Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 2 – 6: Alex Does Something Drastic, While Kate Flatlines and Kayla Is Hospitalized

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, January 2 to Friday, January 6, 2022.

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Coming up: Nicole has doubts about leaping back into bed with EJ, Alex makes an extreme choice, and Kate gets worse.

Monday, January 2

Monday’s Days recap: Kristen’s devastated at the kidnapping

Brady starts having second thoughts about his scheme with Eric as Kristen flips out. 

Eric has left Sloan in charge of Rachel.

Nicole is reluctant to get into bed with EJ.  

Johnny and Wendy contemplate their future.

Gabi has shocking news for Stefan and Chloe. 

Stefan isn’t interested in Gabi’s claims.

Li gets increasingly distraught and depressed about Gabi.

li devastated Days of our Lives recap SoapsSpoilers

Tuesday, January 3

Tuesday’s Days recap: Bonnie Learns the truth and punches Xander

Maggie, Justin, and Bonnie are shocked by what Sarah tells them about Xander. 

Leo runs to Gwen, worried she’s in trouble.

Gwen attempts to cheer Xander up.

Xander tries to get Sarah back.

Alex gets jealous and quizzes Chad about his friendship with Stephanie. 

Sonny tries to make peace with Will.

Sarah wants a divorce.

charlotte thomas DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

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Wednesday, January 4

Wednesday’s Days recap: Sarah asks Xander for a divorce

Stephanie tears into Alex. 

Xander is confronted.  

Sarah wants out of her marriage. 

Xander’s devastated.

Bonnie feels bad for Justin.

Maggie’s beside herself about the divorce.

After he gets the divorce papers, Rafe gets some consoling from Jada. 

Gwen is urged to turn on Xander. 

The cops go to Gwen for answers but she denies working with Xander.

rafe sobs marriage is over days of our lives

Thursday, January 5

Thursday’s Days recap: The orchid is missing

Brady gets tough with Kristen. 

Romance today for Jarlena.

Eric and Rachel get makeovers.

Sloan regrets helping Eric.  

Kate is worried about what Rex tells her.

The three women start getting sick again.

Marlena and John enjoy hanging out at home.

kate sneezes and worries days recaps soapsspoilers

Friday, January 6

Friday’s Days recap: Kate dies

Kristen and Brady try to understand what happened to the orchid. 

Eric shocks John and Marlena with his information. 

Kate gets worse.

Alex makes a radical decision. 

Stephanie doesn’t get word that her mama is in hospital.

Kristen apologizes.

Eric reunites Kristen with Rachel.

alex and steph kissing his bedroom Days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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