Tara Gives Summer an Ultimatum — Leave Kyle or She’ll Disappear With Harrison

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Thursday, June 17, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, June 18. In the previous episode, Elena saved Nate’s life, and today, Tara gives Summer her true colors, Kyle gets advice about parenting, and Nina and Abby learn what gender her baby is, by accident.

At the park, Kyle and Jack watch Harrison play with other kids as they discuss what parenthood is really like. Jack thinks his son has handled it well. Kyle says he learned it from the best. They laugh about Harrison putting sand in the bucket and Kyle talks about all the stuff he’s missed like learning to crawl and walk. Jack advises to try to foster a healthy and cordial relationship between him and Locke, and Summer and Tara.

jack advice for kyle young and the restless

At the Abbott’s, Tara tells Summer she heard from a reliable source that an opportunity is coming that will make her career. She brings up Angelina Marchetti offering Summer the Creative Director job in Italy. Summer can see she’s been talking to Sally and warns she can’t trust anything out of that woman’s mouth. Tara says it’s a generous offer. “It’s all been arranged and you are going to accept it.” Summer asks why she’d do that. Tara says, “The food, the history, the men.” Summer has a man. Why should they pack up and move? “I never said Kyle should move. Just you.”  Summer says she’d never choose a job over Kyle. “You should consider taking this job. Not in spite of your love for Kyle, but because of it.” Kyle’s deeply invested in parenting, she says. Summer asks what her point is. Tara says his priorities are shifting. Kyle would never want to give up parenting. Imagine if someone came between them how awful that would be? “I hate misunderstandings,” she says, and clarifies, “If you don’t take this job and leave the country, I will make sure Kyle never sees Harrison again.” Summer realizes she’s getting a glimpse at the real Tara Locke. Tara says Harrison needs the stability of both parents. Summer knows Ash is dying. Tara’s surprised. Summer reveals she and Kyle don’t keep secrets from each other. Summer mocks her elite lifestyle from the past and says Kyle used her when they were apart. Now that they’re reunited, they’re meant to be. Kyle’s going to start a life with her. The person he shares everything with. Tara says, “Except a child.” Summer snipes that if she cared about Harrison, she wouldn’t take the only father he has left from him. She plans on telling Kyle this. Tara reveals she’ll disappear with her kid. “He’ll never forgive you for that.” Tara says she has no choice. Summer snipes that the Abbott family won’t allow her to do this but Tara has handled Ashland for years. She can handle them, too. Summer plans on warning them. She cries and goes.

summer vs tara over Kyle

Abby sits with Chance’s old sweatshirt in her hands at home, sniffing it and re-reading his note when Nina and Mariah waltz in. “I think you and that sweatshirt need to get a room,” Mariah says. Abby shares the story behind it. Later, Cricket shows up and Abby tells her about the call from Chance. She doesn’t have that security clearance to ask. Nina begs. Abby can deal with him not calling often or not knowing where he is, but that call was frightening. Christine again says she knows nothing. Abby begs. Later, Christine is gone and Mariah talks about ‘this boy’ wanting peanut butter and apples. Nina and Abby are shocked. “Did you say boy?” Mariah cringes hard and apologizes. She feels bad for letting the cat out of the bag. Abby’s thrilled. She can’t wait to tell everyone.

abby having boy young restless

Ashland meets with Victoria, Nikki and Victor at Grand Phoenix. They talk about the timing not being perfect being with Victoria. He won’t stop living because of his divorce. He’s the injured party. Nikki starts in on mothering her grown daughter until Victoria tells her it’s enough. “Not another word.” Nikki doesn’t like her kid being dragged through the divorce and is concerned for the grandkids. Ash doesn’t want to fight with anyone and he understands their views. He’s ending his marriage civilly. Victor thinks that’s Victoria’s doing. Ash admits that’s true. He reminds them of how strong their daughter is and Victoria would rather stop the interrogation. Victor agrees to stop. Nikki asks where he’d rather be in the world. He tells her about some gelato joint in Florence. Victoria loves it there too. Nikki says she’s heading there soon. Ashland’s shocked. Those tickets were impossible to get. Nikki’s happy he’s familiar with Leslie Brooks. “She was at our first wedding,” Nikki shares. Ash played as a child. Victor tells him that Nikki plays. Ash would love to hear her.  She encourages him to take it up again. “It’s never too late, you know.” He looks at Victoria. After the parents go, Ash says he thinks things went well, but they don’t trust what the Big Bad Wolf will do. He cracks death jokes and Victoria wishes he wouldn’t. He invites her to his room. When up there, they discuss whatever it is going on between them and how Victori would tell him if it was over. She’d like to talk about getting his affairs in order and she won’t give up on a long relationship with him. She’ll hope for the best while helping prepare for the worst. She mentions taking his company into the future so his legacy will move on.

ashland meets the parents young restless

Nikki and Victor discuss Ash being charming, smart and fascinating in Victor’s office. Nikki says their kid is a grown woman and they can’t stop her from seeing him. Victor thinks something else is going on between them. He can’t figure it out, but he will.

Summer finds Harrison and Kyle in the park, talking. She watches them, looking hurt. Jack appears at her side and says he’d like Harrison to meet the rest of his family. Jack goes on about how cutting Harrison out of his life would devastate him. Tara appears nearby and tries to smirk.

In their room, Kyle is going to stay at the Abbott house overnight with his son. Summer will miss him.

kyle summer talk harrison young restless

At the manse, Tara and Jack discuss the ball that Harrison lost. Kyle turns up on a call with Summer. He says she’s distracted and he’s concerned. Jack takes off and Tara’s glad he could make it. She hopes Summer is willing to make room for Harrison. Kyle believes she does.

At home, later on, Summer snuggles on the sofa, looking glum. Angelina Marchetti calls and asks if she’d like to discuss becoming her new Creative Director. Summer says it’s a great time. She’d love to hear all about it.

angelina marchetti young and restless

At the cafe, Christine is upset on a call that she didn’t get much information about Chance. Nina walks in and thanks Christine for looking into Chance.

cricket and nina coffee young and the restless

At the Chancellor’s estate, Abby naps on the sofa and a shadow falls over her body.

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