Eric Reacts Violently After a Painful Reveal That Nicole Cheated on Him With Xander

In the Monday, July 19, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Xander reveals that he is the one who had sex with Nicole, while everyone questions if Sami had anything to do with the reveal. In case you missed out, on Friday’s Days of our Lives episode, Xander revealed that Nicole cheated on Eric.

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At the pub, after Xander reveals that Nicole has been cheating on Eric. “She shagged another man.” Eric tells Xander to get out before he throws him out. Nicole says he wants to ruin their night. Eric knows he’s lying. Roman steps in and offers to “get this clown out of here.” Xandy says it’s decent of him to fly back just before his anniversary. He thinks Eric’s stupid for leaving his wife for so long. Sami pretends to EJ that she’s shocked and feels bad for her brother. Xander drinks some wine and winces at the taste and then tells Eric, “It was me and she loved every minute of it.” Eric calls Xandy the last man on earth his wife would want to sleep with. Brady tries to get in Xander’s face but Eric can handle him. He reminds Xander that she never had sex with him when they were married. Xander explains how it happened, that Nic was drunk at the pub. Roman doesn’t recall.

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Xander says he wasn’t tending bar. “You know how I know? Because the drinks weren’t watered down.” Xander throws Sami under the bus and tells Eric that she knows. “She saw Nicole and me going into Salem Inn.” Sami tells him she did see that, but Brady was in critical condition and that’s why she didn’t say anything. She wanted to find out more before she said anything. Eric asks if Nicole went to his room. Nicole lies. Sami admits that the Inn didn’t have a record of her staying there. Nicole yells that she showed her the receipt. Sami finds it odd that she was carrying a corporate receipt around. Brady lies and says he told Nicole to hold on to the receipt so she could reimburse the company. Xander admits Nicole was furious that Eric left her for three more months and she wanted to get back at him. Xander gloats that she had the time of her life and Eric can’t take it anymore. He punches Xander in the face. Xander goes down and everyone grabs Eric and hauls him off Xander before he can punch him some more. Xander’s not fazed. He gloats more about the dirty details and admits that’s why she hired him at Basic Black before he is escorted out of the pub, self-satisfied. Roman wraps Eric’s hand in ice and tries to talk him down but Eric stares at Nicole’s face as everyone tries to figure out if it’s true. John talks to Marlena, who says she knows Nicole did it. She could see the pain in her face when Xander confessed. “She was stammering. At least that’s my take on it.” She hopes she’s wrong.

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At Alice’s, Xander opens his briefcase and tells himself he got a cool million just for a punch to the jaw. He starts to count the money, wondering if Sami cheated him since she didn’t have a problem outing Nicole. He closes it as Brady turns up and asks why Xander destroyed her marriage in the most hurtful and humiliating way. Xander covers and Brady fires him. Brady sees money sticking out of the briefcase and realizes someone paid him off. Xander grabs the briefcase.

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Back at the pub, EJ and Sami discuss their own marital issues. She reminds him they’ve been over this. He’s just thankful she stood by him and didn’t turn to another man. “I would have lost my mind.” They hug. Nearby, Chloe tells Nicole to take a few deep breaths. Eric won’t believe Xander. Nicole cries. She thinks he believes Xander. Eric asks her for the truth. Chloe tells Eric that Nicole hired Xander because she needed a leave of absence. Sami tries to step in and Marlena asks her to mind her business. She asks everyone to give them time to work this out on their own. Eric asks for the truth. “I am so sorry,” she says, sobbing. Everyone looks shocked and saddened. Eric takes off and Marlena and Roman go after him while Nicole blames Sami. Sami asks if she’s never heard of the ten commandments, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Nicole smirks and quotes the bible herself about “Let she without sin cast the first stone.” She takes off. Belle feels awful, but Sami shrugs it off. They should have realized this would happen. She and EJ go and everyone takes off while Belle wonders if Sami had something to do with Xander outing Nicole. John defends Sami but Belle doesn’t think Sami gave thought to how this would affect Eric.

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Eric arrives home and slides down the door. He sits on the floor and flashes to everything that happened. Roman and Marlena turn up and he lets them in. They comfort him as he weeps. Eric can’t believe he spent 14 hours on a plane to be with her and she doesn’t care about their marriage. Roman defends Nicole. She does care about it. Eric just wants to be alone. His parents are sorry. They go and Eric flashes to kissing Nicole when he first came home. He smashes a vase and thinks about sex with her. Nicole arrives and they stare at each other, looking devastated.

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Sami and EJ arrive home and she starts undoing his tie. She wants to shower together. He asks if she had anything to do with the reveal.

At the townhouse, Belle and John have tea and John starts to wonder if Sami really did arrange for Eric to go through this. Maybe she thought Eric needed to know the truth. Belle says she could have told him privately. What she did was cruel. John isn’t sure he would have believed her if she went to him on her own. Belle agrees. Roman and Marlena turn up and tell them that Eric’s not doing well.

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Chloe wanders in to Alice’s. Xander takes off and Chloe tells him that Nicole accused Sami of setting Nicole up. Meanwhile, at the pub, Philip cleans up and texts Chloe that he’s still there and to let him know if she needs him. He’ll wait as long as it takes.

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