Bonnie Sucker Punches Xander After Sarah Rats Him Out, Will & Sonny Make Up, And Alex Stakes His Claim on Stephanie, Angering Her

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, January 3, 2023

In today’s Days episode, Sarah reveals the truth about Xander to a shocked Maggie, Justin and Bonnie.

In the last Days recap, EJ and Nicole jumped into bed, Gabi pulled Stefan and Chloe out of bed, Johnny and Wendy shared a tender moment in Horton Square, while Eric and Brady scrambled to make their kidnapping plot work.

Alex wakes up with Stephanie in his bed. She’s there for her raincheck and kisses him loudly.

They make out and she puts a wreath of condoms over his head. He’s wowed.

alex condom wreath days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

She says, “Are you kidding me? Wintergreen?” Her voice sounds like Leo’s and Alex is confused. He wakes up and turns over.

Leo’s in his bed. He starts bellowing to get out of his bed and give him his toothpaste back. “Don’t be stingy. I just want one little squirt,” Leo says.

Alex jumps out of bed, covering himself. He tells him to go find his brother for that. Leo says he’s off to reunite with Will.

They argue over whose side they’re on. Will sides with Sonny and Alex thinks he has designs on Sonny.

Alex tells Leo a scenario that sounds more like his issue with Chad and Stephanie.

Leo’s confused and assumes he’s talking about something else. He offers to help Alex dress and Alex kicks him out.

leo with toothpaste days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Steph goes to the Horton house to give Chad gifts for his kids. He’s about to take them ice skating.

He’ll get them but beforehand, he asks if he ruined her Christmas with Alex.

She’s not able to answer when Charlotte and Thomas rush her for hugs and then invite her to skate.

Chad grins and she agrees, as long as they don’t laugh when she falls on her butt. She and Chad do some complicated handshake.

steph thomas and charlotte horton house DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

At Allie’s place, Will is on a work call, explaining his delay in Salem and reassuring the caller they’ll talk soon and that he knows there’s work to be done.

Sonny arrives and Will sighs audibly. Since Sonny hasn’t kicked Leo out, Will has nothing to say and slams the door in his husband’s face.

Sonny knocks and Will opens the door again and tries to explain how he sees Leo these days, though Will calls him a predator.

will on a call DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Will thinks this is about his job in LA but Sonny says it isn’t.

He asks for his husband to merely listen to his opinion. Sonny talks to him about almost hiring him when Leo shut him down because he knew Uncle Vic would fire Sonny.

Sonny sees that as proof that Leo’s changed. Will thinks Sonny’s blind.

Sonny merely wants his understanding. He’ll kick Leo out if he doesn’t get it. Will softens.

Sonny says he’ll remain friends with Leo since they’ve worked through a lot but he’ll find him another place to live.

They kiss and Will feels like he stranded Sonny there in Salem.

It’s been hard on them both. They make out and fall to the sofa.

will on top of sonny DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers


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Justin and Bonnie sit down to eat breakfast while Maggie says she thinks she found a reasonably priced apartment for Sarah and Xander.

They let her know that Rednax is a fake company that’s just Xander spelled backward. Sarah walks in and reveals the rest about Xander lying about getting a job.

Maggie defends Xander, knowing he wanted to feel like he was pulling his own weight. Sarah reveals that he was the clown kidnapper, too. They’re confused.

maggie kiriakis mansion DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

She says Bonnie was right. Sarah talks about Ava giving him the job and Gwen helping him in some way.

Maggie asks if he was cheating. She doesn’t know. Bonnie’s confused since he was snatched up by that muscular clown.

Leo waltzes in and greets everyone, thinking someone died.

Bonnie shares the news about Xander and Leo calls it far-fetched. He looks worried when Sarah’s about to name the accomplice.

leo with bonnie, justin, sarah and maggie kiriakis mansion DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

She names Gwen. Leo looks sick. Bonnie calls the kidnapper a big man who kidnapped her and Xandy.

Justin tells them that he was wearing a bloody suit to bulk up. Leo stands taller and then Justin asks if he’s right.

He feigns confusion. Sarah says Gwen’s his friend. Leo says he has no idea if Gwen dressed up as a clown.

He goes and everyone disperses. Sarah cries to Maggie.

sarah sobs to mom DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Gwen pounds on Xander’s door at the no-tell-motel. He doesn’t answer so she tests the door.

It’s open so she lets herself in and sees him lying on the floor. She gets him up and he blathers about being a loser.

He tries to get a drink and she gives him a power bar and tells him to stop beating up on himself.

She gives him a pep talk and he thinks she should write a self-help book.

xander on floor cockroach motel DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Xander thinks it’s over between him and Sarah but Gwen thinks that because Sarah hasn’t outed him as the clown kidnapper, she’ll forgive him.

Xander is grateful to Gwen for cheering him up but if Jack finds out she’s been helping, he’ll lie that he forced her.

He wants to pay her back for owing her one. She calls him a delectable man but says he’s never more unattractive than when he wallows in self-pity.

She tries to motivate him and sets a fire under his arse. It works and he thanks her for bringing him back.

He hugs her and she tells him it’s the least she could do.

She leaves and he tries to call Sarah but she sees his name on the display and smashes her phone as he leaves a message of love.

Sarah tells her mom she’s divorcing him.

xander wallows self-pity DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

At the ice rink, Stephanie sits on a bench for a break. Alex sees her and reminds her of their strategy meeting.

She says she left word to reschedule. He didn’t know. He watches Chad and the kids stroll up.

He meets the kids and Steph takes the kids skating while the men talk. Alex reminds Chad that he and Stephanie are together.

Chad can see he’s become the third wheel. He never intended on that. With the holidays, he was lonely and Steph’s a friend.

Alex asks if there’s something brewing and Chad laughs. There’s nothing romantic going on. Steph overhears. She sends Chad back to his kids and asks Alex, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

charlotte thomas DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Leo races at Gwen when she arrives at the Horton house.

He’s out of breath and tries to warn her about the clown but she can’t make sense of his words and tells him she’s too busy for this.

She ushers him out, hitting his foot by accident. She brings him back inside and he explains what happened, that Sarah’s telling everyone what Xander did.

leo and gwen DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Xander gets a visit from Bonnie and Justin at the Cockroach Inn.

She hits him in the stomach and he goes down.

bonnie slugs xander DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers


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