Kristen Warns That If She Returns to Prison, Chloe Lane Will Never Be Found

In the Wednesday, May 19, 2020, full episode recap of  Days of our Lives, Kristen lets Lani take her in to SPD, Brady tells Marlena that he has feelings for Chloe, and Sami calls EJ for the money to keep her and Lucas alive.

Tuesday’s Days episode had Xander prepared to kill Sami and Lucas in the wine cellar.

Eli is clad in a towel at home when he stretches to get something from a shelf in the kitchen and his towel falls, just as Chanel arrives and gets an eyeful of his butt. He turns around, thinking she’s Lani and her eyes bug out. Eli quickly puts on his towel and says, “What the hell? Have you ever heard of knocking?” Chanel says he has no reason to be embarrassed. Her cousin is one lucky lady. Eli goes to dress and returns. Chanel has seen loads of nudes. Eli stammers as he says he thought she was into women. Chanel explains she’s into males and females and opens up about connecting with her girlfriend over a kiss. Eli’s sorry to hear. He can tell she’s hurting. She usually hides her feelings behind the party girl persona, she admits. She admires what Lani and Eli have and bets he’s glad that Lani and “her nun friend decided to stay celibate.” Eli’s shocked. Does she mean Kristen and Lani almost hooked up? Chanel says no, she was just teasing.  Eli tells her that Kristen is obsessed with Brady and he hopes they get her into custody before she hurts anyone else. He tells Chanel about the last time that Lani let Kristen go.

chanel sees eli naked days of our lives

In the park, Lani tells Kristen that she loves her but she’s gone too far this time. “You’re under arrest.” She let Kristen go once and can’t do it again. Everyone knows what she’s done. Kristen is upset that Brady knows. Kristen vows she won’t run but asks to meet her twins. Lani shows her the kids in their stroller and Kristen cries, calling her blessed. She imagined raising Rachel next to Jules and Carter. They hold hands and cry together. Kristen talks about making a terrible mess as she sobs. She didn’t mean to hurt Kate or anyone. She did it because she was terrified of losing Brady. “I went off the rails and she’s really sorry. You must be ashamed to call me a friend.” Lani says nothing will change their friendship. Kristen doesn’t know what she’s done to deserve her. They hug and Kristen says she’ll go quietly. Lani calls Eli to tell him she’s taking Kristen in, that her dad picked the kids up. Kristen wants to see Brady on the way but Lani’s sorry. She can’t do it.

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lani sees kristen park days of our lives
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Brady wakes up in the hospital with Marlena at his side. She tells him they haven’t found Kristen but she assaulted Kate and now she’s in a coma. Brady’s beside himself. He asks after Chloe. Marlena calls her and she doesn’t respond. Brady’s worried since she’s a mother. Brady learns that Lucas faked dying of a brain tumor. “Sami put him up to it,” she admits, telling him the whole story. Brady says that doesn’t make sense. They wonder if Sami figured out that Susan was really Kristen. He asks her to go see if Chloe’s okay. He admits he has strong feelings for Chloe, though he’ll always love Kristen. Marlena realizes Kristen knows this. Brady admits it’s true, so Marlena goes to check with Lucas. Maybe he’s seen her. In the waiting room, Gabi listens as Philip thinks Kristen needs to be locked up forever. He’s grateful that Jake found his mom when he did. He learns that Gabi and Jake are a thing again though Gabi’s not sure what’s going on with that because of Kate’s coma. Philip goes to see his mom while Gabi tells Jake that if he wants to renege on being with her she’ll understand, because of Kate’s health. Jake has a lot of emotions going through him from hurting Kate to knowing she may not make it out of this. Gabi gets that he needs to be there for her. It doesn’t change how he feels about Gabi. “I love you, Gabi,” despite everything that’s gone on, she’s the one he wants to be with. He hugs her and they go to see Kate. Philip goes to Brady, who tells him how sorry he is about Kate. Has he heard from Lucas? Philip’s been trying to call him but it’s going straight to voice mail. Brady says it’s the same for Chloe. Philip wonders if Kristen has her, too. He worries that Brady just sent Marlena into the center of danger by sending her to the DiMera mansion.

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In the wine cellar, Xander makes it clear that Kristen sent him to take them out. He reveals he has creditors breathing down his neck and Kristen offered a fair price. Sami offers to double whatever Kristen is paying him. Xander likes that idea and thinks about wanting ten million dollars out of Paulina. He asks Sami for the amount. Sami and Lucas bicker over the price to kill Lucas being lower than the price to kill Sami. Sami explains that EJ’s name is tied to the account and she needs him to sign off on it but she can’t. Xander asks why, and they’re cagey as they cover up their affair. Sami calls EJ. He tells her he misses her. She misses him too, then tells him things are going great there. She tells him she needs ten million dollars. He agrees to it. “I love you too, so much,” she says as Xander takes the phone from her. He gets a text later that the money was wired and gets assurances that they’ll keep their mouth shut about their deal. Xander leaves the wine cellar. Upstairs, Xander comes through the secret door and sees Marlena. He greets her and puts the gun away and walks off while Marlena looks at the secret door.

xander about to kill sami lucas days of our lives

Lani leads Kristen into SPD. Eli kisses Lani and she goes. Eli thinks it’s good that Kristen surrendered. Kristen did it for his wife. Eli says she’s not going to get a thank you from him. Kate’s in a serious condition. She refuses to go back to Statesville. “If that were to happen, nobody would see Chloe Lane again.”

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