Sami Is Found In Charlie’s Apartment, After He’s Been Murdered

Thursday, February 25, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Sami’s back, John went missing last night, Claire tells Ben about Charlie’s visit, and Ava retells her story to Rafe.

Charlie opens the door of his apartment and tells someone, “Don’t shoot,” as he puts his hands up.

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The next morning…

Rafe wakes up to a big Italian breakfast made by Ava. He asks if the bed was comfortable. “Very,” she says. He asks then why she didn’t sleep. She says she merely got up early. She smirks. His suspicion must be a cop thing. Rafe thought she went to see Charlie. Ava reminds him he stationed two cops outside Tripp’s place. Rafe shrugs. She’s “Ava Vitali.” She can understand why he thought she wanted to take things into her own hands. Ava talks about losing herself after her father stole Tripp from her. Her dad found her a new man in Jimmy Jackamo, who wined and dined her and she ended up pregnant with Charlie. When she first held him, she didn’t feel a thing. She wondered, “What kind of mother doesn’t love her own child?” Rafe can see she was traumatized by what her dad did to her. She says Charlie tried to make himself into the perfect boy, hoping she’d be the mommy he wanted. Rafe gets a call and tells Ava someone heard a gunshot at Charlie’s. Ava looks worried. She wonders if he committed suicide, knowing he’s lost everything.

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John wishes Marlena a good morning at home and she asks where he disappeared to last night, without a word. “I called you. I texted you. Nothing.” He apologizes. “I was frantic,” she says, thinking he had another aneurysm.  Then he walked past her and went to bed without a word. He’s sorry. She asks what happened. He drove around and wound up at Charlie’s. He says he was slammed by a pain in his head. “I think that’s when I blacked out,” he says. Something woke him up. He doesn’t know if it was a notification from his phone. They head to the hospital to get his head examined.

In her glass cage, Ciara reads a book when Ben appears outside the glass. He’s sorry it took him so long to get there. Ciara’s excited that he finally found her. She wakes up, calling his name, just as Ben does the same. Later, Evan shows up with gruel. She’s not hungry. “Are you sure you didn’t spit in it?” Evan asks what her problem is. He’s trying to be civil. Ciara smirks. Ben’s going to rescue her. Evan scoffs. Ciara brags that she called Ben on Rhodes’ phone and he’s looking for her now. Ciara wouldn’t expect him to understand since he doesn’t know what love is. Evan bangs on the glass. Orpheus calls to check on him. “The girl?” Ciara smashes her gruel into the glass as Evan says, “I think she’s warming up to me.” Orpheus says move on to phase two. Take photos of her with a newspaper in the shot and get them to him. “Proof of life.” He wants to ransom her to her granddaddy, Victor Kiriakis. If he wants to see her again, he’ll get him “out of this hellhole.” Evan’s surprised that this is what’s coming next. “I don’t know,” he says. He feels used and might choose not to take orders. Maybe he wants to play with Ciara for a bit. “Make her pay.” When Orpheus calls him a miscreant, Evan disconnects. Ciara gets cocky but Evan puts her in her place.

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At home, Claire apologizes to her dad on a call for sneaking out to see Allie last night. She hears a noise and looks disturbed. She yells, asking who is out there and Ben appears. She tells her dad and disconnects. Ben’s so sorry. She didn’t hear him knock. He tells her about his dream. He says it was so vivid. He tells her about Vincent’s death and Allan Rhodes’ visit. “And get this, the guy has a tattoo with a shark.” Claire’s shocked. She tells him about getting Charlie’s confession and that he deleted it. She’s pretty sure Charlie’s not going to come near her again. She thinks they should get Rhodes’ things and see if Susan can get a reading on Ciara with them.

In Statesville, Clyde eavesdrops on Orpheus. He assumes Orph was talking to Evan. “Did he sass you?” Clyde wonders if it has something to do with Ciara. Orpheus says to mind his business. Clyde insists this is his business and he’ll get to the bottom of it.

At Rhodes’ place, Ben and Claire go through his things.  They find an Alice in Wonderland book and Ben recalls that Ciara was reading it in his dream.

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In the hospital, John and Doc get comfortable. He needs a cat scan. When Marlena goes to find out how long it’ll take, John flashes to hearing a gunshot.

Rafe lets himself into Charlie’s place. He finds Charlie dead on the floor and Sami walks in with a towell. “Sami?” He asks, startling her.

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