Trina Wants Charges Against Esme Dropped, Liesl’s Stricken With Bad News While Esme Gets a Cryptic Message

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 16, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Gregory never wants to see Alexis again, Heather reaches out to Esme, and Sonny tells Nina there was an incident.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Cam announced he was leaving Port Charles, Gregory nearly collapsed, and Esme refused to let Kevin and Laura look after her baby.

At the penthouse, Sonny refuses to justify allowing Dex staying there to Spencer.

Once Dex steps out, sonny reminds his nephew to watch his tone.

spencer is annoyed dex is living with him

Dex is the last person that Spencer wants to spend time around right now. He explains that Cam is leaving and Joss dumped Cam to get with Dex.

Sonny reminds him he has Diane working for him to get custody and tells him to co-exist peacefully with Dex.

sonny listens to spencer venting about dex

Once Sonny exits, Dex pops up.

They bicker and Spencer accuses him of lying to Sonny about Joss.

spencer confronts dex about joss

Trina shows up at Spring Ridge to visit Esme.

She recognizes her name as one of the people she did things to.

esme knows who trina is

Esme asks why she hated her so much. She is glad she doesn’t think about what the person she was considered to be or remember anything about it.

She doesn’t want anything to do with that person.

Esme just wants to raise her baby and defensively declares that Spencer can’t have him.

Trina says she’s not there for Spencer and he has nothing to do with this.

She wanted to see the baby for herself. She asks Esme if this is the best place for the child.

trina asks esme what she remembers

Esme insists he needs her and she needs him. Trina can see how she loves him.

Explaining that her lawyer doesn’t think she’s responsible because of her father’s influence, Esme adds she doesn’t think she should be punished for things she can’t even remember.

esme doesn't think she should be punished

She has to put the baby down for his nap. Before Trina leaves, Esme asks if she came to see if she’s lying. Trina admits it.

“I’m not lying. I don’t have any memory of my life before this and I don’t think I ever will,” Esme says, walking off.

At Kelly’s, Cam reminds Joss of how many times he’s had to listen to her venting about being surrounded by mobsters and guns.

That’s all she’s going to get with Dex.

cam lectures joss about dex

She insists Dex is different and he doesn’t need to worry about her.

She wants Cam to go to Stanford and be a star.

He needs to get back to work. Things are awkward.

He assures her they are good and asks her to be happy.

cam and joss are okay with each other

Trina calls and asks her and Cam to meet her and Spencer at Sonny’s place.

Joss and Cam head over to Sonny’s.

Dex answers the door and Spencer bellows at him to show his guests inside.

After Dex goes to his room, the three friends wonder why Trina called them together.

joss and cam arrive to meet spencer

She bustles in and tells them she went to see Esme.

Trina says that is Esme has been faking she’s very convincing.

That’s why she wants to go to the DA and ask him to drop the charges against her.

trina tells her friends she wanst the DA to drop teh charges

Joss points out it doesn’t work that way. Trina insists this is for the baby.

If they prosecute Esme now, there’s a good chance she will get off and could eventually go back to her old ways.

If they hold off on charges now, she can be charged in the future. They all agree to this.

After they call Diane to set up a meeting, Spencer thanks Trina for what she’s doing for his baby brother.

She doesn’t think Esme is a threat. He hopes she’s right.

Back at Spring Ridge, Esme receives a letter from Heather. She throws it on the floor.

Picking it up, she opens it and reads.

esme shocked to see letter from heather webber

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At the Metro Court, Alexis asks Gregory if he’s already. He’s slurring so she asks if he’s been drinking.

alexis asks gregory why he's slurring his words

He leans against the wall and assures her he hasn’t been drinking.

She pushes and asks for his car keys when he claims he has an appointment.

This offends him.

He hands him the keys and tells her to leave them with the concierge.

Gregory never wants to see her again and storms off.

gregory hands alexis his keys

Alexis returns to Sam and tells her Gregory was slurring and unstable.

She got his keys because he wasn’t in a condition to drive.

She’s never seen him like this before.

alexis tells sam about gregory's behavoir

Alexis admits that he was right in accusing her of being self-righteous and projecting her alcoholism on him.

But something isn’t right. He was hostile and defensive.

She’s sure he’s hiding something.

Sam talks to the bar staff and learns he wasn’t served. Alexis says it could be something else.

Liesl stops by Nina’s. she’s eager for news on all the tests. Obrecht complains that Terry runs the lab a lot slower than she did. Nina is panicking about Willow getting treatment.

liesl complains to nina about scott's betrayal

Scott calls. Liesl won’t answer. She says it’s the tenth call today and he should get the hint.

She’s not forgiving him for siding with Liz.

Nina reminds her he only knew the details after the fact but Obrecht insists he still sided against her family.

Her niece reminds her not to shut out someone who loves her.

nina encourages obrecht not to push scott away

Sonny arrives. The hospital calls Obrecht and she walks off to take it.

When she returns, she explains that she will be the stem cell donor but there is a problem.

sonny interrupts liesl and nina as they wait for call

At the Quartermaine estate, Carly fawns over the baby as Maxie tries to talk to her about the Ball. Maxie joins in.

maxie talks to michael and willow

Chase shows up to get a peek at the baby. Brook Lynn lets him in and says the baby reminds her a lot of Bailey when she was that age.

blq answers door to chase

They reminisce about him using the baby’s soap.

Maxie comes out and sends Chase in. She immediately starts quizzing BLQ about Chase.

chase annoyed by maxie asking about chase

Meanwhile, Chase hangs out with baby Amelia and her family.

Willow tells him how lucky she is. She’s just trying to keep the faith.

Today they should know if Liesl can be a donor.

chase hangs out with willow, michael and baby

When Chase heads out, Brook Lynn abruptly tells him she wants him…for the Nurses’ Ball.

blq tells chase she wants him

He agrees to it and will talk to Blaze. As he leaves, she stands there stunned.

Back in the main room, Carly checks on her son, sure that watching Willow struggle is heartbreaking for him.

He admits it’s hard. They can’t lose her. She has to be okay.

michael tells carly how hard watching willow is

His mom hugs him and says it will be okay.

Obrecht arrives. She explains that Terry has cleared her to donate but the transplant has been put on hold.

They have to wait until the anti-coagulants she’s taking clear her system.

She apologizes and Carly shows her out. Michael asks Willow how she feels.

She claims she’s fine and holds her baby.

willow talks issues with delaying surgery

Willow tells Michael that her family gives her strength and she will hold on as long as necessary.

Back at Nina’s, she worries to Sonny that they can’t afford to wait.

Willow needs the donation now.

He comforts her and she asks why he has added bodyguards outside. Sonny explains there was an incident last night.

When she asks about it, he reminds her that she didn’t want to know anything about her business. She wonders if she should worry.

nina and sonny snuggle on sonny's sofa GH recaps

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