Gabi and Jake Easily Manipulate Brady, Making Him Think Philip’s Unfit to Run Titan

In the Tuesday, September 14, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Kayla runs tests on Doug for his memory issues, EJ and Xander fight, and Gwen lies to Jack again. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with Friday’s Days recap: Allie admitted to her jealousy.

Ava calls Rafe to ask him to wish her luck. She’s headed into Julie’s Place to see if she can get an interview with Julie. She admits her resume is unconventional. Inside, Philip calls Chloe to see how her day was going. He invites her to lunch but Brady asked her to finish quarterly projections. Philip’s face falls. She wouldn’t want to disappoint Brady. They decide to dine tonight. She disconnects and Nicole appears. She thinks it’s sweet that Philip called to check on her and ask her out. Chloe says it is, but she also wonders if he was just checking up on her. Back at Julie’s Place, Ava greets Philip. He asks if she’s leaning on Julie for protection money. She laughs. He doesn’t want anything to do with her. One thing he learned from her is that crime doesn’t pay. She tells him about applying there as a chef. He finds that funny. Ava’s confident she knows more than most chefs. He’s not sure it’s a suitable career path for stealing and murdering. She shrugs. She’s in a relationship with a police chief and will never go back to a life of crime. Philip doubts she’s legit but if she is, he’s happy for her. “I guess,” he says. If she hadn’t, he might want her to find somebody to break Brady’s legs for him. Ava asks what that’s about and Philip talks about dating Chloe and that he’s threatened by the man who is trying to take Chloe from him. Ava listens and says she understands how he feels. She fills him in on Rafe’s feelings for Nicole. “Why aren’t you breaking Nicole’s legs, aside from the fact that you’ve gone legit?” Ava laughs. Nicole agreed to stay away from him. Philip considers that lucky. He wishes Brady would do that. Ava thinks Rafe’s feelings for Nic are behind them but PhillyK asks if she’s past the jealousy.

philip jealous chloe days of our lives

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In the square, Gabi and Jake confront Brady about spying on Titan. Brady asks why he’d do that. Gabi reminds him he’s the competition and Jake thinks he was looking for an edge. “Is this about that keylogger incident?” Brady says he didn’t know what a keylogger was and already told Brady he wasn’t involved. “Please tell me you don’t think I’d do something about that.” Gabi says she doesn’t. She thought they were on a wild good chase. She thinks this is a vendetta from Philip. They lay it on thick, manipulating Brady into thinking that Philip really has it in for him. Brady knows the guy’s a jealous maniac and thinks he’s after his girlfriend. Jake thinks that explains a lot. Brady admits that Philip tracked Chloe down when he learned they were staying in a hotel on a business trip. Jake thinks that makes more sense now. Brady asks what he means. Gabi shares that he should hear about the way Philip talks about him around the office. Brady suggests if there are issues she may want to go to Victor. She’s not so sure she should. She asks if Brady would mind talking to Victor on her behalf. As they talk, Brady becomes suspicious. Is this really about concern for the company? He wonders if they have personal motives. Gabi Chic is her life’s work, so she considers it personal and that Philip could ruin that. Brady agrees and thinks either one of them would be a better CEO at this point. “Hah! I don’t know about that,” Jake cracks. Gabi thinks if he agrees Philip is unfit to run the company, he owes it to Victor to tell him. This is his children’s legacy. Philip appears.

jake gabi manipulating days of our lives

In SPD, Bonnie sees Calista, who gloats that her fiance has abandoned her. Calista went into evidence and got the gun. She waves it around and Bonnie closes her eyes and yells not to shoot. Rafe walks in with the gun in a bag and tells her it’s okay. He’s not there to hurt her. He wants her truth. She fills him in on the death being accidental. “It was self-defense.” Bonnie recounts how it happened and then lies that she didn’t know why she tried to kill her. “So this has nothing to do with you using this exact gun to kill her husband,” Rafe says calmly. He pulls out a letter Calista write before her death. She talks about attending the wedding at great personal risk and says Bonnie stole a million dollars belonging to her and her husband and when Harrison confronted Bonnie, she killed him. Calista held the gun, hoping she’d pay for his death. She claimed to be afraid she’d be murdered the way her husband was. Bonnie tells Rafe she was lying. Rafe tells her the evidence says otherwise. Rafe tells her if this goes to court, she’s going down.

rafe bonnie spd days of our lives

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Steve arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson told him he could use the company. Justin says his fiance is in jail for murder. “Other than that, I’m doing great.” He never wants to see her face again. “Isn’t that a little harsh?” Steve asks. Justin says Steve was right. She’s a con artist. Was he blinded by her resemblance to Adrienne? Steve reminds him they don’t know the whole story. Justin says she was ready to marry him knowing her sister-in-law was dead upstairs. Steve nods. Justin calls this an insult to Adrienne’s memory though Steve doesn’t see it that way. “You’re actually defending Bonnie?” Justin asks. Steve thinks there’s more to the story. He explains his thoughts behind that. Why did Bonnie shoot her and why was Calista there in the first place. Steve urges his friend to talk to her but Justin isn’t sure he can believe in her at all. Steve gets it but asks if he doesn’t still love her.

justin steve talk arrest days of our lives

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Back at Basic Black, Chloe tells Nicole about Philip following her on her business trip and catching her with Brady in bed. She explains it was innocent and that the men are fighting over her. She chose to stay with Philip. Nicole asks if she’s happy about that decision. Chloe was until he showed he was crazed with jealousy. She wants to be with him but his possessiveness is ruining everything. “He’s getting so paranoid that he thinks Brady’s spying on Titan.” She tells her friend about the keylogger. They agree Brady didn’t do that. She admits she agreed to stop spending time with Brady if he can prove it. Talk turns to Nicole’s divorce and then her feelings on giving her friendship a break with Rafe. “He’s with Ava now,” she says and the last thing she needs now is more trouble, knowing that Rafe has feelings for her. Chloe asks what she thinks about that.

nic advises chloe love days of our lives

Outside Julie’s Place, Steve runs into Ava. She thanks him for his advice about Rafe. He’s glad it helped her and says nothing is worse for a relationship than keeping secrets.

steve ava julies place days of our lives

Justin arrives at SPD just as Rafe’s asking Bonnie to tell him if she stole the million dollars from Calista and Harrison or not. She sobs as Justin tells her to stop talking. He’s her lawyer.