Maggie Thinks Sarah’s Overreacting To Want a Divorce, But Sarah Has Made Her Decision And Tells Xander, While Rafe Signs Divorce Papers

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, January 4, 2023

In today’s Days episode, Stephanie rips into Alex for shooting Chad down, Jada consoles Rafe, who’s upset when he receives divorce papers.

In the last Days recap, Sarah reveals the truth about Xander to a shocked Maggie, Justin and Bonnie, while Will and Sonny talked things over and made up.

Rafe arrives at SPD. Jada says that they’re at a dead end in finding Rolf so far. She hands him an envelope.

He’s crushed when he opens it to find divorce papers from Nicole. As soon as he signs them, his marriage is over.

He grabs a pen and stares at them with Jada fidgeting. She remembers the day her divorce papers came.

It was hard to accept that something she tried to save was over. Rafe feels like he failed. Again. It’s been three times. He wonders what’s wrong with him.

As she tells him he’s not a failure, he signs the papers. He’s glad it’s over.

rafe gets divorce papers DAYS recap soapsspoilers

At the Kiriakis manse, Sarah tells Maggie she wants a divorce. Maggie asks if she’s overreacting. Sarah’s aghast.

He kidnapped two women and committed multiple felonies in the process and one of the women is dead.

She thinks she’s underreacting. Maggie says staying with him doesn’t mean she condones it.

“If you love him…” Sarah’s not like her. Maggie insists she has to fight until she can’t fight any longer.

She made vows to Xander. Sarah doubts kidnapping is a part of the vows but she loves him.

She always will. How does she trust that he won’t do this again? She says to take time to think about her options.

Sarah cries as Maggie says no matter her decision, she’ll support her.

maggie and sarah talk divorce DAYS recap soapsspoilers

At the Horton house, Leo tells Gwen that Maggie, Bonnie and Justin know Xander’s the kidnapper.

She has to warn him! Leo grabs her phone. She can’t do that.

She worries if she doesn’t, she’ll be the reason he goes to prison. Leo reminds her if he goes to prison, it’ll be all on him.

She frets. He tells her it’s time for tough love. He loves her and she needs to stay away from Xander. She can’t abandon him.

Leo tells her to save her ass while she can. Gwen worried he’ll need her.

Leo knows he’s a “grade-A smoke show” but he roped her into a kidnapping scheme. He’s sinking and she needs to jump ship.

He tells her that Sarah thinks she was the second kidnapper. Gwen wonders how she could pass for that. Leo says the cops found evidence of the body suit. “Salem PD doing their jobs, go figure.”

leo tells gwen xander is busted DAYS recap soapsspoilers

At the no-tell-motel, Bonnie sucker punches Xander, who goes down with a groan.

Justin pulls her away from him and she says he’s lucky she didn’t go lower.

“Thanks…I think,” he says. Bon Bon says, “I should be the one complaining.

bonnie and justin at the no-tell-motel DAYS recap

You’ve got some rock-hard abs, dude.” She tells him she knows he’s the clown kidnapper and he’ll pay.

Justin starts bellowing and Bonnie snipes that she called him her hero.

He must have laughed at her.

Xander felt guilt and shame and promised he wasn’t laughing.

She demands to know who his accomplice was. Was it Gwen?

He denies it but they know she faked the website and covered his crimes.

Justin tells him to get a good lawyer. They take off. 

xander apologizes to bonnie DAYS recap soapsspoilers


At the park, Alex thinks Stephanie has misunderstood. She agrees. He has no right to tell her who she can and can’t see.

“I’m not your property!” He knows. She accuses him of telling Chad to stay away from her. Alex disagrees.

He thinks Chad has romantic feelings for her. Stephanie says he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be with anyone.

steph yells at alex DAYS recap soapsspoilers

He’s not ready. Alex says they spend time together and gifts are involved. He Chad’s taking advantage of the situation. Steph calls this her decision to come here today.

Alex apologizes for overstepping.

He can’t help but care for her and worry about her. Steph reminds him he was the one who asked Chad to play video games the other night. 

Alex says he’s the sad widower. What else was he to do?

Steph says he’s grieving his wife. “My cousin.” She wants to help. Alex asks if it’s making it worse. Maybe she’s leading Chad on.

steph and alex talk about chad DAYS recap soapsspoilers

She’s doing things with Chad and his kids like a family. Steph tells him there’s nothing romantic going on between them and Chad respects her and that she’s with Alex.

She doesn’t think Alex is respecting her. She’ll text him to reschedule their meeting. She goes back to Chad and the kids.

Later, Chad apologizes that she didn’t make her meeting. She asks if he feels guilty about what Alex said to him. He plays innocent but she overheard their discussion and doesn’t agree with Alex.

She calls them friends. He’s letting his insecurities get the best of him. Chad doesn’t want to become a problem for her.

If they were dating, Chad admits he wouldn’t want to share her with another man, either.

She likes spending time with him and the kids which Chad thinks is part of Alex’s problem.

She says that’s her decision. Besides, they’re just friends. “We’re more than that,” he admits. They’re family. 

chad and stephanie park DAYS recap soapsspoilers

Sarah arrives at the no-tell-motel. He tells her that Bonnie and Justin left for the station to turn him in.

He asks if Sarah will go to the cops.

She hasn’t thought about it. He asks why she told Bonnie.

Sarah calls her a victim who deserves to know the truth.

Xander asks if she’ll corroborate her story. He knows as a wife, she doesn’t have to testify against him.

She’s not sure if she wants to stay married. She tells him she can’t trust him again and is going to file for divorce.

She goes to pack and Xander looks devastated. 

sarah and  xander no-tell-motel DAYS recap soapsspoilers


At SPD, Bonnie and Justin find Rafe and Jada and tell them that Xander was her kidnapper.

They need proof. Definitive evidence or a confession from someone.

rafe and bonnie talk kidnapper DAYS recap soapsspoilers


The doorbell rings at the Horton house. The cops show up. Rafe hopes they’re not interrupting.

Leo and Gwen shoot each other a look. They know she was an accessory to the kidnapping after the fact. Bonnie told them everything.

Gwen feels bad for Bonnie and asks if she was accused in anything. They tell them Xander’s the kidnapper.

Leo pretends he didn’t know. Rafe knows she helped him and asks for details to build a case against him.

leo tells gwen to stop seeing xander days of our lives recap

Gwen doesn’t know anything about the incident. Rafe says should she “suddenly” remember, they can work something out.

Leo’s interested. Rafe doesn’t want her to be punished for his crimes, especially how Xander treated her.

Rafe knows Xandy will take her down with him when he’s faced with prison time. Gwen looks green but prefers to talk to her lawyer.

The cops leave and Leo and Gwen call that stressful. Leo thinks she should take the deal. She gasps. Leo knows she loves him but he loves Sarah and why should she suffer for what he did?

rafe and jada go to gwen for information days of our lives recap


Back at the Kiriakis manse, Justin’s proud of Bonnie for going to the cops.

He hopes she now can live without fear of being attacked. She says he makes her feel safe. They hug.

She thinks Justin must feel so betrayed by Xander. She feels bad. He is feeling that way but it’s important to ensure they get what they deserve.

Later, they tell Maggie about confronting Xander.

Maggie thinks he should face the music after what he did. Bonnie appreciates that. Maggie cares about Xander.

Despite what he did, he loves her daughter.

Bonnie thinks it’s awful for her to know she’s married to a kidnapper. Maggie tears up. She’s thinking of ending the marriage.

bonnie feels bad for justin days of our lives recap

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