Ciara Annuls Her Marriage to Ben — & Nicole and Eric Break up and He Leaves Salem

In the Tuesday, July 20, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Theo and Ciara will marry tomorrow, and Allie and Chad will stand up for them, meanwhile, Sami confesses to EJ. In case you missed out, on Monday’s Days of our Lives episode, Xander was punched in the face by Eric after revealing he had sex with Nicole.

Claire arrives at Ben’s room to tell him she thinks she can convince her mother to help him fight the divorce.

claire tries help ben days of our lives

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Ciara hugs Allie at Julie’s Place. They missed each other. Ciara has something to ask her.

Lucas finds Philip drinking alone at the pub. He asks where everyone is, what went wrong. “Let’s just say the party’s over.” He fills his brother in and then talk turns to Sami. Lucas wishes he used that letter Kristen wrote about Sami cheating. He tosses it in the bin behind the bar.

philip lucas alone days of our lives

At their apartment, Eric has packed his stuff. He stomps to the door and tells her he’s taking the next flight out of Salem. She asks if he’s going back to his village in Africa. “Why don’t we just call it what it really is. Running away!” She tells him she degraded herself with a man who abused her and Eric spent the first year of his marriage in another country. They didn’t get to touch. “So here’s Nicole, The Scarlet Woman. Bad, bad bad. And here’s Eric, running back to his good work, back to a world where he does good for others and no one asks a damned thing of him.” She reminds him that all he talked about was his work. All she had to talk about was how lonely she was, and that Holly was teething. He asked all the right questions but it was like he didn’t want to hear the answers. Eric’s sorry. But Xander? She hates him as much as he does. Nicole still loves Eric but isn’t sure it matters anymore. Eric cries and looks at her, devastated. She tells him that she may have to accept that their marriage is over but she won’t accept him just slipping away. The least he can do is talk to her like she’s his wife, she says, sobbing. They talk about his decision to go to Africa and how she didn’t have a choice but to allow him to go where he wanted to. She was okay with it but didn’t think she’d be alone for so long. She felt so alone. It doesn’t excuse her for sleeping with Xander. It’s the worst mistake she made in her life. But she needs to understand how it happened so she can forgive herself and go on because she has a daughter and others who need her. Eric says she should have told him how bad things were getting. She tried. She admits she wrote an email but never sent it. She wonders if she slept with Xander to get Eric’s attention. She wanted to blow things up. “That’s the one thing I’m good at. Self-destruction.” She didn’t see it coming. “I didn’t want to beg my husband to want to be on the same continent as me.” She cries and Eric admits, “You’re right. This is as much my fault as it is yours.” She’s right. He was running away. He’s sorry. She thinks she’s the best version of herself with him and he’s the best version of himself without her. The marriage is done. He cries. They agree to let him chat with Holly. Eric can’t let her go. She tells him he has to and they both cry and kiss. “I’ll always love you,” he tells her. She says, “And I will always, always love you.” He goes and she sobs on the floor.

eric angry nic cheated days of our lives

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At home, EJ questions what sin Samanther has committed that Nicole was referring to. Sami flashes to cheating on him with Lucas. Sami calls it a “shot in the dark. Classic Nicole.” Sami takes off her necklace as they discuss Xander’s reveal. Sami calls him a ticking time bomb. “With a flair for the dramatic,” EJ agrees. “Who does that remind me of?” Sami doesn’t want to discuss it but EJ keeps pushing. She admits she’s glad it’s over but is sorry to see Eric in pain. EJ cross-examines her and she snaps that she feels like she’s in the witness box. EJ finds it odd that she never mentioned Nicole possibly stepping out. She claims she was trying to protect her brother. EJ wonders why Xander would make a spectacle of himself. What was in it for him? Sami finally confesses she paid Xander a million dollars to spill it all. EJ doesn’t seem surprised or fazed. He finds Eric tedious but he’s a good man, a good husband. “Faithful.” After everything EJ did to her, she was faithful to a man who didn’t deserve it. Nicole betrayed Eric in the first year of their marriage, which means he can understand why Sami did what she did. She looks close to tears as they hug.

sami confesses days of our lives

Theo visits Chad at the mansion for a chess re-match. He says Ciara’s marriage was annulled and he’s getting married to her. He wants Chad to be his best man. Theo admits she married Ben last year. Theo doesn’t like that she’s using their marriage as payback against Ben. Chad doesn’t think it changes how she feels about Theo.

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Back at Julie’s Place, Ciara says her grandfather arranged for a judge to give her an annulment. Ciara asks Allie to be her maid of honor. Allie asks if she’s purposefully, marrying Theo on the same day she married Ben. Ciara wants to take that day back.  She and Theo are marrying tomorrow. Allie says she was so happy on her wedding day to Ben but Ciara argues that the place was blown up because of him. Allie talks about his tough childhood and mental illness and his motivation to get better. Ciara’s heard it all before. Allie keeps it up, calling them the picture of happiness. “And everyone thought it was forever.” She’s about to tell her the vows but Ciara begs her not to. She doesn’t remember and doesn’t want to. Allie apologizes. Ciara can’t believe she married that psychopath. She loves Theo. He makes her feel safe. Theo arrives and Allie agrees to be the maid of honor. Theo tells Ciara that Chad will be his best man. They kiss.

theo ciara getting married days of our lives

Back at Ben’s, Claire gets off a call with Belle and tells Ben that Ciara told her dad that she and Theo are getting married tomorrow. She pressures Ben not to give up so he says he won’t allow them to marry.

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