Cam Announces He’s Leaving Port Charles, Gregory Nearly Collapses, and Esme Refuses to Let Kevin and Laura Look After Her Baby

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, March 15, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Kristina has a business proposition for Sonny, Cam urges Joss to stay away from Dex, and Liz prepares for her meeting with the review board.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Finn told Victor he was deliberately poisoned and Victor accused Laura as Anna barked at Lucy for trying to run off.

Dex stumbles around Sonny’s penthouse putting his shirt on when Joss calls. She asks what he was doing last night. He flashes back to getting shot and tells her he was working late.

sonny thanks dex GH recaps March 15, 2023

He has to get off the line when he hears Sonny coming. The boss asks who he was talking to. Dex claims it was spam.

They wonder where Spencer took off to. Sonny expects them to co-exist.

Kristina barges in and asks her dad how bad it is. Her father says it’s nothing he can’t handle.

After Dex hobbles out with his bag of bandages, Kristina tells her father she has a business proposition for him.

kristina business proposition GH recaps March 15, 2023

She pitches her own restaurant to him. All she needs is seed money. He’s happy to give it to her but wonders where this is coming from.

Kristina can see her sisters mapping out their futures and she wants more for herself.

He says there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s not a competition. He points out she won’t have as much time to be one on one with people or do charity work if she’s running her own business.

kristina likes working at youth center tells sonny

Dex eavesdrops as Sonny encourages his daughter to do what will make her the happiest. As he shows her out, he tells her how proud he is of her.

Once she’s gone, Dex comes out. Sonny tells him how much he loves his daughter. They get each other. That makes him feel lucky.

sonny dex talk family GH recaps March 15, 2023

Liz wanders into General Hospital and corners Portia. She’s sorry about what happened at the wedding. Portia is sorry today might be her last day at the hospital.

liz talks to portia about hiding esme and how she regrets it all

They head into an exam room to discuss their problems. The doctor explains she kept a big secret from Trina and Curtis and they won’t forgive her.

When Liz takes her turn, she admits all the rumors about her have been true. She explains what she did with Nikolas.

liz portia talk deceptions GH recaps March 15, 2023

They compare how they rationalized their choices and wonder why they do crazy things to themselves.

They assure each other they will always be friends.


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Gregory joins his sons at the Metro Court. They joke that they have been coming in second lately… to Alexis.

chase taunts gregory

He tells them “that woman” treated him like he was under investigation rather than as a friend. She didn’t respect his boundaries.

His sons need more of an explanation. Reluctantly, he admits he’s on a break from teaching this semester. His sons look worried.

gregory on general hospital

Chase encourages him to work things out with Alexis. The brothers head back to work.

Alexis is sitting with Sam across the room. She loses her appetite when she spots Gregory. Her daughter asks what happened.

alexis sam talk gregory GH recaps March 15, 2023

Alexis explains he did something worse than not hitting on her, he lied to her.

Sam asks what he lied about and why he looks so upset. Her mom admits she went over his head but claims she was trying to give him something he wanted.

She’ll admit she was interfering but is sure something is going on.

Her daughter encourages her to sort things out with Gregory.

Alexis and Gregory cross over to each other. They talk about spending time with their kids.

gregory tells alexis he's just fine and she tells him she cares about him

He told his sons he’s not going back to PCU but that’s all he said. She doesn’t want their friendship to end over this. Neither does he.
He nearly collapses. She’s shocked.

GH recaps March 15, 2023

Stuttering, he claims he’s okay. She wonders if he’s been drinking.

When Finn gets to the hospital, he bumps into Liz. She’s nervous and hoping the review board will see past her mistakes.
He’ll be there for her no matter what.

Laura and Kevin are startled when they find Spencer at Spring Ridge. Esme comes out and demands to know what her ex is doing there.

laura appalled when she gets to spring ridge

Laura and Kevin make it clear they didn’t bring him and tell him to go. Spencer refuses, declaring his brother does not belong in a prison.

His grandmother whispers he needs to let her gain Esme’s trust.

Strutting over to Esme, Spencer declares this isn’t over and exits.

The three of them sit down and Esme tells them how confused she’s been. Discovering how terrible her parents are was disturbing. Nikolas and Spencer aren’t much better.

esme happy to see kevin and laura who visited at spring ridge

Laura assures her they actually love the baby. Esme asks if she’s just working her to take the child away for Nikolas.

They can understand why she is suspicious. Kevin reminds her that he’s her uncle and he hopes she can come to count on his as someone she can trust.

The mayor asks if prison is really the best place for a baby. This sets Esme off but Laura urges her to consider whether she really wants to raise a child in this environment.

Kevin encourages her to use this time to find herself so she can get a fresh start. Laura adds the baby’s only options are not the Cassadines or prison.

esme looks out for baby GH recaps March 15, 2023

The baby’s grandparents would love to look after him until she comes out and her life is settled. They’ve done it before. Charlotte is living with them right now.

Esme says it’s too complicated. When she looks at Kevin, she sees her father and when she looks at Laura she sees Nikolas and Spencer.

She has to trust her instincts and that means keeping her son with her. Esme returns to her room with the baby.

laura kevin esme baby GH recaps March 15, 2023

Laura weeps and tells Kevin that no matter what anyone says, that girl loves that baby.

Joss meets with Trina outside of Kelly’s. They hug and head in. Cam called them together.

When they ask why they are all together, he says they need to wait until Spencer arrives. He doesn’t want to have this conversation more than once.

cam announces leaving GH recaps March 15, 2023

As they gossip, he flashes back to catching Joss with Dex and clams up.

Spencer arrives and fills them in on visiting Esme and the baby at Spring Ridge.

With the four of them trashing Esme, Cam gets wistful and tells them it almost feels like old times. He’ll miss that.

“I’m leaving Port Charles,” he announces. He explains he got an athletic sponsorship at Stanford in California.

They congratulate him. Spencer thinks this is BS and asks the real reason he’s leaving. He assumes this is about Esme.

spencer doubts cam's story GH recaps March 15, 2023

Joss doesn’t think they should be blaming anyone for this. Spencer rants about Esme getting away with everything and storms out.

After Trina leaves, Cam and Joss talk about how hard the goodbyes will be. They will miss each other.

cam says goodbye to joss

She’s surprised when he announces he thinks they can be friends after all. As her friend, he urges her to stay away from Dex.

He thinks she’s changing herself for Dex and it’s inevitable he will get hurt. She flashes back to dealing with wounded Dex.

jss listens cam GH recaps March 15, 2023

When Spencer returns to the penthouse, he locks eyes with Dex and demands to know why he’s there.

Sonny informs him Dex will be staying there for awhile.

Trina goes to Spring Ridge to meet with Esme.

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