Days of our Lives Spoilers September 13-17; Xander & EJ Brawl, Doug’s Mental Health is Tested

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, September 13 to Friday, September 17.

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Monday, September 13

Julie and Doug consult with Kayla about Doug’s memory lapses.
Johnny tries to charm Marlena into investing in his film.
Xander and EJ get into a brawl.
Chad makes a heartfelt plea to convince Abigail to come home.

Tuesday, September 14

Philip and Ava discuss their current relationship woes.
Gabi and Jake manipulate Brady.
Steve encourages Justin to help Bonnie.
Rafe presents Bonnie with more damning evidence.

Wednesday, September 15

Bonnie tells Justin her side of the story.
Ben and Ciara visit Oak Alley.
Philip accuses Jake and Gabi of plotting with Brady.
Rafe tries to get Nicole to reconsider her decision.

Thursday, September 16

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Paulina confides in Marlena.
Johnny reaches out to Will about his film project.
Chanel and Allie celebrate their success.
Kayla administers a test to assess Doug’s mental health.

Friday, September 17

Kayla delivers test results to Julie and Doug.
John and Marlena discuss Johnny’s film, which brings up painful memories from the past.
EJ and Johnny clash over his project.
Abigail has a surprising request for Chad.

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