Ashland’s Enraged Divulging His History and a Screaming Match Breaks Out When Billy Accuses Ash of Keeping More Secrets

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Tuesday, September 14, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, September 15. In the previous episode, Mariah and Devon became godparents. In this episode, Ashland is angered by Billy’s persistence, Victor becomes incensed with Billy’s attitude, and Billy thinks Ash made up his entire backstory to gain sympathy.

At the ranch, Ashland explains to Victoria, Nikki and Victor, Nick and Billy that he wasn’t sure if his father would come after him so he changed his name and moved around a lot. He made up a background that was a calm and stable environment. Ian and Mary Locke were proud parents. He struggles to breathe and Victoria grabs him. She tells them he’s under a tremendous amount of stress. She sits him down and is sure that they understand what it’s been like for him. Victor says his story isn’t dissimilar from his. He hopes Ash understands the need to investigate his background. Ashland understands why they insist Victoria’s in good hands. Victoria hopes this answers all their questions, “Some of them that have bordered on harassment.” Billy says it does, “But there’s still —” Victoria cuts him off. Everyone admits they still have questions though they appreciate the billionaire’s candor. Ashland tells Victoria he can handle this. “You don’t have to run interference.” She gives him the floor and Billy begins to ask a question when Victor cuts him off. “Billy Boy, this is my house and I’ll ask the questions.” He wants to know what happened to Ashland’s parents. Ashland raises his voice in anger as he talks about raging against his mother for allowing his father to abuse him. She’d look at him with his black eye and split lip and blamed him for provoking his father. Billy’s surprised that he hasn’t seen them since. Ash says they didn’t deserve any part of the success he earned in spite of them. She died a few years before his father. He wanted to forgive her but it was too late. Nikki’s sorry they didn’t get a chance to reconcile. Billy asks if they’re buried somewhere and asks for the name on their headstone. “In fact, you haven’t told us your real name, either.” Ash says he’s right. He didn’t. “And I’m not going to.” He doesn’t believe it’d serve a purpose. He has no desire to see their names dragged through the mud. Victor thinks it’s generous but they desire to know all they can about his family so they can know him. Victoria defends Ash. They do know him. Nick wants to know about his early career. Ash says there’ nothing illegal or nefarious. “Enough is enough,” He snipes. Billy disagrees. He’ll find out anyway. Ash tells him it won’t happen. He’s taken the necessary steps to block that information private. He yells at Billy that he’ll be damned if he’ll revisit it “so you can sell ad space.” Victoria defends Ash again and Billy tries once again to get Ash to tell all but Victor stops the argument. He reminds Billy that he’s not a part of this family and demands he stop yelling at his guest. They should support Victoria. “That’s it. Is that clear?” He yells. Victoria thanks her dad. Once everyone’s gone, Nikki returns home from a meeting later and says her meeting went well but she couldn’t stop thinking about how they don’t know Ashland’s real name. Victor is understanding, thinking the man is covering up a painful past, like him. He was probably bullied since he came from nothing and became a tycoon. The Mustache understands why Victoria fell for him. He defends Ash, who he thinks does right by Victoria. He took chemo so he could spend more time with their daughter. Nikki knows it helps that he’s not Billy. Victor says he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s a ne’er-do-well well and Ash is more of a man than Billy Boy ever will be.”

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Elena arrives at a dinner with Lily at Society. She complains that work was exhausting. Lily doesn’t want her to burn herself out before they get started. She jokes that she knows the Chief of Surgery who wouldn’t be happy with her throwing more work at Elena. Elena’s fine. She asks about the new bracelet Lily’s sporting. Maddie bought it for her to thank her for moving her to L.A. She’s driven and focused but shy, so she doesn’t go to any parties. Elena grins. That’s what college students tell their parents. Lily knows but believes her. She knows Maddie’s stressed about having to choose a major. They remember that age and trying to pick one. Lily admits she tells her daughter to ease up and have fun.

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At Devon’s, Moses excitedly tells Devon that his mother said he could stay in Genoa City. She’s even happy that Devon’s mentoring him. Devon asks if he mentioned that the mentoring had to do with music and Moses cringes. “Yeah, that didn’t really come up.” It wasn’t intentional, he insists but Devon reminds his brother that it was in their agreement that he has to be honest with his mother. He’ll tell her when the time is right after he’s learned a few things. Devon agrees to that.

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Nate arrives at Crimson Lights. Faith is working the counter and gets him his usual drink. She’s working to pay off the fine she got from stealing her grandpa’s truck. Nate finds that impressive. They talk about the time she spends with Moses. She calls him the best friend and influence. “No arguments from me,” Nate says. She hopes he’s not disappointed that he’s not becoming a doctor. Nate just wants his cousin’s happiness. She tries to dig for information on where Moses is taking her on their first date. Nate finds it amusing but he’s not saying anything. He goes and Moses shows up with good news that he’s staying in GC. She’s thrilled. He admits it’s why he hasn’t scheduled their date yet. He asks her if she’s free next weekend. She can’t wait. The suspense is killing her.

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Nate interrupts Elena and Lily’s work date at Society. They tell him they’re brainstorming ASK MD. Lily talks about how he’s working her too hard. Elena says she’s going to take a nap. They talk about maintaining a balance between home and work. Elena admits that people at work are careful around her since they know that they’re dating. Nate assures her they’ll get over it once they see he has no plans on abusing his power. They sit for a while and Elena repeats that she needs to sleep. He wants to do something later but she needs to go to bed for the night. He tells her to rest and he’ll check in tomorrow. “We’ll make plans.”

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Victoria ushers Ash into the living room at home, urging him to relax. They discuss what went down at the ranch. He talks about how he won’t be around forever and he doesn’t want her family’s attitude to be ‘my God, they got rid of that guy’. She comments on how clinical he is and that he has the ability to feel things so deeply. It matters to Ash that they know how much he loves her. Ash knows Billy’s paranoia stems from his own jealousy. She’s not sure about that. Ash knows that Billy doesn’t want anyone taking his place in her life. Victoria lets him know that Billy’s like a dog with a bone about things. Ash calls it addictive behavior. He needs to talk to Billy — one-on-one. Victoria’s against that. He doesn’t care. It’s not fair that Billy’s inserting himself into their life. Victoria tries to convince him to do anything but that but clearly, everything he’s done has emboldened Billy. “I need to put him in his place. I promise you, Billy won’t walk away from this conversation feeling like he’s in control this time.” Ash goes.

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At ChanceCom, Billy finds Lily to tell her about what happened at the ranch. Billy says it resembles Victor’s coming-of-age story perfectly. He thinks Ash made the entire story up to appeal to the family’s sympathy, noting that Nikki had an abusive background, too. Lily calls it cynical. What if he did escape a terrible childhood only to have them hound him in the final moments of his life for no good reason. They argue about whether Ash’s childhood should remain private. Lily doesn’t want to cause him pain. Billy doesn’t either. If what he digs up isn’t newsworthy they won’t run it. Lily yells that if Victoria were with anyone but Ashland, would he care as much? Ashland walks in and can answer that. “No. He wouldn’t care a bit!”

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Nick visits Victoria at home to see how she is. She tells him she’s angry that Billy’s acting like a brat. Nick thinks he might be looking into Ash’s past for the right reasons. He learns that Ash went to see Billy. He doesn’t think that’ll end well. Vicki calls it a last resort. Nick’s not there to discuss them. He wants to know how she’s feeling about this newfound knowledge about her fiance.

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