Days of our Lives Spoilers September 20-24; Fall Promos Include Possession Teasers, Plus, Julie Makes Doug’s Situation Worse

 Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24.

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Monday, September 20

Eli comforts Julie, who is deeply concerned about Doug.
Johnny reveals the secrets of Will’s script to Allie.
A troubled John confides in Abe.
Roman and Kate reminisce about their past.

Tuesday, September 21

Paulina asks for Lani’s blessing.
Allie questions John about their family’s history.
Chanel and Johnny get back on track.
Doug takes a turn for the worse.

Wednesday, September 22

Philip takes Chloe on a romantic picnic.
Victor stuns Brady with an unexpected request.
Gwen and Abigail come face-to-face.

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Thursday, September 23

EJ turns the tables on Gabi and Jake.
Ava shares a secret with Philip.
Chloe accuses Brady of conspiring with Victor.
Xander and Gwen discuss where things stand between them.

Friday, September 24

Julie inadvertently makes Doug’s situation worse.
John insists to Marlena that Johnny shouldn’t make his movie.
Abe shares exciting news with Steve and Kayla.

Teaser of what’s to come this fall.

Those of you who watched in the 1990s will get this promo right away. Those who didn’t should be aware that Marlena was possessed by the devil, twice, and he warned that he’d be back. We’re getting another possession story this week that should last until Christmas.

Check out the long fall preview for 2021 which includes the possession storyline.