Kate’s Obsessed With Gabi, Kristen’s Fixated on Chloe, & Susan’s Beset With Sundaes

Welcome back to another week of Deconstructing DOOL, where we pick apart what went on in Salem each Friday. The theme of the week is obsession. Kate’s obsessed with Gabi, Kristen’s obsessed with Chloe, and Susan’s obsessed with ice cream sundaes. This week we already went through our suspect list of who shot Charlie Dale. But do we really care? As long as the rapist is dead, are we good with whoever put him out of his misery?

Brady’s jealousy

Brady was so completely jealous of Philip kissing Chloe that he didn’t shut up about it for half the episode. But he’s in a committed relationship, so really he should either dump Kristen, figure out a way to get her to agree to an open relationship, or let Chloe go! Of course, now that Kristen’s living as Susan at the townhouse, this story should pick up some before Kristen inevitably outs herself.

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Jake took charge

Wow. I guess Jake had enough of Gwen’s insecurity while they were seeing one another and now that Kate’s feeling insecure about their relationship, he’s like “Either you trust me and get over it or we’re done.” Then he dragged her to bed to convince her she is who he wants. Unless he was convincing himself. Either way, it was hot. I’ve never seen that done in a soap but I thought it was sexy and sometimes you don’t always need a long talk. Sometimes you just need to work it out in bed. Yeah. I said that. But honestly, I don’t know how long this is going to last, because Kate seems a might bit obsessed. Not that anyone can blame her since Gabi’s turning Jake’s head.

However, if he’s going to stick with his commitment to Kate, he might want to block Gabi’s calls and texts and stay away from the temptation. I’m not saying I want him to, but he’ll only drive himself mad with wanting her.

The swap

Kristen is a woman obsessed with Chloe. She might be the most obsessed of all three this week. She swapped places with Susan for a month just so she could keep Chloe away from her man. I still don’t believe Susan would ever work with Kristen, let alone swap places with her. And just because Brady might fall for Chloe? Maybe if Kristen had threatened Susan it would be easier to believe it for many. But honestly, I was into it anyway. I was entertained and that means a lot more to me than fussing over details that I can’t change. For the most part! Poor Susan has to deal with prison, Vivian the Vampire, and no sundae bar. Let alone the baloney sandwiches for lunch.

Dig how long it took Salem guards to come to check on Vivian when she was faking her heart attack. You’ve got to love that the show is at least consistent. It makes me giggle.

Odds and ends

Baby Henry is 7 months old. He should be walking but he looks newborn. But we forgive it since the focus is on Allie and Tripp and not the baby! Reason – covid.

Philip’s hair has less of that mobster gel look and it’s more natural. It looks good. Now if we can see a balance between his anger and happiness, I’d be good. I liked his scenes with Gabi. She was listing my Kate’s many flaws to him and he’s like, “You do realize she’s my mother?” Hilarious.

Not only was Charlie a rapist but he was a mansplainer! He didn’t think Claire could turn off her own frigging ringer so grabbed her phone. Ugh.

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Who killed Charlie Dale?

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Best lines:

Susan to Vivian, “You and Ivan really are vampires! You just back off! Back off!”

Kristen as Susan to Brady, “It looked like she was seducing you. And in your condition, it’s hazardous.”

Susan, “What happens if I get food under the dentures?”
Kristen’s disgusted. “Who cares? Save it for a midnight snack.”

Susan to Vivian, “You haven’t aged a bit.  You’re a vampire!”

Ciara smashes her gruel into the glass as Evan tells his dad, “I think she’s warming up to me.”

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