Amanda, Victor & Imani Set Sutton Up & His Admission Shocks Them

The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Monday, July 19, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, July 20. In the previous episode, Adam learned that Phyllis vowed to take Tara and Sally down. In this episode, Mariah finally texts everyone, while Nikki and Adam have a talk, and Amanda finds that Naya’s gone missing.

At home, Victor calls Sutton. Has he reviewed his proposal? Sutton wonders if he can trust him. Victor offers to give him the letter and one day, Sutton will return a favor. “The clock is ticking.” Sutton seems rattled, while Adam shows up and asks Victor to talk shop. He has too much on his mind and goes. Nikki appears and asks if Adam is okay. They talk about Victor’s preoccupation. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him. Adam heard from Chelsea who says Anita is on the mend and Connor is happy. Adam’s glad Rey is there. They find it safer for everyone. Adam knows what Nikki thinks of him and doesn’t think she has to be nice to him. “I might surprise you,” she says. They haven’t liked each other at all but his attempts to improve haven’t gone unnoticed, she tells him. She was concerned it was all an act but she was wrong. He’s impressed she’d admit that. Nikki knows how difficult it is to change and she respects his effort. He admits it’s unchartered territory for him. “I am rooting for you,” she says. He’s grateful. She warns him not to backslide and goes. Victor returns and he and Nikki discuss their trip tomorrow to Florence.

victor call sutton young and restless

At Devon’s, Amanda needs an update from Victor about Sutton. Devon encourages her to have patience. Imani arrives. They’ve got a problem! Naya’s gone from her place and isn’t responding to calls. Hotel security says nobody can recall her coming and going all day. Amanda says that doesn’t mean she’s violating her bail. Devon goes and Amanda tells her sister she’s waiting to hear back from Victor Newman. They need to get into Naya’s room. They leave and later, they discuss how her suite was emptied out. They agreed not to implicate Sutton in her defense, so why did she leave? Naya assumes she didn’t believe them. Sutton turns up. He can’t find Naya. They can’t either, and Amanda asks if he told her to run. Sutton asks what he’s done to warrant this suspicion. “Beside arranging my father’s murder?” She plans on proving he’s guilty. “I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you take my mother from me so you better get the hell out of here.” He goes and texts Vic that he’s on his way.

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imani amanda naya missing young and restless

Sharon gets her phone at Crimson Lights as Abby and Tessa rush in. They all got texts from Mariah. They compare notes. The gist is that Mariah needs space because she was overwhelmed. Later, she’s closing as Adam arrives. She gets his coffee and asks how Connor and Chelsea are. He fills her in and wonders if Chelsea will push to have Connor live with her permanently at some point. Sharon asks why he’s worried, and he admits there’s a lot she doesn’t know. Adam fills her in on Chelsea faking her condition to a degree and that Dr. Hedeges was involved. Sharon’s surprised he agreed to allow this. Adam admits he wasn’t there when it happened. He didn’t want Chelsea to go to prison. He thought “the mental facility would help her heal.” He blames himself for so much of this. He talks about taking stock in himself and how exhausting it was to be filled with hate all the time. Sharon thinks you can’t always force change. You have to stay open-minded to it. They agree her spending time with Connor could make her see him in a different light. He also says it’s always been important what Sharon thinks of him. He admits he misses her. She pauses and thinks it’s just him being alone that is making him feel this way. He calls it deeper than that. “It’ll never change.” She knows. Faith is waiting for her. He watches her for a few moments and then goes. Later, she flashes to earlier, tender moments and conversations with Adam. She looks close to tears as she locks up for the night.

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At home, Tessa and Abby apologize to each other for the tensions getting ramped up. They forgive and forget and then ruminate about it for a while. Devon shows up and is glad to see the women not fighting. Mariah should be home for the next doctors’ appointment. Still, Tessa is surprised she hasn’t called instead of texted. They come up with theories as to why she didn’t do that. Maybe she felt she’d come home before she was ready.

abby tessa forgive each other young restless

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Stutton arrives at the ranch. They talk about being at odds with family. It brought Sutton to a new level of clarity. He wants the letter from Richard and will repay the favor. Victor has decided not to give it to him. Amanda will have far better use for it. Victor doesn’t want to help Sutton. “You committed a crime, you betrayed your family and that, I have no tolerance for,” Victor tells the man. He turned his back on his granddaughters to protect “your own rear end.” Sutton did what he had to do. “You are no better than me!” Victor admits to making mistakes but he never turned his back on his family. Sutton calls Richard trouble. “He wasn’t like us.” Sutton’s pride and joy had to get herself pregnant. If those two had to be sacrificed… “It was for the greater good. Richard was a nobody. He was a gnat.” He demands the damned letter. “What letter is that?” Victor asks. Imani and Amanda walk in. Amanda was recording the conversation. They question him. He tells them that the charges won’t stick. Amanda says that there is no letter and she wants her father back.

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At the penthouse, Adam flashes to times with Sharon where he asked her to save him, and how she helped him through tough times.

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