Ben and Claire work together to find Ciara days of our lives

Ben and Ciara fan fiction.

Wayne-Daniel Berard is back with another fan fiction story for Days of our Lives! Last time he wrote a delicious spin on who killed Charlie Dale. This time he’s got another story about Ciara’s amnesia and how things could go. We already found out who really killed Charlie. Read the Days recap if you missed out and enjoy this short story.

Why the World Is Round. 

The scene, bedroom in the repair shop owned by Jake Dimera. Time, six months from the present.

“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Ben opens his eyes — and looks across at Claire in bed beside him. “You said you’d give me a ride to the university.”

“I know. I’m glad to,” Ben sits up shirtless. “It’s great you’ve gone back to finish your degree. And I have a bike to work on here.”

At the word “bike” Ben visibly winces. Claire leans in and kisses him on the cheek, then gets out of bed.

Ben and Claire work together to find Ciara days of our lives
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“Oh, by the way,” she says. “Here’s yesterday’s mail.” She tosses a few envelopes onto the bed in front of Ben. “I’ll hit the shower first?”

She exits into the bathroom. Ben flips through the mail, then stops short at one envelope, a deep fuchsia in color. He looks at the handwriting.

“Ciara!” he whispers aloud.

Scene change: University hospital, six months earlier. Ciara’s room. Kayla is present.

“They’ve been here every day for weeks, Aunt Kayla.” Ciara sounds exasperated. “Tell them to go away! Please!”

“Do you truly not want to see them? Claire? And especially Ben?” Kayla asks imploringly. “You do know the truth now? You don’t think we’re all lying to you?”

“No,” Ciara replies. “No, I believe you. All of you — Tripp, Shawn, Rafe, Grandma Julie and Grandpa Doug . . . AND Ben and Claire. I’ve seen the wedding video. Marlena has hypnotized me — I even took Dr. Rolf’s crazy memory serum— I still can’t remember. I mean, I can accept that things changed for the better with Claire, but Ben? I don’t love him — I hardly know him. He needs to move on with his life. And so do I.”

“Kayla leans in with her most caring bedside manner.

“And how do you intend to do that?” she asks.

ciara doesn't recognize who ben is to her days of our lives

Scene change. Hospital chapel. Same time frame.

“Ben sits, looking devastated. Claire is beside him.

“Ciara is talking about getting a restraining order against you,” Claire relates. “With your history, that could snowball. Ben, you could end up back in Bayview!”

“How can this be happening?” Ben seems entirely broken. He sobs like a little boy. “Why is Ciara doing this to me —to us?! I get that she can’t remember, but everyone has explained it to her. She’s seen the evidence. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes. I can learn to be more patient. Why won’t she give us that chance?”

“I don’t know,” Claire replies. “Ciara always was stubborn. When she gets an idea in her head . . . “

“I know.” Ben looks so lost. “It was that stubbornness that kept her alive and us connected. And now it’s ending us.” He hangs his head. “I’m just so damn alone!”

“No, you’re not,” Claire reassures him, and takes his hand. “You’re not alone. You always have me. Ben, you are the most loyal, the most loving man I have ever known. You deserve to be cared for, too. I’ll never abandon you. I’m here, whatever you need.”

“Ben looks at her long and intensely. Then the two lean in toward each other and kiss.”

A priest enters the chapel, gives a little “oops” facial expression and quickly exits.

ben upset ciara can't remember who he is to her days of our lives

Scene change: Ciara’s room. There’s a knock on the door.

The same priest enters. He wears a brown habit with a drawn-back hood and rope belt. He looks to be late ‘50’s, with a substantial beard and thick glasses. (But if one looks hard, one might recognize the actor as Vincent Irizarry, who has played Deimos Kiriakis).

“May I come in?” the priest asks.

“Of course, Father,” Ciara replies.

“I’m Father Malachi,” the priest continues. “I’m one of the hospital chaplains. I apologize for not coming by earlier; I just returned from my annual retreat. It was in Assisi this year, the city of our father, Francis.”

“Sounds lovely,” Ciara answers.

“I have been informed of your situation,” Father Malachi goes on. “Your memory loss, the effect on your marriage. I understand you’re actually being discharged today?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Ciara answers.

The priest looks at her deeply.

ciara back days kidnapped days of our lives
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“My child,” he says, “I’ve been doing this work for many years. One develops a sort of sixth sense about these things. I can’t help but get the feeling that you’re carrying a great burden, a secret you think you cannot share with anyone. But, Ciara, everything said here is under the seal of the confessional. I cannot and would not tell a soul. Wouldn’t you like to unburden yourself?”

Ciara sighs deeply.

“Alright, Father, alright. As long as it stays only between us.”

He nods, but off in the shadows we see Claire entering the room with flowers, through the side door. She stops before she is seen.

“The truth is, Father, I don’t have memory loss,” Ciara announces. “I remember everything.”

— This might be a good spot for a commercial break. When we return . . . —

“I don’t understand,” the priest says.

“On more than one occasion, my husband, Ben, has nearly lost his life because of me! I’m a danger to him, Father, and I can’t risk that anymore.”

“So you’re rejecting him— to save him?”

“Yes, and I’m leaving Salem,” Ciara answers. “I’m getting as far away from this place as I can!”

“May I ask where you will go? How will you provide for yourself?”

“Is the confessional light still on, Father?” Ciara asks.

He nods.

“I’ve contacted my Mom. She has been searching for me. The people holding me had concocted lots of false trails. One of them led to a place called Harmony. It’s on the coast of Maine. Mom says the people there remind her of Salem. Lots of Passion. And heart. Anyway, they’ve offered her the police chief’s job there. I’m going to join her.”

“Without telling anybody? Especially your husband?”

“Especially Ben,” Ciara is tearing up. “Oh, he’ll be alright. I know he’ll be safe. And I’m pretty sure he won’t be alone for long. My best friend has always had a thing for the men in my life.”

The priest looks away nodding. “The spirit is willing. But the flesh is . . . blonde.”

Claire silently wheels around and leaves the room.

“What, Father?” Ciara asks.

“Oh nothing. Just a little scriptural reference.” He regains his composure. “I know you don’t need my approval, my child,” he says. “But please do take these words: There is no running away. There is only running toward. And if God has truly destined your Ben and yourself to be together, no matter what road you will take, it will lead you back to him.” He smiles. “That is why the Holy Blessed One made the world round, after all!”

Scene change. The lobby of the hospital.

Ben has his leather jacket slung over his shoulder. He glances one last time toward Ciara’s room. Then heads for the elevator.

Claire comes running out. “She gave me permission,” she says under her breath.

Ben enters the elevator.

“Ben, wait!” Claire calls out. He looks up. She jumps into the elevator, wraps herself around him, and kisses him. The doors close.

Scene change. Returning to six months later. The bedroom over the Garage.

A shirtless Ben still sits up in bed, staring at the unopened envelope.

“Who’s that from?” Claire asks, clothed only in a towel, hair dripping.

claire hates gwen days of our lives

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