After Watching How Electric Hope and Thomas are Working Together, Steffy Questions Hope’s Feelings for Thomas

In the Tuesday, March 21, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy questions Hope about feeling something for Thomas, while Bill complains about Sheila and Deacon asks Sheila to come over.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Ridge and Bill discussed how the sting operation started as Hope asked Deacon if there’s something going on with him that he’s not telling her.

Petra models a pink gown and as Steffy admires his work, the model makes goo-goo eyes at Thomas and asks him out for a drink. petra models for forrester creationsHe refuses. Maybe another time.

She goes and Steffy questions him.

His focus is on being a better person, father, and brother. Steffy’s proud of him.

steffy loves thomas gown

Thomas hopes Dad feels the same. Steffy is worried about their father.

It’s been so long since he’s been home. Hope interrupts having seen his gown.

She loves it. Thomas vows that it’s just one of the many designs he hopes she likes.

He shows her another one and helps him with some changes.

She thinks his designs are dramatic and it’s good to have him back.

hope loves thomas' new gown

He’s thankful and asks if it’s going to be a problem.

She says no. They’re going to create buzz together.

Steffy watches the two and flashes back to telling Thomas that Hope thinks he’s hot.

Thomas runs to the design room and notices Steffy’s expression.

sheila thinks hope likes thomas

She asks if there’s something wrong with encouraging Thomas.

Steffy thought she’d be more reserved. Hope was surprised at how easily they fell back in step with each other.

Steffy asks if she means only in business. She wonders how this will play out with Liam’s feelings for her brother and Hope’s.

“Mine? Steffy, what are you insinuating?” Hope asks.

hope denies feelings for thomas

At FBI headquarters, Ridge urges Bill to get home. He needs to get Sheila to talk more.

Bill’s on a donut break. He needs this before he has to go home to Sheila.

Ridge argues that he’s sitting there with Chen

ridge tells bill to get home and get sheila confessing

Meanwhile, Deacon rushes Sheila to get over there.

She needs to get home before Bill returns. She fixes her hair in the mirror and Bill shakes his head.

“It makes me want to vomit in my mouth sharing a bed with her, watching her walk around my floors with nine grimy toes.”

Chen says to step it up. Get her confession. 

ridge, bill and the fbi agent watch sheila

At home, Deacon apologizes to Sheila for hanging up on her.

He wants her to come over. It’s urgent.

deacon upset after calling sheila



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Bill, Ridge and the FBI agent watch and Bill asks if she knows her phone is bugged.

Ridge says no. Bill’s glad because he’s worked too hard and sacrificed too much for this to fall apart now.

Sheila arrives at Deacon’s and asks what’s going on. He says they need to talk.

She almost rolls her eyes. That’s why she’s there. He says he put a lot on the line for her. She knows. He shows her each time they’re together.

sheila goes to deacons house

She admits she doesn’t have time for it today. He says they can’t be together again.

He tells her about how proud Hope is of what he’s doing with his life. He’s worried she’ll find out about them. This has to end. Sheila laughs. He can’t stop seeing her. He admits he can’t.

deacon and sheila

Back at FBI, they learn Sheila did go over to Deacon’s house.

Ridge finds what she did to Steffy and Finn despicable. “She has to go away for first-degree murder,” Bill says.

The agent says she’s the person of interest in a few other murders.

They talk up Bill, reminding him she trusts him.

Bill knows she’ll be gone if she realizes it’s a setup. Bill whines that he’s sickened having to tell her he is in love with Sheila.

bill hates having to tell sheila he loves her

The agent leaves and Ridge tries to remind Bill they knew this is what it’d be like. It’s temporary, he reminds his frenemy.

Bill worries it’s time without family that he can’t get back. Ridge knows but at least they will live without fear when this is over. He’s executing this perfectly.

Bill says he doesn’t need reviews. He just has to focus and get to the endgame. An exasperated Ridge says, “Then do that!”

He has concerns about Deacon. Ridge reminds him that he has what Sheila needs.

Not Deacon. Bill nods. “All he can make her is pizza and license plates.” Ridge laughs.

“It pains me to say this because I don’t want to like you but this is working because of you.”

They argue a little since Bill’s in a mood and RIdge is sorry but they need her confession.

ridge tells bill to focus


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