Lucas Fakes a Brain Tumor and Kristen Knocks Kate Out When She Refuses to Do Her Bidding

Friday, April 23, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Kate finds out Kristen isn’t in prison, Sami tries to talk Brady out of being with Chloe, and Lucas does something drastic.

Gabi runs into Jake at the square. It’s uncomfortable. Gabi wants to talk business. Philip rented some warehouses to Basic Black and Gabi Chic needs them. She tried to talk to Brady about it but he’s working from home so she’s asking if Jake can help her out. Gabi thinks it’s stupid to hang on to something that doesn’t belong to you, which has a dual meaning for them both. Philip shows up and asks if Jake will give the warehouses back. Jake’s happy to let them go. “They were never mine to begin with,” he says, flashing back to telling Gabi not to waste her life chasing a man who is never going to be hers. He tells them he has to dash home to pack. He and Kate are going away to an island. He leaves and Philip invites Gabi to dinner. She instead invites herself to his place.

gabi and philip days of our lives

Lucas visits Chloe while she’s down about Brady. She calls herself predictable and pathetic. Lucas knows that Brady’s committed to someone and she shouldn’t act on those feelings for him. She knows. Lucas calls her too special to be crying over someone who doesn’t realize that. She smiles and thanks him. She should be with someone who is open and available. Chloe’s stunned that he means himself. He reminds her it’s not that weird. They’ve been married and they were together a few years ago. “And then you left me,” she reminds him. She hasn’t seen him in a while and suddenly he wants to jump into a relationship? Lucas has ulterior motives. “I’m dying.” Chloe’s shocked. Lucas says he has “a brain tumor in the back of my head that they can’t get to.” He’ll get another opinion but needs to be honest with himself. Chloe’s sorry. Lucas doesn’t want to die alone, without love in his life. He almost drums up some tears and says he doesn’t want to tell anyone. She agrees to keep his secret but confesses to having feelings for Brady. She’ll go with him to doctor’s appointments but that’s it. Lucas goes and cringes at what he just did. Meanwhile, Chloe looks up brain tumors.

lucas lies chloe brain tumor days of our lives

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At the townhouse, Brady ends his call with Vivian as Sami arrives home. Brady explains Vivian’s his only way to get to Kristen. She has given him good advice. Sami scoffs at that. Brady hopes Kristen doesn’t screw up in there. Sami flashes to learning that Kristen is taking over Susan’s life. Sami thinks she’d kill her own grandmother to get what she wanted. Brady doesn’t want to hear it. Sami scoffs and reminds her brother of all the crappy things Kristen did to her. Sami wanted to kill her the day she forced her to shoot Marlena. Brady says but she couldn’t because she was hiding in a Susan Banks disguise. Sami looks momentarily guilty. Brady talks about how Kristen thinks Chloe’s a threat to their relationship. “Is she?” Sami asks. Brady lies that he doesn’t have feelings for Chloe but Sami can tell. He admits that it’s true and he told Chloe he wouldn’t do anything about it. Sami blows up. Why did he do that? Brady’s confused. It sounds like she wants him to be with Kristen. Sami denies that vehemently but she believes in family sticking together. Brady agrees with that sentiment. He goes to read to Rachel and she calls Lucas. “Did you profess your undying love?” Lucas winces, “Well, I wouldn’t say undying.”

brady loves chloe days

“Susan” appears in Kate’s room at the mansion. “You’re never gonna pull that off, honey,” she says as she watches Kate pack something sexy. Kate is annoyed and asks why she’s there. “Susan” had a premonition and someone is after Kate. She needs to pack and leave town. Kate says this is strange. She’s going away with Jake. “Susan” frowns. She can’t go with him! She offers to help Kate pack but Kate asks her to leave. “Susan” gets angry and Kristen’s own voice comes out. Kate notices and grabs her by the wig and rips it off. Kristen tries to keep up the act but Kate knows it’s Kristen. Why is she there and not in prison. Kristen explains and shares that Vivian knows and is threatening to expose her unless she drives a wedge between Kate and Jake. Kate shrugs. Just tell Vivian they broke up. She’s in prison. Kristen begs. If Brady finds out what she did, she’ll lose him. Kate doesn’t care. Kristen is desperate and hits Kate over the head with a glass. Kate goes down, unconscious. Kristen pulls her behind the sofa and Jake walks in. He sees Susan. “Who the hell are you?”

kate unwigs susan days

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Chanel buys champagne at Julie’s Place, thinking that once her mother is finished with her meeting, they’ll have enough money to pay off the bottle and anything else they want. She and Xander drink to that. Paulina shows up and Chanel tells her mother that she’s sorry. He won’t divorce her without ten million dollars. “That’s fair, wouldn’t you say?” Paulina breaks into laughter. “This is extortion.” Her answer? “When hell freezes over.” Chanel begs. Paulina doesn’t want her daughter anywhere near him but she’s afraid she doesn’t have that kind of money. It’s not her fault that Chanel is stuck with Xander. She gets up to leave and Xander starts throwing out numbers. She refuses him at any price. Chanel says she’s talked to Lani and knows she’s worth more. She wants to make something of her life. Paulina’s glad to hear. But Chanel says she can’t do that if Xander is anchoring her down. Xander keeps bargaining down from 10 million to 5 million and still, Paulina’s unconvinced. She finally agrees to a million and writes a check. Xander and Chanel look at each other on the sly. Paulina writes the check for 100K. Xander’s pissed, but that’s all he’s getting. He stares at the check. “It’s not gonna get any fatter from you just staring at it.” Chanel asks what the hell he’s doing. “That’s only fifty thousand each.” Paulina crows, “Each? I beg your pardon!”

paulina refuses xander days of our lives

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