Gabi & Jake Manipulate Philip, and Ciara and Ben Become Emotional at Oak Alley Plantation

In the Tuesday, September 15, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ben and Ciara visit Oak Alley, Bonnie reveals all to Justin, and Nicole lies to Rafe. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with Tuesday’s Days recap: Gabi and Jake manipulated Brady.

(Note: Today I decided that because the ratings are so low on this show, and this section is the least read, though I still love Days of our Lives, and still plan on watching the show from 1-1:30 daily and tweeting about it on Twitter, I’ll be recapping Bold and the Beautiful, and then watching the second half of Days. Feel free to join me on Twitter or read the B&B recaps which will be posted at 2 PM EST!)

At SPD, Bonnie’s shocked that Justin has agreed to be her lawyer. Rafe goes and she reminds him of the Buddy Bucks scam in 2003. He recalls a scratch-and-win ticket for a million dollars but that there was no winner. Bonnie explains that Harrison Lord worked there and kept the winning ticket for himself. Justin knows it would have been illegal for him to cash it in since he was an employee. She flashes to Harrison giving her the ticket and telling her to put it somewhere safe. She hid it in her bra and he and Calista laughed. They explain that she needs to get the payout. They’ll all get a cut. Bonnie felt bad so Harrison sent Calista to get some burgers while he worked on Bonnie. She worried they’d get caught. Once Calista left, Harrison hit on Bonnie and when she rebuffed him, he grabbed her arm hard and when she struggled, he ripped her blouse. He talked about her liking it rough and she pulled a gun out. He came at her again and the gun went off. Harrison was blown away. Calista returned and yelled, “Bonnie, what have you done?” Bonnie sobs as she tells Justin that she killed the man. She ran off and Calista never came after her. She didn’t cash the ticket because it was blood money. Besides, it literally had blood all over it. She flushed it down the toilet. She talks about the past, David’s death and that Justin has forgiven so much. She’s sorry. She admits she didn’t invite Calista to the wedding. She lied. She thought he’d be obligated to turn her in if he learned the truth. She talks about Calista bringing the gun that killed Harrison and details what Calista was going to do. She refused to steal money from Justin so stole Xander’s.  It was probably dirty, anyway. She did it all to save her future with him. She admits she gave Calista the money but she wanted revenge and pulled the gun on her. Justin’s shocked that the gun went off. He can see it was an accident. She tells him about Mimi killing her husband David with a fireplace poker. Justin is shocked she spent all those years in the pokey for a crime she never committed. She begs him never to tell anyone. He’s overcome with her generosity and loves her. She cries. He knows it’ll be a hard fight in court but he still intends on marrying her. They embrace, happily.

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At Basic Black, Chloe asks if Nicole has feelings for Rafe. Nic refuses to say. He’s her friend and Ava’s man. There’s no way she’ll make a play for him. Chloe asks if she’s concerned for her safety due to Ava’s crazy history but Nicole says it’s not that. “It’s about doing the right thing.” She turns the tables on her pal, knowing Philip has a reason to be jealous of Brady since Chloe admitted her feelings for Brady when he was with Kristen. She doesn’t think Chloe feels she’s made the right choice now that Brady’s alone. Chloe denies that. “Come on, we both know your feelings for Brady haven’t gone away,” Nic says, gently.

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At the square, Philip walks up as Gabi asks Brady to go to Victor. “Are you two plotting with Brady behind my back?” Gabi and Jake tell him that they’re putting Brady on notice for putting that keylogger on their computers. Brady calls them all insane and says he’s got work to do. “Chloe’s waiting for me,” he says to Philip, rubbing it in. Gabi and Jake tell Philip that Brady has been going around employees and saying that it’s only a matter of time before Chloe comes to her sense and dumps Philip. Philip tells them about finding Brady in bed with Chloe and he thinks Brady set it all up. Philip walks away in anger and Gabi and Jake pat themselves on the back for manipulating him.

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In New Orleans, Ben and Ciara are still on their honeymoon. They talk about the dinner they just had and make out, promising they’ll work it off. She feels like the luckiest girl in the world. He loves her. They make out like bandits outside of Oak Alley Plantation. She’s heard so much about this place from her mom. It’s where her parents’ love story took off. A woman comes up and says they’re closed. Ciara whines that they came an hour to be there. She tells her about her parents getting married there. The woman agrees to let them in. After a tour, Ciara realizes she only thought about the plantation as being a wonderful place. Now that she’s seen the history of slaves, she feels differently. The woman explains that she is glad that they’re able to honor those who were slaves by telling their stories. Ben gets a funny look on his face as he considers her words. They decide to leave and Ben comments that a storm is coming. The wind blows through the trees outside of the plantation.

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Brady arrives at the office. Nicole gives Chloe and Brady space and she takes off as Chloe asks if he put spyware on Philip’s computer. Brady denies it, but says, “All’s fair in love and…well, in war.” Chloe seems drawn to his talk of love. They rehash what has happened and Brady tells her that they couldn’t get around without her there at work. Brady goes and Philip tells his gal that he doesn’t want to lose her. They embrace.

Rafe runs into Nicole outside the pub. He tries to change her mind about seeing him. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea since he has feelings for her. “Who told ya that?” She admits Ava did. Rafe tries to tell her that his feelings are gone. It’s not like she had those feelings for him. “Right?” Nic lies that she doesn’t.

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Philip arrives at Basic Black and finds Philip and Chloe together. He comments that Chloe’s hanging out with the man who wants her back.