Audra Suggests Elena Bring JT Back to Genoa City, Christine Has a Hard Time Controlling Devon at the Hearing, and Victor Offers Jill Money

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor makes Jill an offer, Lily worries about how the arbitration is hurting Devon, and Nate and Victoria try to be sophisticated about their desires. In the previous episode, Diane was outraged catching Stark and Phyllis together, Stark vowed the Gala would be memorable and Amanda stopped Lily from talking to Devon.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 20, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 21. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jill joins Victor at the ranch. She’s late for the arbitration and asks him to cut to the chase.

Jill drinks tea as she and victor talk about what Katherine would do Y&R early recaps

He’s surprised that she’s willing to go to war with Devon. She’s not sure why he’s surprised and she takes no pleasure in what it’s doing to the siblings.

Victor knows she has a specific image for her company and wonders how Katherine would feel about what she’s doing. Jill rarely agreed with how Katherine ran things or wanted them run.

She explains that she offered Devon a good settlement and he shot it down. He’s running on emotion and sentiment rather than legal logic.

Victor still thinks it would be a shame for her to damage her relationship with Devon. He’s offering an alternative that could avoid the legal ugliness.

Jill doesn’t like it when he suggests she didn’t think the IPO choice through. He didn’t mean to imply any wrongdoing on her part.

Victor admits he sometimes thinks of taking his company public but doesn’t like the idea of dealing with shareholders. He’s sure she chose an IPO to get money, but he has a different idea.

He suggests there could be a private investor who would stay out of running the company and would guarantee it in writing.

Victor claims he’s trying to save the company for Neil’s sake and for Devon’s given how involved he is in Abby’s life. That means he’s willing to offer her the money she thinks Chancellor deserves.

Victoria is relieved when Nate walks into her office. She wants to talk budgeting but he has something else on his mind to deal with first.

victoria wants to explore her chemistry with nate

Audra spots them from the doorway and walks off.

Nate tells Victoria he hopes that what happened doesn’t change their dynamic. She urges him to give it no more thought. She even offers to apologize if she made him uncomfortable.

He says that’s not necessary. He’s sure she didn’t think she overstepped anyway.

She notes the adult chemistry between them. She’d like to see how explosive that could be but understands she has more freedom than he does.

victoria sees nate in her office

She’ll respect the choice he made. He’ll assume she means that.

Victoria is sure they are sophisticated enough to control their desires, no matter how powerful they are.

They sit and go over budgets. Eventually, he scratches his head and admits he’s having trouble focusing with the arbitration hearing happening.

Nate wishes there was something he could do for his cousins. She can understand that. There’s something powerful about having your family united.

vicky tells nate to cut himself slack

She’s impressed that he’s trying to make amends for the rift in his family. She’s been involved with unscrupulous people romantically so his moral compass is a nice change of pace.

Victoria urges him to cut himself some slack.

Elena wanders into Nate’s office but only Audra is there. She suggests they step out for a coffee and a chat.

audra pretty in red

Elena and Audra get coffee at Crimson Lights. Elena admits she has trouble with how much time Nate devotes to work.

elena hurt because audra thinks nate and victoria are doing something other than business

Audra can understand her concerns and suggests that Nate and Victoria’s relationship doesn’t seem like a “normal employer-employee dynamic.” She’s not sure they are always focused on business.

She senses there is a lot more going on. This must be difficult for Elena to hear. She senses things are heading in a physical direction.

Elena doesn’t know what to do with this information. She’s not sure why Nate would jeopardize things. “Some men are like that,” says Audra.

After pondering her options, Audra assumes Elena won’t sit back and do nothing. Elena is sure Victoria has Nate where she wants him.

Audra has an idea of how to change the status quo in her favor. She explains what a “colorful” life Victoria has had and her numerous romantic couplings.

audra tells elena that nate has something going on with victoria

They talk about what happened with JT. Audra says that he has been released from prison. Wouldn’t his life make an interesting story on Elena’s medical podcast?

This would also be a flashy way to relaunch her podcast. Elena doesn’t want to exploit anyone for ratings.

Audra says it would be healing for everyone and it would let her work directly with Nate on something. Maybe the love between JT and Victoria hasn’t died either.

Elena mulls this over. She’s not sure that getting people to relive traumas to stop Victoria from stealing her boyfriend is acceptable.

Although the podcast is off the table, Audra has given her a lot to think about.


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At Chancellor-Winters, Amanda tells Devon that it made perfect sense for Lily to call her in on this case since she knows more about it than anyone else. This is just an extension of it.

devon meets with angry amanda and lily

He reminds her this is about right and wrong and his history with his father. She thinks that’s a joke.

Amanda is there to win. Watching him lose is just a perk.

Christine joins them and heads inside with her client. She tells him not to let them get under his skin. He’s already looking rattled.

Christine and devon prepare for hearing

Lily and Amanda join them along with the arbitrator. Devon notes that Jill is not there and Amanda explains she will be joining them soon.

Christine explains Devon’s relationship with his adoptive parents and how the company is a shining example of the importance of family. She suggests that Lily and Jill preyed on Devon’s love of family and coerced him into merging.

christine at the hearing for devon and lily Y&R recaps

Amanda has to look away to stop from making spaces. She starts scribbling and Devon nods along as Christine continues to make his case.
The lawyer insists that Devon just wants to walk away with the company he created with his father.

Taking her turn, Amanda says that Devon’s work with the company was admirable, but the reasons he had for agreeing to the merger are not germane.

amanda practically rolls her eyes at the hearing

He entered a contract that did not promise the company would remain private. He’s asking the courts to help him breach his own contract, a move that risks doing irreparable damage to the company.

Amanda says the contract was fair and all parties agreed to its compromises. The only that has changed through this process is Devon’s desires.

He’s not allowed to change the rules in the middle of the game. The only person guilty of breaking the agreement has been him.

Christine urges Devon to stay calm and he asks for an early recess.

devon in the hearing, not happy

Amanda and Lily go to Crimson Lights. Lily admits she’s feeling torn about the harm this case could be doing to Devon.


Amanda reminds her it’s her job to use all her weapons to throw Devon off. He brought this on himself.

The lawyer tells her that everyone who knows her knows she deserves the company and Devon is ripping it away for selfish reasons. She admits that she’s using what Devon did to her to her advantage.

“You have to let me work my way,” Amanda says. Even if Lily is torn, Jill isn’t.

Devon and Christine go to Society. She tells him that his sister and Amanda’s strategy of attack is clearly working on him.

He vents that his ex clearly wants to watch everything he built be burned to the ground.

She tells him to vent with her not in arbitration because if he blows up, it could ruin their case.

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