No More Boring-assed Mob & Business Stories

Welcome back to my weekly opinion column for Days of our Lives. Last week I admitted my unpopular opinion that I felt for Chad, even though he was clueless and an idiot. I also felt for *gasp* Gwen. This week I’ve moved on.

Still a spoiled rich kid

I haven’t wanted to discuss Philip much since his return, because I’ve been frankly waiting for the writers to stop writing him as one-dimensional and for the actor to get used to playing the part once again. PhillyK has never been able to take responsibility for his own actions. He’s a spoiled rich kid and I didn’t expect that to change. But surely in every single scene, he doesn’t need to look angry or act angry? There was a softer side to Philip when he was with Chloe that we all fell for when we watched in the 90s. I want that back. I’d love to see him still acting like a little spoiled prick in some ways but also show a little growth. Brady’s shooting could provide this, though so far it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. He should be the one sitting at Brady’s side, not Chloe, who is only there to prop Kristen and Brady’s toxic relationship.

Kristen back to being Kristen

I wasn’t a fan of the entire story of Kristen taking Tony hostage in order to break out of prison (as if that’d happen) and get to Brady. I like that Kristen isn’t being written as bad or good, but I found what she did weak, not romantic. While I do enjoy her chemistry with Brady, I think I’m kind of done with them both right now. I’m a little sick of them. This is what happened with Brady and Eve. I liked their heat too, and then they annoyed the crap out of me.

What I did like:
Tony didn’t mind that his sister kidnapped him! In fact, she apologized, and Tony and Chad laughed. Hilarious. That’s partially what I’d been missing about the DiMera family. One of them being psychotic and the family bonding over their acceptance of it. I’d prefer to see more of their misdeeds pronounced instead of boring-assed mob storylines or big boring business storylines in the works, I’d be happy.

Rhodes and his new BFF Ciara

What in the heck did I just watch? Rhodes is your average sweet kidnapper, kind, easy on the eyes. Wait what? Yeah…He’s ensured all of Ciara’s needs are met, giving her food to eat, haircare products, and makeup to wear. He even chatted with her to tell her about what’s going on back in Salem. I’ve never seen anything like this. The dialogue was so unnatural and awkward as they literally recapped what happened to each other after Ciara got free of Vincent. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! It took me right out of the story.

Fighting over Jake when Shin’s available

Jake is a poor man’s version of Stefan, and Brandon Barash has done an excellent job of portraying each character. I was hot for Gabi and Stefan and Gabi and Jake do have chemistry, but instead of latching on to a man because he looks like her dead husband, I’d rather see Gabi move on and go for someone single, like Li Shin. He’s hot, and he doesn’t take shit from her.

Jake and Kate together are hot too. Unlike Gabi, I couldn’t care less about the age difference. The dude’s in his 40s. It doesn’t matter how old anyone is at that point when they’re dating. If they don’t have an issue with their age gap, why should anyone else? My problem with Kate and Jake is where the story has shifted since Gabi’s return. Jake and Kate were sexy. Now that Gabi has returned, Kate’s training him how to do his CEO position, which has turned me off the pairing to some degree. I found Kate and Jake hot, but now she’s looking more like Mrs. Robinson in each scene. To make her appear brilliant, they need to dumb down Jake even more?

Bonding psychos

Charlie and Gwen bonding might have been one of my favourite scenes of the week, which was way better than Abigail punching Gwen in the face. Gwen and Charlie are similar creatures, with similar pasts. I enjoyed the scenes, but I think one of them is not long for this world. It’s probably Charlie since there’s a (spoiler) whodunit coming up. I still can’t tell if Charlie wearing glasses and removing them constantly is just something the actor threw in there for effect or if there’s more to it.

Allie’s rape

We were all anticipating Allie’s rape, anxiously worrying that it would be painful to watch and that we’d be sobbing along with the character as she went through her horrible ordeal. But none of that happened at least for me. The story has been missing so many beats since it began, that I shouldn’t have been surprised that my expectations weren’t met right up until the end. My expectations are my own and the writing doesn’t owe me shit, but instead of feeling Allie’s pain and her horror, I felt nothing. I should have felt uncomfortable, horrified. Think Outlander. It took me two whole days to get over watching (spoiler) Jamie’s rape scenes. While I don’t expect to see this on daytime television, I can’t help but think that they shouldn’t have gone there at all if they weren’t going to go all the way.


Chad’s man pain

Again this week we were reminded of Chad’s pain over his wife’s rape. It’s enough to put viewers off of this couple, but since I’ve been back watching these few months, I’ve become a bit of a Chabby fan again and have decided to overlook it and focus on the hope that the couple will overcome this yet another hurdle. You know they will!

Best lines:

Abigail to Gwen, “You got a minute for your kid sister?”

Victor, “Betrayed by my own son. Can it get any worse than this?”
Philip, “Yes it can. Brady got shot.”

Kristen to Tony, “Sorry for taking you hostage.”

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