nicole tell him where “his son” is.

Too bad it’s not his kid. 

ej screams at nicole

Sloan’s holding Nicole (and Eric’s) son and telling Melinda, “You can’t seriously be thinking about me keeping Nicole’s baby.”

Melinda told her friend she’d pay off some shady doctor to say that Nicole’s baby died. (For those who missed it the last three times it happened…)

sloan steals nicole's baby


Everyone already guessed this but Konstantin and Theresa just learn that Alex isn’t Victor Kiriakis’ long lost son but of course, Xander Kiriakis, who we once thought was his nephew.

Does that mean Theresa will set her sights on him next? Does he have more money than Brady? More importantly, why would Victor keep this a secret?

Stephanie answers the door to Nick Fallon her ex-fiance, Everett (played by Blake Berris). She’s not happy to see the (we know this guy is a jerk) guy and he whispers, “I came to find you.”

Stephanie’s later seen telling Chad he doesn’t trust her and then Chad in turn claims he doesn’t trust Everett, and the men give each other the evil eye. 

stephanie and everett

In bed, Jada and Rafe talk about how he’s lived with someone before and surprise, surprise, Nick Fallon’s Everett’s face pops up, along with a photo of Nick and Jada — engaged.

Turns out he’s her ex-husband.

rafe jada sex

Leo does what Leo does best and talks to Sloan about blackmailing her over what he knows about Nicole’s baby.

jada and everett

More blackmail…

Clyde, who is stuck in prison, blackmails Ava Vitale (who used to be a mob boss) into heading his drug business or he will kill Tripp.

Stephen learns that The Bistro is going to be a drug front and tells Ava.

clyde blackmails ava

Kate and Harris visit Lucas in prison and Harris asks for Lucas’ help getting intel from the inside.

lucas gets intel


As John drinks at the pub, he tells Marlena he was thinking about how lost he was when Steve found him.

Meanwhile, there’s an image of Steve with a bandaged-up man.

steve with a body - maybe john

Stefan tells Paulina she’s making a mistake, one she might live to regret and Paulina suddenly realizes he truly is a DiMera.

paulina with stefan dimera


Stefan finds Gabi kneeling over some man’s dead body with a bloody knife in her hand.

“Oh my God,” he gasps. Gabi tells him, “He’s dead.” A clue? They’re at Tripp’s apartment.

gabi with bloody knife and body might be Li

Xander and Sarah make out and he asks her to move in with him as Theresa and Alex go at it on the sofa and Johnny gets down on one knee with Chanel, hoping to remarry her, while Alex catches Theresa in a lip-lock with Brady Black. “What the hell?”

Marlena talks to Eric in her office while he asks if it’s natural for someone to have feelings for somebody they’ve loved for so many years? Weird question, which is out of context.

We see Nicole in Eric’s arms as EJ watches from a hospital door.

eric hugs nicole

Lucas seems to have gotten out of prison and is in some monk costume, and later, Marlena cries, “This is unethical,” (probably talking to Kayla who likes to gossip about patients) and Kristen gasps as she calls to God while the man takes a shot with a gun and Harris is later seen with Ava holding him on a blood-filled floor.

someone holding gun days

It looks like Stephanie and Everett are friendly by what looks to be Christmas or New Year’s Eve, if what they are wearing has any bearing on the scene, and Ava herself this time has a gun in her hand and is wielding it at someone.

tate goes to jail

Tater-Tot is being taken away by SPD cops with Brady, Justin and Rafe looking on, Theresa and Alex seem to be at SPD, Li Shin slams the door at Tripp’s place and Holly is seen in the hospital in dire straits. Soap coma?

Wendy cries, Harris slams some files down on the table at SPD, and the Horton House goes up in flames as Chad calls to God and Julie’s mouth hangs open in horror, like the rest of us. 

julie and chad see fire at horton house

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Here are a few samples of what the fans thought of the newest promo. Perhaps if it was in order, it might have had a touch more support, but there was a lot of storylines that are overused which grate on viewers’ nerves after watching them too many times.

Day of Days photos credit: Todd Williamson/Peacock

Let us know your thoughts on the newest promo and if you were at Day of Days, tell us your story in the comments below.

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