Days of our Lives Spoilers February 22-26 Charlie’s Murdered

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of February 22 – 26

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Days spoilers! The week of February 15 – 19 spoilers have Ciara getting a message to Ben through, using Rhodes’ phone, Orpheus finding a way to manipulate Rhodes, Chad helping Abigail to deal with Laura’s untimely passing, Clyde giving Ben a lead to go with on Ciara’s whereabouts, and Shawn and Ben start searching for Ciara once again. James Read was back as Clyde Weston, and George DelHoyo returned as Orpheus!

Watch the Days spoiler video promo on Charlie’s murder.

Monday, February 22

Monday’s Days of our Lives recap – Susan and Kristen trade places, Susan accuses Vivian of being a vampire, and Claire gets Charlie to confess!

Vivian and Kristen make a deal. Vivian fakes a heart attack so Kristen and Susan can trade places. But Vivian’s not doing it out of the goodness of her heart. She wants Kristen to get Kate away from her son Jake. Kristen reluctantly agrees.
Susan’s not happy to learn she’ll be incarcerated with the likes of Vivian!
Chloe reveals to Brady that Philip kissed her.
Tripp helps Allie, who is having a tough time with Henry.
Claire lures Charlie into a trap.

Tuesday, February 23

Tuesday’s Days recap: Jake and Kate have sex, Xander and Sarah have sex.

Days fan fiction is back! This time, Susan gets a conjugal visit with Brady!

Kristen struggles to pull off her plan to keep Chloe away from Brady.
Philip makes a decision about hiring Gabi.
Sarah has surprising news for Xander.
Charlie flips out on Claire.
Belle threatens Charlie’s life.

Wednesday, February 24

Today’s Days recap: Charlie was threatened by half of Salem in today’s episode.

Eric Martsolf (Brady) let his fans in on some sad news – his mother passed away. May she rest in peace.

John threatens Charlie.
Claire is alarmed by Allie’s confession.
Tripp tells Steve he wants to help with baby Henry.
Nicole and Rafe bring Ava to Rafe’s home after she’s released from the hospital.

Thursday, February 25

Sami’s back! Alison Sweeney returns to Days of our Lives today.

Thursday’s Days recap – Sami’s found at Charlie’s place.

Evan returns (Brock Kelly) and defies his father, Orpheus’ wishes. These two have butted heads before, not seeing eye to eye on the kidnapping of Evan and Jordan’s son David.
Ciara and Ben have another shared dream.
Marlena grills John about his disappearing act.
Rafe makes a shocking discovery! Could it be that Charlie has been murdered?! Well yes, and that Sami was found at his place!

Friday, February 26

Friday’s Days recap has Sami in custody!

Rafe brings a suspect into SPD for questioning. This is about the murder case.
Eli tells Tripp and Ava some shocking news…Some are hoping it’s that Charlie has been killed. Could there be yet another murder mystery?

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